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It seems like so long ago that I build the MG Gundam Astray Red Frame and, as a matter of fact, it was. Pretty much four years ago to the day. I had almost forgotten what kind of build the Red Frame was and so maybe it’s a good thing that the Sengoku Astray is here to remind me. But the question here isn’t really what kind of build the newer kit is but rather how does it differ. I’ll point out the differences (which most people already know of) as I go.

First difference, the pilot figures.

I guess it’s appropriate that the pilot of the Sengoku (戦国 refers to the Warrior States Period or Period of Country at War which lasted several hundred years up until about 1600) wears traditional Japanese clothing.

But other than the pilot figure the rest of the torso is identical.

The head starts the same as well.

But the face mask changes everything.

Take that little lame gold part and slap it on the face.

Now the manual doesn’t indicate which parts of the head armour go on first but I’d like to take this chance to inform everyone that the face mask must go on first in order for everything to go together properly.

The top of the head is the same except for the last step which has you put on those wild Sengoku Astray horns.

The connection which keeps these horns on is the same one as found on the old Astray’s V-fin and, well to come right out and say it, isn’t good enough. Those huge horns are far heavier than the V-fin was and will pop out easily and often.

Arms are the same.

But the shoulders aren’t! You need these runners.

Oh, and clear parts.

Stickers are meant to to go on before putting the clear part in place but everyone knows my stance on stickers on an OOB build.

(But now how do I get that clear part out in the future? Hmm…)

The first black segment you put together drops into the large black piece and then is secured in place by the red part.

Then make this little arm.

It connects to the red part by ball joint and when tucked in holds the black sections close together.

Build some sort of thruster assembly.

Then you get to build the shoulders.

Another clear part I may have a problem with.

The black part is secured in place by the top white part but can rotate somewhat.

Then stick on those large black.. um.. things you built only a few minutes ago.

The feet start out differently, using these parts.

Add the black armour.

And the.. uh.. toes?

Your footwear is ugly, Sengoku Astray.

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  1. t says:

    Thinking of buying an astray too but its the Noir 😀

  2. David says:

    Never built/bought an Astray kit before. I’m really into the anime so I might consider getting this one. The swords are just too cool to resist!

    • Kyle465 says:

      If you like the swords, like I also do, I would just get the Astray Red Frame Kai. To me it is much better and looks way cooler. It also has 2 swords and a huge sword on the back that can transform into a bow and other things. Plain awesome. Now only if there were a MG Astray Red Dragon or MG Caletvwlch parts…

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