Gaijin Gunpla

I’m a big fan of the Mk-II Gundam and the Real Grade AEUG and Titans versions are some of the best Gunpla I’ve ever built. Not surprisingly, the fan favourite appears in the newest Gundam anime, Build Fighters and so we get a new MG of this guy.

Box art is good and you clearly see this is a Mk-II, though there is something different. I can’t quite put my finger on it…

That would be it.

Box Contents:

This is a big box MG and there is quite a bit of plastic in here, probably owing to that large backpack, but not all of this plastic is new.

I had separated the old parts (on the right) from the new parts (left) and took this picture. Then realised that I had accidentally left the bag with the two largest runner frames in the wrong stack. They should be on the right side and if I had done it properly to begin with you would see that there is more ‘old’ kit in this box than ‘new’ kit.

You do get the mesh tubing just like the 2.0 which is awesome because I really like that aspect of the build.

You also get the attachments runner which will allow you to mount the backpack onto other MG kits. This looks like it will be standard now for GBF MGs.



Now to build the Build Mk-II from Gunpla Build Fighters!

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  1. Alden says:

    this is a 2 in 1 gundam hahaha 🙂

  2. random says:

    hi syd, just an off-topic question, are you interested in the announced hguc for neo zeong? the prototype is huge (80cm as per articles) and the price tag is very steep (PG-ish pricing) :/

    • syd says:

      Of course I’m interested! But yes, that thing is going to be huge so it comes down to not only the matter of the price but also the space needed to display it. Will definitely be looking into it more closely as more details come out.

      • random says:

        you’ve got a point there syd, probably some people don’t mind the price tag, but instead will be considering things such as the space needed for that guy, i mean, almost 3ft of sinanju/neo zeong goodness, deym 😀

  3. Zanolio says:

    I have a question about this kit, while I was working on the ransel holding the beam sabers, I noticed it saying it requires 35mm string or something? Am I right in that or am I wrong.

    • syd says:

      Actually, that refers to the mesh tubing that is included in one of the plastic bags. You are meant to cut off a 35 mm length and incorporate it into the build. There are two spots on the backpack as well as on the back of both ankles and knees. Luckily, Bandai has included a measure on the bottom of the manual page that you can use to get the correct length.

      • Zanolio says:

        Thank you soooooo much Syd! I just noticed that and also thank you for the clarifying

  4. andrew says:

    hey syd, probably off topic but have have u ever considered showing us readers like one of those painting testers like you paint it on a spoon to show us what color that paint uses. i know lots of people always wonder wht would happen if they painted a model with that particular color but it would always come out wrong because the paint color on the top is not exactly resembling of the paint itself

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