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[Editor’s note: Yes, I still have not finished my own MG Sazabi Ver Ka, partly because I can’t get the colour right but mostly because I’ve got so much going on right now that I can’t devote the kind of time I need to modding Gunpla so straight building is what I’ve been focusing on. I’ll get it done, but while you wait, check out Brian’s awesome Sazabi!]

How does a pre-graduate student best spend his free time before he is swamped with readings after readings and essays after essays? He goes and gets the kit that he has been waiting for over a year! He goes to get a Ver Ka-ed version of his most favorite MS design: The Sazabi Ver Ka!

Anywho, I have been waiting for this kit since I don’t know when. When December came around, I was super excited and just turned on Char’s Counterattack and built this monstrosity. I wanted to make this as “best” as possible. I wanted to make this my best kit not just to-date but best, period. I knew what I had to do, and I knew I had to combine all the methods I used before: spray paint, Gundam marker, and handpainting.

For this I used a combination of TS-8 Italian Red, TS-49 Bright Red (which sucked), and Mr. Color Spray 81 Russet for red. I used a mix of TS-71 Smoke and TS-6 Matt Black to create a “second shade” of black (seen on the Beam Shotrifle), but used Matt Black for all else. I also abused my TS-38 Gun Metal and TS-42 Light Gun Metal for inner frame, weapons, and others. TS-21 Gold and TS-30 Silver Leaf were also used. In addition, I relied on Gold and Silver Gundam Markers for details.

I also explored outside my comfort zone and invested in metal pipings. The size of each power cable piece was as big as the Sinanju’s so my local hobby store (Robot4Less) got me what I needed! The parts were somewhat tough to put in but it’s not a big deal, painted or not.

The inner frame was not spared in this creative adventure time. Normally I would just do all Gun Metal/TS-38, but I chose to alternate and use both TS-38 and TS-42 in my inner frame.

Perhaps the biggest venture outside my usual is also the biggest change I’ve made to this kit: the “Psychoframe.” I felt it was only appropriate that the Sazabi would get some Psychoframe for itself. However, due to a lack of reliable florescent green sprays (c’mon Tamiya), I had to handpaint it. Yes, hand and paint made into a compound word.

After hours of Char’s Counterattack in the background (maybe like 8 times), I am finished and I am proud to call this guy mine. These photos don’t do justice but I hope I’ll have better photos by the time I submit this to GAF’s Gauntlet. All I wished to do is provide a wee little sneak peek for you all.

By the way, thanks to all for those that saw my ReZEL!

God bless all!

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  1. zetaone71 says:

    Looks awesome man.

  2. invi says:

    yeah i believe katoki intended for those silver frames to be psycho frames but due to the flack that people gave the nu gundam it got demoted to normal silver framed version.. either way sazabi suuch a beast

  3. Alden says:

    nice, looks awesome haha 🙂 wonder where do you get the glow in the dark thing from..

  4. Evan says:

    Nice work man! I just started this one myself…psyco frame effect looks kinda cool!

  5. Sai says:

    What red color did you use your the dark red parts?it was definitely a good choice compared to the stock one

    • Brian says:

      Hi Sai. The dark red was Mr. Color Spray 81 Russet. IF you want to recreate it, know that I sprayed without priming (works pretty well).

      Thanks though 🙂 I was more obsessed with finding the appropriate colors to the part than I was about anything else haha.

  6. andrew says:

    do u think dull red and russet red look the same my local hobby shop doesnt sell mr color sprays only tamiya i refuse to buy testor or modelmasters

  7. Tri says:

    Very awesome! You are so patient to do the painting for the pipeline and psychoframe. And your Rezel red, gray, white colo looks nice too.

    • Brian says:

      Thanks Tri! The pipelines were just metal parts so I didn’t paint them (the gold ones on the waist). The psychoframe was the hardest of the bunch as it required more than one brush and an occasional look with the blacklight for perfection.

      I generally never paint white unless I have to, and the primer thing was just an unintentional discovery 😛

  8. Jason says:

    Awesome idea on the pychoframe.

    Can you tell me how you got the grey in the gun:

  9. Rogier says:

    Hello Brian,

    I’m starting on the Ver. Ka version of the Sazabi and I have the same problem with the different types of red…. I see there are 3 types of red in the kit and I’m not sure what Tamiya TS spray paint I should use… what I got from your article is that you used TS-8 Italian Red, TS-49 Bright Red (which sucked), and Mr. Color Spray 81 Russet.
    Is this the order form light, normal to dark as in the model?
    And can I ask why the TS-49 sucked? I have a couple of cans of that red and I wanted to use it for this model (and using different colors of primer get different shades of red.


    • Brian says:

      Hi Rogier!

      From lightest to darkest, it is
      TS-49, TS-08 (this is the one you’ll be using the most so buy 2 or 3), and Mr. Color 81.

      The TS-49 didn’t stick well on many occasions. But then again, it may just be that one time so don’t be afraid to use it 🙂 In fact, the TS-49 has a perfect shade of the light red.

      Hope it goes well my friend!

  10. Kedai Nasi says:

    can I say something?

    fuck me mate, you’re right. Italian Red rocks! I used Metallic Red (dunno what was I thinking) and it sucks ass! My God what a waste of money.

    after reading your blog, I am much more confident to try Italian Red and boy it did not disappoint me. The red is POWERFUL!

    I am currently doing a 1/100 Sinanju after 5 years putting it on-hold due to life and so far so good. The Italian Red is what keeps me going and I’m probably going for Sazabi once Sinanju is finished.


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