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We are back to the MG Sengoku Astray and remember I’m only showing you the ‘new stuff’ as most of this kit is the MG 1/100 Astray Red Frame. The legs are no different and you build the enter lower frame before getting to any ‘new stuff’.

Still didn’t learn my lesson and include the sticker…

You also build these new things.

Almost looks like something you could find on the Aile Strike.

So place the first of the new assemblies on the lower leg.

And a new white armour part on the top.

A black part is placed on the outside of each leg.

Interestingly, this part is from a runner designated MG Astray Second.

And it’s the only part you use from that runner!

These two parts go together and clip onto the knee.

Then you build the ankles.

Note that you won’t put the front armour part on for the ankles. That area is left open.

Attach the things that I mentioned could be for an Aile Strike onto the knee.

Then put the whole bottom half of the kit together.

Now the part I am excited for; the shield! (or is it a backpack?)

You first build these two separate sections. There is a poly-cap hidden on the underside

Lay in the vernier assembly.

And add the lower half of that face.

Construct the top of the face, well, I guess you’re just putting in eyes.

By sliding down the vernier assembly you open the mouth.

The handle attachment tucks down on the back of the shield.

This allows you to attach the shield to the back of the Astray.

For a sort of ‘debut’ for this guy check out the Gaijin Gunpla Facebook page.

Next up, the review!

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  1. roccondil says:

    hi Syd! I’m thinking of getting this, but could I ask you for something before I make up my mind? Could you check if they provide enough spare parts to build the original astray feet, instead of these ugly snow shoe ones? Thanks a million!

  2. Peter says:

    My 2 “sword – holders” at first they were fine, but recently they are really loose and pops up all the time, as well as the horn 🙁 can u give me some advise to stick and hold them back from being popped up?

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