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At the last Gunpla Expo I got my first glimpse at the High Mobility “Psycho Zaku” HG kit from Gundam Thunderbolt. Usually with HG kits I tend to view them with mild interest as I am mostly a Master Grade guy, with much fondness for the Real Grade series as well. Seeing the Psycho Zaku, with all its attachments, I became very interested but that might be because something this loaded in HG scale may be some time in coming to the Master Grade line. And, verily it came to pass that the kit released and I got my hands on it.

Thunderbolt box art is pretty sexy.

One thing I wanted to confirm right away was whether or not this kit came with a stand because if it didn’t how would people be able to enjoy it? Well, I’m glad to say Bandai didn’t disappoint me here.

On top of the stand you get plenty of foil stickers.

The should be interesting.

And you get more markings than I’ve seen before on an HG kit.

So many that you need a detailed, MG-style, marking guide.

The High Mobility HG released the same day as the normal Gundam Thunderbolt Zaku (not the one with the Big Gun) and so they share some of the runners/parts.

TB. No, not tuberculosis, but Thunderbolt.

You also get a whole runner of thrusters.

High Mobility indeed.

Here’s the torso.

Here’s the torso with thrusters.

Runner with the bendy bits for the tubing found on various areas of the Mobile Suit.

Front skirt with the first stickers applied.

Add some tubes.

Side skirts with the stickers applied.

And with some tiny thrusters.

Next you get to start what will be that enormous backpack.

You make a couple of these.

And carefully add some lengthy stickers.

Then you build the main frame of the backpack.

Add some stickers here too.

Put on the last big frame part.

And take a moment to prepare yourself. Perhaps use the toilet. You’ve got a lengthy sticker session ahead.

Actually it wasn’t that bad. But that is just the start. See these pieces?

Add stickers.

Oh, then start adding thrusters.

I don’t know which there are more of; foil stickers or thrusters.

Even the nose on this guy has stickers.

I’ll skip the arms as they are pretty un-psycho and instead go right to the shield.

Three parts for this shield. Leaving a little opening for, you guessed it, thrusters.

Now the other shoulder. This one takes two stickers.

And these stickers which go around the base of the spikes.

Skipping the main leg and showing instead the bell-bottoms the Psycho Zaku sports. Complete with thrusters.

And stickers. Little ones.

This piece is not a poly-cap.

I imagine Bandai decided it was easier put new parts when making new runners for this kit rather than modify an existing Poly-cap runner.

How is he doing so far?

This was the last time the High Mobility Zaku II Psycho Zaku would ever stand on its own feet.

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  2. CharacterandDigits says:

    I really enjoyed this kit, but I found that even on the included base it was far too unstable. It had such a tendency to fall over that I had to chuck the base and glue the stand into to a block of wood to weight it down.

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