Gaijin Gunpla

When last we saw this story’s protagonist he was standing up. All on his own. That’s a pretty big thing. By Continuing on with this build we have to accept that he won’t be able to do that anymore. And that’s because of all the crap, I mean weapons, he has attached to his backside. All of that stuff attaches to these things.

These things are enormous!

Once you get those on, you start assembling the weapons. First up, the Bazooka… x 3!

You also have to put some stickers on these little parts that will attach to the tanks and allow you to store these many weapons.

The Bazookas then attach to a part that allows you to store and mount all three together.

Some munitions of some type.

And two more but the tab is on the opposite side.

They go on here.

Along with extra ammunition for the Zaku machine gun.

Now you can assemble four of these things.

But you only need three.

And also one Zaku Machine gun.

Should I be disappointed here? There is only one.

Two more giant weapons.

These don’t attach to the backpack at all from what I can tell. But you do have these extra arms.

Ya, there are a lot of stickers on there. These will plug into the upper part of the backpack and allow Mr. Psycho Zaku here to hold even more weapons all at once.

Behold, the monstrosity!

And going back to the terrible pun, I just wanted to include this:

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  1. Frankon says:

    I want a MG of this beast

  2. scid says:

    now I have to order this from hlj..damn u syd

    • Archer says:

      well duh basically Syd job is to spread poison called gunpla around the world lol .. joke aside, I really like the detail in hg these days i give Bandai an applause for this..
      nice review as always Syd.. I still waiting for Noir

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