Gaijin Gunpla

Yes, this is the latest, therefore newest, Master Grade release from Bandai but the first portion of the build wasn’t so new, or at least not new to anyone who has experience with the Mk-II 2.0 kits. But once you get past that you get into the Build Booster and that is all new.

First up, build a couple of these things.

You are meant to insert a poly-cap into this piece, however it’s not as easy as you would think.

It’s tough to hold the poly-cap at the correct angle while you push it into place and it will start to move as you do so. This means you need to come up with some kind of solution.

I jabbed the poly-cap just enough with the tip of my design knife which is enough to allow me to do what I need to do.

Add the top.

Next up build a couple of arms.

Then two of these things.

Stickers go on here.

Now for the main portion of the Build Booster Backpack.

A poly-cap goes inside this assembly as well and then you plug in the adaptor which will allow you to connect the booster to the back of the Build Mk-II. However, the fit is quite tight and if you don’t have the angle perfect you can do damage to the poly-cap.

To prevent that I take my design knife again and just round the corners of the adaptor piece.

Now these.

So let’s put together what we have built so far.

Does look a little strange.

Now for the O runner.

Poly-caps go inside.

These then go on the rear of the cockpit (I’m guessing that’s what this is).

More stickers!

And these (again I’m not sure what these are).

So we’ve got the two parts of the Build Booster done.

Together they make this.


Now for the wings, or are they weapons?

And the rifles.

The ammo packs that mount on the inside of the Mk-II’s shield can be mounted on the rifles.

The rifle fits quite neatly into the larger blue piece.

And there you go!

Now to play with this and the Build Mk-II and determine if it’s worth doing a review on something that isn’t very ‘new’.

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  1. Archer says:

    Gundam aside, I see the backpack is quite risky to build and I have a feeling that the backpack is quite similar to seravee backpack seraphim, so syd is there any new mechanism on the backpack ??

  2. Karu says:

    Syd I really think you should give this kit a review.

    In the feedbacks about the Build MK. II, people are complaining how this is just a cheap re-release of the MG MK. II 2.0. Then how come no one is complaining about the massive re-releases of the Strike, RX-78-2, Zaku, Unicorn, and Astray kits in their different variations?

    • Belades says:

      That’s because the RX-78-2 was the original Gundam and the models make significant improvements over time (similarly for the Zaku, which at this point has become its own kinda thing, although a decent amount of Zaku kits make some interesting changes such as the Zaku Sniper and Mariner. It’s also worth noting that the Zaku I and Zaku II are different mobile suits each with their own variations, and people know that Recolors are probably just that, whereas the BMKII is being marketed as practically a whole new kit.)
      The strike is incredibly boring (the only strike I like is the Strike Noir) but the entire premise of it is that it has multiple forms, so you need to have a kit for each form.

      The Astray kits are from a series that from the VERY BEGINNING has two different versions of the suit, and there is some rather significant design variation between the different suits (ESPECIALLY the gold frame Amatsu.) Even the new HG Red Frame with Flight Unit was a completely new mold, not even using any of the parts of the flight unit of the M1 Astray, which was released only about a year prior and has a flight unit that is virtually identical in design alone.
      There’s actually quite a few people who want MORE Astray kits, as there’s a lot of of really interesting forms of the Astrays that do not have models, such as the Powered Red, Mars Jacket, Second G (full armor), Blue Frame D and Blue Frame third (and the Red Frame with Power Loader, but we’re NEVER going to get a model kit of that thing; It’s too big. An HG kit would be probably AT LEAST PG size. Also, we TECHNICALLY don’t even have a REAL MG kit of the original red frame. There’s an online exclusive version, but that one actually has the arms and legs of the Red Frame Kai and not the original Red Frame), just about all of which would require a LOT of new molding for just about everything but the inner frame of an MG (And if they wanted to be accurate, they’d have to remold THAT too, since the MGs are of the Red Frame Kai and the Second Revise, which have different leg and arm armor and mechanics from the Red Frame and Blue Frame. This is particularly noticeable in the knees)

      Unicorn has been a bit ridiculous however, because although it’s understandable to have an HG model kit of both forms for each suit, the MGs have two of the normal unicorn, with the only difference in the second being vulcans, some color scheme, and some improved joints to allow a MUCH better range of motion (the original could only barely move its legs). It’s ALSO had two of the Sinanju, with the only changes being a different material and the inclusion of a bazooka that had already been released as a separate product for the original.

      It’s also worth noting that the Sengoku Astray had SIGNIFICANT design changes to the exterior, whereas the Build MK. II’s basically the MK. II with a backpack and slightly changed torso and V fin. Out of all the Build Fighters kits released so far, the Build MK. II has the LEAST variation from the original when backpacks are excluded, falling behind the GM Sniper K9 and arguably even the Beargguy III, which has a new connector on the back to give it striker pack compatability, a completely different head and completely new hands (I still prefer the original beargguy, I’m just saying that the Beargguy III has more differences from the original than would be apparent at a glance. While I’m on this topic, I would LOVE an MG Beargguy.) The Build Strike II doesn’t even have a new CONNECTION for its backpack, instead you plug it into a hole that originally had a little tab go in and fill it on the original MG kit.

      I hope I answered your question.

      Perhaps Syd should simply review the backpack and have some footnotes about the two changes to the original MK. II. I WOULD like him to show its compatability with other MG kits, such as the Sengoku Astray, which is shown as an example in the instructions (god bless as compatability with other kits is one of the main features of the Mk II booster, and indeed most of the Build Fighters boosters. Most reviews of the recent Build Fighters kits seem to ignore their compatability with older kits and how well the backpack parts work with them. (they also tend to ignore how compatible the backpack parts of older kits are with the new ones. This is PARTICULARLY notable with the Strikes.)

    • Beige says:

      I think the problem is more this is marketed as a new suit when its not, compared to the rereleases that are marketed as updated rereleases

      because this isn’t an updated MK II MG with a fancy backpack. its the old MK II with a fancy backpack

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