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When you’re moving, it means you have to do that one activity you had zealously refrained from doing for as long as possible; cleaning out your closets. My closets contain many of the same things you will find in your own closet. Empty electronics boxes, old electronics (maybe I should put them in their boxes), books, CDs/DVDs, clothes, and what’s this? Oh a hair ball. Damn, cat. That looks pretty old. My closets also contain, and this should come as no surprise to anyone here, Gundam model kits. Most of them are already built but there are a few that haven’t been touched (some of which may be given away in the draw mentioned here). But there are also some I started as a project that ended up being delayed for one reason or another. One of these is the MG Crossbone X2 Ver KA, which came out… last June!? Really!? I was going to work on this in conjunction with the Crossbone X1 Ver KA but, well, life happened. Ironically, it is life happening again which has caused me to notice I neglected this for so long. I had it all built shortly after it released but was holding off on posting until I had both kits done because I intended to make a special Crossbone Ver Ka gallery with both kits together. Recently having rediscovered the kits in a pile of boxes I dug out the images I’ve had saved on the computer for 9 months. As my kit building is on hold while I pack and move boxes, and my life, to another home I don’t have much in the way of recent content to show but I never intended to go this long without posting. Many have written how the lack of regular updates is something they dislike. Don’t worry, things (other than my boxes) are moving forward and changes are planned for the site based on peoples’ feedback. But that is something that will be revealed later on. In the meantime, enjoy some Crossbone!

This kit looks pretty much the same as the Crossbone X1. Would it surprise you to learn that Bandai reused most of the mold for the X2? Of course it wouldn’t. So rather than write about a build that has been detailed elsewhere many times I’ll show the differences between the two kits.

Here are the waterslide markings that come with the X2. These are a welcome addition in my books. Waterslides give better results than dry transfers in certain situations such as applying them on curved surfaces, something which the Crossbone has in several areas. It’s because of this that I picked up an extra set of these decals so I could use them on the X1 as well.

This would be the new runner, labeled K, for the X2. You can see it includes some weapon parts as well as the V-fin and such. It also has a stand adaptor which is new.

Another thing worth noted is the colour of the frame runner. Here are the respective H runners, side by side for comparison.

Speaking of comparisons, let’s bring out the X1 for reference.

Long time, no see.

When you start the build of the original X1 Ver Ka you have options for the torso construction.

Not so for the X2.

X1 has green eyes.

But X2’s eyes are red (kind of like mine right now after all the packing and moving I’ve been doing).

Building the X2 reminded me of how many choices the builder had with the X1. For example, the rear skirts have two designs to choose from.

From there, though, the construction of the X2 is the same as the X1.

But then you come to the weapons.

And that runner I mentioned earlier.

Here is the lance.

Seems like something the Tallgeese would use rather than the Crossbone. Carrying on…

Seems like a lot of stuff goes on to this handle.

And check out the curved sabre.

Ahoy maties. Avast you landlubbers. I have exhausted my pirate catchphrases after two.

And this is the stage where I stopped those 8 months ago.

Decals. I was planning on decaling both kits at the same time. While I still have that plan I also still have no time frame for it. Decaling can be time consuming but doesn’t take up much space so I should be able to set something up in my new home and get down to it. I’ll write more about my new home and my move once things calm down a bit. I’ll also show what has been added to the list of prizes being given away as well. That’s what people are waiting on. 😉

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  1. Frankon says:

    Have to disagree. Shot lance is more in line with Crossbone than with Tallgeese. Its been designed primary to penetrate beam shields (there arent many in wing universe).
    The lack of options for this kit is a bit of the let down. X-2 Kai is one of the best looking crossbones out there and Bandai didnt bother to add the pieces for it (you have to get a resin conversion that still lacks the big gun ^^)

    PS. Dont fell bad about not finishing it yet. My X1 is still in a box after a year… and Rezel is in painting for the last two years…

  2. belades says:

    The Shot Lancer is actually, if I recall, designed primarily to take out mobile suits with a reduced risk of the suit’s reactor exploding afterwards (due to its solid state meaning it doesn’t have to heat up the enemy suit). They were specifically used by the Crossbone Vanguard for invading colonies, where an exploding mobile suit could damage the colony wall. When the Crossbone Vanguard was taken over by Berah Rona shortly before Crossbone Gundam, the pilot of the X-2 probably kept using the Shot Lancer because it was a weapon he was used to, as well as due to the fact that Berah wanted to minimize casualties.

    • Wolfbane says:

      Considering that the pilot of the X-2 was Zabine Chareux, the X-2 using the shot lancer makes sense since he originally piloted the Daghi Iris for the Cosmo Babylon Vanguard. In that case, using the shot lancer over the Zanbuster would be his preference.

  3. Brian says:

    And then there’s the X3 right? Haha

  4. Kenneth says:

    Although the manual doesn’t say it, you still have the choice of building the alternate X1 Kai chest because the parts are there. But that waterslide decal of the crossbone emblem is so cool, I ended up using the regular chest anyway.

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