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I’m not quite finished moving all my stuff yet, and I’m definitely not finished setting up what I have moved to my new residence but that doesn’t mean I haven’t brought with me what I need to build some Gunpla. In my old place I had lots of tools and various other things I could use while building. So far, in my new place, I’ve got this.

And I kind of like it. I’ll talk more about the move (and maybe talk about the why of the move) later on, but for now, it’s all about the Exia.

First thing that needs to be mentioned (again), this isn’t your standard RG, baby. While many of the RGs share the same frame, except for the Zeta, the Exia has a frame design unique to itself (though I suspect we will see it again when/if they do an RG 00 Gundam.)(Please do an RG 00 Gundam!)

The legs are actually made up of two frame parts. Compared to what we’ve seen in RG up to now, this is a significant change. Like an HG or even MG kit you use frame parts to put the upper and lower leg together at the knee. But be sure to move them a bit at first to loosen up the moving parts.

I also should mention that you want to make sure you clean up the gate marks and flash on this part of the upper leg.

First you add the armour for the foot and it’s quite easy. Just slide the bottom parts on from below and drop the top parts on from above. The foot is attached to the leg the entire time unlike other RG kits.

The ankle connection is a ball joint so you can take that apart if you want to though it’s not necessary and I wouldn’t advise it. Slide the toe on from the front.

And the last of the armour.

Now for the frame parts for the knee.

Be careful when putting on the sticker as it has to go on in a certain alignment.

You can see the inner workings of the leg frame for a final time before sealing it up.

Now that sticker I mentioned.

One is added to the shin as well.

Two frame parts are added to the hip joint.

You then have a hollow that needs to be filled.

That’s what these two pieces are for.

You snap on that little hook from the inside then spin it 180 degrees.

This gives you this look.

Now we start adding armour to the leg. These are from the E runner which is the off-white colour.

Now for these.

These are not stickers. While the backing is adhesive enough to hold these in place they are actually just very thin, and thus flexible, plastic. They are also the perfect size to cover that foil and to get them into position I advise holding them like this.

Place the bottom half into position and hold at this angle, then use the tip of your design knife to push down on the top so the plastic bends and it can fit underneath the edge of the top of the leg. When it gets into its proper position it will stay there.

The piece for the shin is longer and thinner. The method works again here but you’ll notice the plastic doesn’t change shape to cover the foil.

Hard to tell from that angle. Here’s a better one.

Add white armour to to the sides of the upper and lower leg.

Then start adding it to the front and back of the knee. Oh, undergates.

Now for the parts for the ankle armour.

Then the sides of the knees. Of course, the outside has that clear green part.

And there you go.

Repeat for the left leg and you’ll have finished the first part of the Exia build.

I built this sitting on the floor of the living room of my new apartment, or townhouse I guess is the more appropriate term. I had the amado (rain doors/shutters) open as well as the patio door allowing a lot of light and fresh air into the room. Building in this light meant I was sitting right in front of my opened patio door making me visible to my new neighbours who live just behind me. As I finished the legs of the RG I looked up and there, staring at me over the fence, was a young boy about 7 years old. He looked confused and amazed.

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  1. Frankon says:

    So far the Rg looks quite nice (maybe even impressive). Bandai designing the new frame showed us that we could get different suit designs (RG Turn A/X anyone?).

    PS. Im kind of surprised you managed to find some time to do gunpla during the move…. Your wife must be a saint.

  2. Chopper Dave says:

    Very cool! Guess I might have to pick this one up after all! Are the other RG kits as stable as the RX-78? Cause I was thinking about your comments hoping for a RG 00, and it would be cool to have a 00 Raiser that can actually support the Wings on the shoulders at any position. Although I have the Metal Build 00 Seven Sword/Raiser and that does a great job of it, I want something that I built to be able to do it too!

  3. Busterbeam says:

    Haha I can imagine that boys surprise! Let us know if your build process/technique has changed because of the move. I know mine has. MUCH more streamlined now. I have my key tools that I keep in a little case. I was never this efficient.

  4. Nate says:

    Hmm, the 1/144 00 line always impressed me with it’s HG lineup, and so far it seems the RG lineup is going to do the same! Thankfully i’m gonna hold out and pre-order the Trans-Am version 🙂

  5. Miguel says:

    The RG Exia seems to be an interesting build, seeing as it’s different from other RGs. I love the Exia design and the RG looks like it would do it justice. 😀

  6. Alden says:

    i think this kit will be my first RG its awesome! haha

  7. Michael says:

    Thanks for another insightful WIP. Looking at that new frame and the knee design of other mobile suits from 00 Gundam I think we won’t see the other three Gundams and their successors from the show unless they will use a different frame with a more traditional knee. However I see at least 3 other MS that have similar knee design:
    – 00 Gundam
    – 00 Qan[T]
    – GN-X

    Looking at the previous releases, 00 and 00 Quan[T] are the two that are more likely to come next.

    • YongKang says:

      I guess 00 qanT gonna have some serious weight issues with the shield and the GN Bits. I wanna see how Bandai gonna lighten their plastic formula to compense the weight.

  8. Luis says:

    hey Syd I figured out how to get the clear part to stay bent in the leg. all you have to do is put one tap in the grove and the other out so that the part bends inward.

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