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Seems like forever since I’ve built an RG but I guess the last one was actually the RG Strike Freedom that released back in November of last year. Wait, that was forever ago! Well, now there’s a new Real Grade kit in town and it’s not just a new model built around the usual RG frame but instead a whole new offering, frame and all, from Bandai. Welcome to the fold, RG GN-001 Gundam Exia.

Hey, Real Grade Box art, you are awesome. Don’t ever change.

Box contents

Compared to the previous RG, the Exia box is quite light. Considering how lean and stripped down the Mobile Suit is, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. There’s some interesting stuff found here though, of which I’m most interested in the frame. The frame is sandwiched between two armour runners in its plastic bag and can’t be seen easily. I guess this image will have to do. Oh, who am I kidding? Let’s set it free.

You can tell right away this is quite different from the frame type you find in the previous RGs. There seems to be two types they use mostly. For example, the MKII Real Grade kits and the GP01 RG kits share the same frame. The Exia has none of that stuff.

Also making an appearance, plated parts!

And, of course, a plethora of markings.

I think I’m ready to go.

How about you guys?

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  1. Jeremy Rudyk says:

    Yay! Plated parts! A “plethora of marking” ?!? Not at all! The RG Freedom I built had over 200. This is a welcome break to the hours spent on decals

  2. Kushal says:

    Damn! I bought a MG Exia online and it turned out to be a knockoff brand. This was last fall and I still haven’t gotten around to building it. I should have waited for this one instead!

  3. Duncan says:

    Pretty excited about this release. Every real grade ive built so far has been great and the exia looks to be a continuation of that trend. Will be good to see how good the plated parts are and as this is my first exia of any grade it will go to the front of my build pile.

  4. Fireblade says:

    The only suckish part of it that i would see is that the articulation is probably almost the same as the hg, because the hg exias articulation was just that good

    • random says:

      i believe an improvement in the articulation will still be significant, particularly on the torso / waist / hips area, just my 2 cents 🙂

  5. scid says:

    Niceeeeee..luckily I already preordered at hlj..will be posting it with my mg turn X..the plated parts is what make me more excited woohooo

  6. Bernard says:

    plated parts! very likely I’ll be getting this RG. looks fantastic

  7. GNParticles says:

    Really looking forwards to this RG. I wish Bandai had the bandwidth to make more RGs for us to choose from. Hopefully this new frame leads to more 00 RG kits.

    • MS says:

      Same here. I really hope that those poll results about Gundam Virtue inspire Bandai to fit a few more 00 kits into their RG lineup in the future.

    • Kiko says:

      The new frame probably can be use to make Dynames and Nadleeh, or Virtue, but Kyrios is definitely gonna have a new mold.

      • Frankon says:

        RG Virtue/Nadleeh… It would be the most expensive RG to date (if they go the full transformation road) or not if they do what they did to Gp01’s.

        Another note. Bandai needs to devise a better way to doing plated parts. It looks like the blade will have some annoying nub marks.

      • GNParticles says:

        “Dynames and Nadleeh, or Virtue” – I’ll take all three in RG thank you!

  8. viOlet says:

    I am so completely underwhelmed by this kit, which sucks because I love 00 series. HG Exia is like the 3rd kit I built when I got heavily involved in the hobby 2 years ago. Either i am underwhelmed or I have lost my passion 🙁

  9. Chopper Dave says:

    The only RG I have built was the first one, the RX-78. I liked it fine, but it didn’t seem super special to me. And I thought about picking up the GP01 kits, but never got around to it. But I absolutely love the 00 designs, so I might just have to buy this one soon. Hope it turns out good!

  10. huayeang55 says:

    Need opinion… 🙂 Can this kit be spray painted (thin layer) with tamiya ts 74 clear red to ‘make’ it TRANS AM mode? Or just a bad idea?

  11. Amirul says:

    Does anyone know any website telling you how to fix issues related to gundam kit(including all kinds of grades from high grade to master grade, etc)? Like for example fixing the issue with MG Delta Plus for not being able to stand up without any help of a stand..

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