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Before I get into writing about the 1/100 MG Build Gundam Mk-II RX-178B let me apologise for being down for several days. Near the end of last year I started getting the ‘Bandwidth Limit Exceeded’ error quite frequently and when I contacted my Hosting company they informed me that bots or something was hitting a certain post on my site to the tune of 150,000 hits in 20 hours. Yes, I can see why that would put a strain on bandwidth. I had my webmaster look at it and he must have done something because the errors ceased. Until last week, that is. Last week the error was up again and it stayed up. There was no way around it. I couldn’t get into my site. My webmaster couldn’t. And so I contacted my Hosting company once again. This time, it turns out, I was getting so many hits that they purposely shut it down (but didn’t tell me). They have activated it again, which is what is allowing me to post this here now, and I will be looking at upgrading my web package to allow more bandwidth so that I, and you Gunplars out there that frequent my site, don’t experience this again (fingers crossed).

And now after writing that long paragraph I don’t feel so bad that my first WIP for the Build Mk-II is going to be relatively small. I’d like to write quite a lot about this kit…

But there’s not much to say.

The first part of the assembly of the Build Mk-II is you building the MG MkII 2.0. I’m not joking.

Actually, I think the pilot figure is new.

But this isn’t.

Nor is this.

Wait, this runner is new!

So the new blue piece gives the Build Mk-II a bit of an extended torso.

Here are the other new parts found on the torso.

The backpack…

Is not new, but that actually doesn’t bother me too much because I really like the Mk-II’s backpack. I like the tubing you get to use.

Torso is finished.

The head is the same until you get to the fin.

And the arms are the same as well. So much so that I don’t feel the need to post a picture of them. After constructing the arms, you do get to assemble a new section.

This fits onto the back of the lower arm.

And the lower half of the kit? Well, nothing is different. The construction is exactly the same as the Mk-II from 2005. In fact, I neglected to take any pictures because I felt there was nothing really new, interesting, or exciting to show. However, the strange monster backpack that the Build Mk-II has is all new and I’ll detail that in the next post. Now that the site is up and running again I have some catching up to do with WIP posts and also some other fun stuff (hint: a giveaway).

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  1. Marcus says:

    Off-topic Syd, but have you considered building one of the Five Star Stories plastic model kits? In particular, the Volks 1/100 IMS series. They look a lot like Master Grades, but require a bit more work. Can you bring one of those kits either into your blog or on Hobbylink TV? I would love to see how those compare to Gunpla or Kotobukiya kits.

    Also, how do you feel about the 1/100 IMS Led Mirage kit coming out in two weeks?

    • syd says:

      When I first saw the Five Star Stories kits I was pretty intimidated. Some years ago there were some monster kits from that series. Being a snap-fit guy (or just a newb) I didn’t get into the FSS kits much at all but I do really like the designs.

      • Marcus says:

        I think you have more than enough skills to tackle one of these, unless you’re referring to the resins. You’ve done MUCH more than just snap-fit kits. I think anyone who can kitbash a Sinanju and a Tallgeese is more than adequate to handle a plastic FSS kit.

        Personally, there’s something about their aesthetics that come across as both more organic and elegant than Gundam- along the veins of Sinanju. I think it’d be cool if you could build one of these sometime.

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