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I haven’t yet experienced building the first HG Kshatriya (though I do have one that a friend gave to me when he realised he didn’t have room for it), so it occurred to me as I sat down to build the new Kshatriya Repaired that I wouldn’t really know what is from the old kit and what is from the new kit. There are probably many readers out there who are in the same boat and so I took some pictures. Here is a brief rundown of the contents of the Kshatriya repaired as I encountered them during my first session.

Runners from previous HG Kshatriya:

A Runner

B Runner

D Runner

E Runner

F Runner

G Runner

H Runner

Does the poly-cap runner count?

Runners that are new to the HG Kshatriya Repaired:

J Runner

K Runner

L Runner

M1 (and M2) Runner

N1 Runner

N2 Runner

O2 Runner

And you also get these:

(Looks like I forgot to photograph the C runner. Maybe I hadn’t gotten around to using it yet..)

Well, there were a bunch of pictures you probably didn’t need to see. Now let me show you the pictures that you may be more interested in; the actual WIP.

First thing to do is grab some massive frame parts and slap those together. Even if these pieces were for an MG kit they would be big.

Now for some of that green (there’s a lot of it on here).

This is just the centre area of the torso. You now get to assemble shoulder for the left and right sides.

These next parts are new for the Repaired.

So you now have something like this.

Grab the huge darker green piece for the back and a couple smaller ones to go on the front.

Parts from the new N2 runner are next.

Looking at the manual they are supposed to go on in this way:

There is the torso all wrapped up so now on to the head.

Drop the poly-cap in from the top and then put the armour on.

Now for a small part and an even smaller sticker.

I am satisfied with this result so I’ll drop the clear piece into place.

Now for some um.. spikes?

Manual is very specific regarding the order they go on.

Reminds me of a turtle or something.

Next up you get to assemble these.

Four times!

And these.

Four times!

Now we need a place to attach those things.

This is part of the shoulder, or at least what you connect the arm to.

What are these?

Well, these are what make up the elbow joint and the arm.

Start adding the armour.

Add some orange trim.

And now the fun begins.

We all know what these are. The cuffs. The cuffs on many Unicorn Suits (well the bad guys anyway) have this cuff. You can now begin using the stickers.

The area on the back of the wrist is fine.

But that’s because it is just one sticker. For the front you need to combine more than one to cover the surface area.

And while we’re here let’s make a hand.

Let’s put together what we have so far.

Now repeat for the opposite arm.

Just kidding! This is the Repaired. The other arm be all different.

Instead of a lower arm you get this.

That is cool.

Add some white.

Looks sweet but…

You got some stickers to put on.

Despite their length and shape they went on quite easily (much more easily than that wall-protecting film I put on the kitchen wall behind my stove last night).

Arm wrestle, anyone?

After completing the arms I elected to take a break.

More Kshatriya repaired is on the way as well as the announcement for the winners of the stuff I’m not taking with me when I was Moving so I’ll be announcing those soon and at the same time respond to some more of your feedback.

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  1. Archer says:

    woahh finally yume no mata yume HG Kshatriya, this is going to be interesting, umm syd after you building that can you compared it to another HG or MG, I want to see how big she is

  2. Frankon says:

    Looks like the fun build, especially if you consider that each limb is different. If we take into account earlier MG’s we could say that Ksatshira is a mini MG (1/144 scale compared to 1/100). Still a MG of this kit would have to have some metal enhancers parts(like dendrobium).

    On another note. We need HGUC Beserung Ksatshira – cause i can’t decide which of the three is the best ^^.

  3. Dingo says:

    Hey Syd.

    Good WIP. 🙂 I also have a question non-gunpla related. How did you put the film on. I am in need of putting up the mirror (silver/light reflective) film on my windows, but they are all bubbled, scratched. Can you please give me some guidance on that?


  4. scid says:

    I have build the old one and from my experienced this kit has a lot of detail than the old ones and the colour is far better than the old kits. Hopefully the RE 100 Kshatriya wil be better than this.

  5. Chris says:

    thanks for doing more hg as I have only started gunplaing christmas 2013 when I got the hg hazels,custom,II and advanced and I ifnd you have the most indepth and best gunpla explanations.

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