Gaijin Gunpla

Wait is that supposed to be Accessories or Excess? Um.. maybe with the RG Exia it’s both. You get the accessories but they are a little more special than normal. Why is that?

Mekki plating! Those parts come later. First you need these.

On the underside of that you plug in the parts that enable it to attach to the Exia.

While the attachment on the left clicks in solidly the one on the right floats quite free.

Trying to get a picture of the silver parts wherein you can’t see your reflection isn’t so easy. First world problems.

Build the handle.

The grip does move but for now goes into this hollow.

Use an attachment to attach it to the attachment on the section you built previously.

Now for a couple of these.

Put the blades in first then lock them in place by putting the blue on and follow that up with the handles.

The shield.

And there you go. I’ll save the images of the finished product and my thoughts on it for the review, which is already in a draft. Should be soon!

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  1. Kushal says:

    The shield has a gimmick where it opens, right? I can’t tell if the mechanism is there on this version, but for a RG I would expect it to have all the MG features.

  2. Silverylos says:

    Some say this RG has been limited on movement compared to the MG counterpart…What do you say, syd?

  3. barbwyre says:

    When you removed the plated weapons from the runner, do they leave very obvious nub marks?

  4. Frankon says:

    Hmmm. Can’t tell much about the gate marks on the plated parts. Are they visible Syd?

    • bernard says:

      It’s actually quite minimal. The most obvious you’ll see is no larger than a 2mm mark on the top edge of the GN blade.

  5. ChopperDave says:

    I think if I end up getting this (hinges on the review at this point) I might try stripping the metallic finish off of the blades and painting them with a metallic silver.

    The chrome doesn’t look bad, I just want something different than my MG Exia.

  6. bernard says:

    This real grade kit is just fantastic, it’s got good balance and for once the legs don’t feel as wobbly, weak and loose around the hips unlike several other RGs. But this is largely due to the absence of any weighty backpack and also the slightly different hinge mechanism. As with all other RGs, the details is just top notch! Can’t wait to read your final review on it, Syd!

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