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The end of April has come and gone and while I, for the most part, have moved all my stuff I am still far from being ‘moved in’ to my new place. I don’t even have a washing machine nor refrigerator yet. Those come May 4th and May 17th respectively. Looks like it will be a while before I am comfortable. But I do have the internet! Actually that was a pain in the ass too, so I don’t want to talk about it.

I’m preparing the stuff I’m giving away and numbering all the comments so I can select them randomly for the prizes. That is likely to take some time but I thought I would respond to some of the feedback left by everyone in the Moving post.

First of all, thanks to everyone who took the time to post their thoughts about what is good and bad on It seems the community of readers share similar thoughts about what they would like to see or not see here so I’d like to update everyone on how your feedback will influence Gaijin Gunpla for the better.

Let’s talk about some of the things you guys didn’t like about me. I mean, about my site. Yes, I take this feedback personally. 😉

John says: What i dont like about the site is that it gives me an error 404 “Banwidth exceeded” message so that is frustrating but thats pretty much it.

Brian says: The fact that it seems to exceed bandwidth too much. Kudos to you for getting visitors, but hoping you can upgrade your site to tolerate more visits!

Gundam Beginner says: Sometimes your blog gets jammed by traffic.

DarthGunpla says: Not sure… Sometimes the site do not load here, but I think the problem is with my connection

redme123 says: Perhaps the thing that bothers me the most is the bandwidth limit…

Yes, it appears you guys, like me, are really irked by the bandwidth limit. This was a rather difficult issue to iron out. My site was getting huge amounts of traffic, the majority of which was bots, and that bogged down the site to the point the Hosting Provider actually shut it down! After speaking to them we believe we have remedied the problem. If this issue arises again I’ll take the hit and spend more to increase my limits. This is rather an easy issue to fix, thankfully. Some of the others might not be. But I have done other things!

Balgus says:
 I wish you did HG reviews again. You’ve seemed to have stopped doing them.

Ace says: You need to review more HGs.

AcheronRed says: I honestly wish you did more HG WIP/review posts. I realize there’s a lot of HGs out there, but some variance beyond every new MG release would be awesome.

Zhengcano says: I would love to see some more hg love.

Otonashi says: You don’t usually reviews HGs, which is a shame because many new HGs are fantastic kits.

Zenstrive says: Where are the HG reviews?

The people have spoken. And they have said that HG needs some more attention on this site. Well, I’m going to see what I can do about that. Actually, this may work in my favour a bit. Having just moved, most of my modelling tools are still packed away and it will be some time before I can get back to modding or painting a model and I also don’t have much free time right now to do that even if I wanted to. Doing more HG allows me to get things built in less time and keep the updates flowing more regularly.

If you’ve been to the Kit Reviews page recently you’ll notice that we have split it into three sections now; HG, RG, and MG. We’ve also fixed the columns so to lessen the amount of scrolling you’ll need to do. Also speaking of scrolling, we’ve added a floating menu bar to allow you to access the categories at any time. This was suggested by one of the readers and we liked it so much we put it in right away.

What else did you guys mention you don’t like?

StephRuss says: the only thing I don’t like is just the frequency of updates…

LCHL says: I would say lack of updates…

WK says: Long posting time and some kits were not reviewed even though they are finished.

Aaron says: Needs more content. (Ouch! There’s really not enough content on Gaijin Gunpla? There are 803 posts! )

Ville says: Slow update intervals.

Maurice says: One of the the only things I dislike about this website is the length of time that goes between reviews…

Rhorin says: few and far between reviews

Charles M says: The infrequency of posts…

Shaun says: like everyone else i would like more updates…

Guilty! I won’t defend my lack of updates. It is completely my fault, of course. Actually, I won’t defend that because I feel it is something that needs no defence. As a guy with a job, a family (more on this later.. maybe), other priorities, and a tendency to get sucker-punched by life from time to time I can’t promise that I will be able to update regularly. But I can say right now that it is definitely something I want to get back to doing and while I have the opportunity I will do so. I miss building Gunpla and posting about it as much as you Gunplars miss reading of my adventures. I was going through withdrawal there at one point. To be fair, most everyone who commented that the lack of updates bothered them also wrote that they understood why it is that I am not updating regularly.

Those are the biggest complaints, for lack of a better word, found in the feedback but there were plenty of other insights and observations. Some of which I will address here.

A big one, Video on Gaijin Gunpla.

Sean Loke says: I was hoping that you may show more of your Gunpla skills and tips in video perhaps in youtube.

Brendan says: Also, would it be possible to embed latest videos from…

Jorell says: Video reviews…

Brian says: This might sound like a long shot, but how about video reviews done by Syd himself?

Agent_Chooster says: Full video reviews?

JP says: Videos of your progress and WIPS.

Fireblade says: It would be nice if you could do video reviews in addition to your normal reviews…

Kevin W says: More tutorials or even detailed video tutorials…

Hmmm. I am not going to respond to these suggestions with a big ‘No’, because I’m a never-say-never kind of guy, but I really don’t see myself putting videos up on Gaijin Gunpla for now or the foreseeable future. I already do Gunpla TV for the HobbyLink.TV site and that is quite time consuming. Just posting pictures and WIPs on Gaijin Gunpla can be very time consuming. Not only do I have to build the kit, but I have to stop periodically while doing so to take the pictures. Then I have to edit all the pictures and then write the post. Many times it takes me longer to write about what I’ve built than to actually build it. It is the same for the 30 minute Gunpla TV videos every week. I have to build something, keeping in mind that I will likely have to do it again in front of a camera. I then have to film it, hopefully in one take, and then edit that into an episode. I’m the one who does all that kind of work on Gunpla TV and I don’t really want to do the same kind of thing a second time for this site. I actually think there is a good balance between Gunpla TV and Gaijin Gunpla. They complement each other well, I feel.

Also, I do video on my own at home for fun for my youtube channel. Oh, an excuse to hotlink/embed some videos!

Oh man, I haven’t even set up my PS3, PS4, or PC gaming rig since I moved in and got the internet again.

Time! I need more of you!

I did get some feedback that wasn’t about my site exactly. One of which…

Agassi says: I’ll be frank, I don’t like how you give the personal scores (and hate) in the reviews without any research or reference from other gunpla reviews.
for example: like you did on MG delta plus review.
The whole review thing is about “OOOH, IT CAN’T STAND UP !!!”, 
Japanese reviewer, Schizoponic, was able to make it STAND firm and seems no problem whatsoever (other than lack of accesories)
ref link:
I myself can pose my delta plus to stand in one foot no problem at all.
ref picture:
Well this is just one of the case, maybe next time you can put reference to other reviewers who do have the same problem in building or posing the gunpla model for better review content credibility.

I might think you have a point if I was the only person who had a problem with the Delta Plus, but we all know that isn’t the case. What I do want to explain though is I review the kit based on my experience with it as a item constructed by pieces of plastic. I don’t take into consideration what particular MS it is nor its place in the Gundam Universe. What I write is just how it made me feel when I was building it and, afterwards, trying to play with it. But… that said… having built so many of these things I also have expectations which are based on my experiences with what Bandai is capable of and it would be naive think that Bandai does their best with every kit. For example…

Karu says: 
I begin to notice that some of your reviews are getting really biased in some way. It’s really annoying sometimes. Especially when it
comes to MG Reviews. There is almost no review that you didn’t compare an MG to the majestic details of RGs that you like so much.
It’s like comparing apples and oranges. I know you love RGs but it’s really unfair if you use the RGs as comparison to MGs, such as seen
on your reviews of the MG Aile Strike Remaster and the MG Build Gundam Mark II. Bringing down the score of the MG just because it doesn’t look like the RG
isn’t really fair in my opinion. RG’s details are pretty much their own thing and will probably never move to MGs (The RX-78-2 3.0 is an exception since
that kit is only a representation of Bandai’s current engineering in 1/100 scale). Let’s face it, if MGs start to look like RGs, then what’s the point of
having them in the first place? Might as well kill the Real Grade line since people will prefer 1/100s anyway.

My score or lack thereof for the MG Build Gundam Mk II wasn’t based on how it looks compared to the RG. However, the RG proves something that can’t be ignored when it came to the Build MK-II. Bandai is capable of great things and instead decided to give us a kit from 2005. To be honest, it’s insulting.

For the most part everyone’s comments were well thought-out and very understanding. Many offered words of encouragement.

John says: Good luck on it all and hope everything in your family is going swell.

Pshyga says: …and addition about your family, like your wife and your daughter.

Amirul says: Anyways, hope everything goes smoothly and all the best to you and your family!

Marco Polo says: Hi Syd, congrtulations on the move, for whatever reason it is.  More blessings and gunpla to you and your family.

Valstork says: I hope your move works well to you and your family.

Ryker says: Good luck on your move and I hope you and your family are doing well!

Shin008 says: … hope everything’s going smoothly, and best of luck for you and your family.

Drew says: All the best to you and your family Syd.

Those times when I get tired or frustrated or run down (whether it has anything to do with Gunpla or not) and feel that I need a break and could stop updating Gaijin Gunpla I take a moment to read over old posts and the comments and remember why I do it. Because I like Gunpla, of course! While that is true I have found it to be a very rewarding hobby because of the interaction I get from the other people who are like me and really like this stuff. It’s why I continue to do it privately even though it becomes part of my grind at work sometimes. I am appreciative of the support shown by you guys which you can see in the sentences above given as feedback.

So there you have it. The latest on what’s happening on Gaijin Gunpla. I’ll be finishing up the RG Exia soon and will have a review up for that and I’ll also be choosing winners and preparing to ship a bunch of stuff to the lucky few so that post will be coming soon, though I may put that off and try to enjoy my four day, Golden Week holiday.

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  1. viOlet says:

    Syd! That second to last paragraph. What. Syd Syd Syd Syd Syd Syd Syd. Dude. [Editors note: that paragraph was in the first draft and not meant to be in the final post. I’m not ready to provide many details at this point and thought I edited that kind of stuff from my post. oops]

  2. Kushal says:

    I’m glad you didn’t mention the negative part of my feedback at this point because the more I browse the site the more comfortable I am with the layout. I think it was that previously I was only looking for specific stuff, but now that I’m reading through all your posts the layout isn’t bad at all. And the small adjustments you’ve recently made have made a huge difference.

    I feel bad because I want to provide some constructive feedback but there’s not much that needs to be fixed!

    • Kushal says:

      Actually I just thought of something. What do you think about adding an area for viewer feedback and/or questions? That way you can get feedback all the time, plus if you get a lot of similar questions, you could address them in your posts.

  3. BA Baracus says:

    Like many others that follow your blog, I have a family and work full time. Us family guys know what it’s like to have limited time to do the things we enjoy! Thank you for taking the time and sticking with your blog amid everything that’s going on.

  4. wallz says:

    i wish you the best Syd

  5. Brian says:

    Maybe video reviews can be for the big releases (Ver Ka) or some of the Online Exclusive kits you get. I do agree that video is time consuming and considering the fact that you are a family man, I can’t expect a video all the time. I like how you responded to the heart for videos from us, but ultimately you do what you feel is best given the limited time you have. Whatever you give us, I’m sure we’re gonna end up being happy with.

    With the Build Mk II thing, I kinda want to give it a try now to see if I think the same haha.

    Hope everything is going well, and I can’t wait to see what you have to say about Exia! Are you going for the GN Arms add-on and the Repair pack for Exia btw?

    Also, this might be another long shot thing, but a photo of your Gunpla collection? 🙂

  6. random says:

    the three separate sections for HG, RG, and MG is a neat update! due to this changes, i’m amazed on the RG section the most; the scores of the RG kits are really on another level. the lowest, RG Strike Freedom, is still on 82.9%. The RG’s have a really good above-average total score 😀

  7. Dingo says:

    No sweat on video review. Our internet connection does not play well with video streaming. And I prefer reading at my chosen pace rather then staring at the video screen (thanks to your photos, combined with your wording, I can imagine pretty good what are you trying to say).

    Far and few updates. I don’t mind at all, as long as each post stays true to its intention. I have other blogs to flood my feeds, so your blog I can browse with leisure pace (I leave the info crunching to gundamguy lol).

    People have experience with bandwidth limit, which I haven’t. So I’m lucky and content with this. 🙂

    To sum up, please keep up the good work, and improve upon what already there. Sometime people who had a bad day might see things in negative light (I was one occasionally).

    btw, I’m renovating my house now, so I feel your pain, Syd. 😀

  8. Ville says:

    You’re the best Syd, keep it up!

  9. Duncan says:

    Really sorry to hear about your current situation , i guess i had read between the lines and imagined your move would have been because of something along those lines. The fact that you have still taken a subjective approach to all our comments about your site in what must be a very difficult time is a testament to your strength of character and commitment to what we all love (gunpla) . I think all of us understand the pressures of work , family and spare time and how they arent always compatible , at least those of us that are old enough. Wishing you all the best for the future , and looking forward to your postings when time and life allow it.

  10. Alden says:

    goodluck with everything Syd haha, get those gaming rigs up haha

  11. Michael says:

    Well negative reviews some time may be annoying, yet, that Delta Plus review with a “it can’t stand” red line going through it helped me immensely. I loved the design Delta Plus, and when I bought it, I just made sure to tighten the leg joints on the kit. All thanks to to syd.

  12. scid says:

    wow..u really got a lot of info there..about that video tutorial..I really like nowadays just wont cut it..why not do a video based on our suggestions coz sometimes do the same video as others wont cut it

  13. ChopperDave says:

    It’s good to get your thoughts on our feedback, puts things in perspective a bit.

    Also, I think you should go ahead and take those four days in Golden Week off. Moving can be stressful (trust me I know), and sometimes you just need a breather. The free stuff can wait a few more days.

    Keep up the good work, and good luck!

  14. GNParticles says:

    Support and friendship Syd.

  15. Stephen says:

    Don’t worry Syd. We know you can manage everything.

  16. Tsuaru says:

    One of the things I love about your reviews Syd is that you don’t sugarcoat things. If it a kit has problems, you talk about it honestly and let readers know what to expect. I won’t call out any names here, but there’s a lot of reviewers who just flat out ignore any flaws and just talk about what they like about a kit. A proper review should point out both positives and negatives.

    And I have to strongly disagree with Agassi, my MG Delta Plus also can’t stand up at all. But luckily I knew that beforehand thanks to your review Syd and wasn’t disappointed when I encountered that problem. I simply did the superglue trick to the ankles and now it’s pretty decent at standing up.

    Keep up the good work Syd, I’ll look forward to more reviews from you.

  17. MauricokitoMK2 says:

    Syd! As a fellow gunplar, Gaijin-gunpla follower, Japanese culture lover I really hope everything gets better! I know you’re sure all of us here are with you in the good and bad times!

  18. Archer says:

    Damn I didn’t get pertamax..oh well,as fellow Gunplars and bloggers through Hobby, I sincerely pray that you and your family blessed with good health and luck, I know that you have your own problems and so sorry if we or I have high demanding for an update.
    I have to disagree with karu and agasi (sorry about this)I always visit thi website becaus Syd always frank about what he like and what he didn’t like. Wel syd, just keep honest with the review, after all it is you who experiencing the capability of gundam before us (seriously it takes a quite long time before a model arrived in my hand) taking a quote from Yuuko Ichihara “action and sincerity is the best tool in the world” so just keep doing what you yourself always doing and don’t write something you didn’t like

  19. Agassi says:

    Hello Syd,

    Thank you very much for putting up some time to read and reply for my comment, :). Good luck in decorating the new place up.

    For Delta Plus case:
    I also heard many people told the problem of this certain MG caused by its nasty legs, but since I already bought it, might as well try to build and look at it.

    Given with right “gravity point”, the kit actually stabilize and stand perfectly, and I already told you how I able to posed my MG DP in one-leg-stand.

    Long time ago, before you replied me in this post, I started to think that you may be “to lazy to try and pose this kit, so Syd give this kit very low score”.
    My apologize for any past assumption I’ve made to you.

    What I really mean was from my previous comment, whether this kit got problems or specialty,
    it may be nice to include some other people’s review for better point, combined with what you reviewed yourself so people will definitely look to your reviews, and (maybe) set them as other people’s guideline in getting gunpla.

    Reviews do very big influence for people to get or not get certain items.


    I’m kinda agree in gundam build Mk2 review, since the MG is kinda a little bit stupid, just adding up old MG and renew small parts (chest molding, etc). I got the Old Mk2 MG, so the Build version is “omg, it is not very impressed”.
    Although, the MK 2.0 MG ver 2.0 was already perfect, so Bandai did not need to upgrade any of it again too much.

    From marketing view point, it will be more profitable if Bandai release the build mk2 with 2.0 frame, instead of making 3.0

    This problem also occured in Sengoku Astray MG, 🙁
    and maybe later on, the potential upcoming Gundam Build Fighter’s Wing Fenice, Quebley Papillon, Exia DM, and Kampfer Amazing
    (dang, if Bandai release Kampfer Amazing with old frame, it will be very bad)

    @Tsuaru & @Archer: you might try to make it stand by placing it right certain point of gravity, it actually can stand.
    If not, why Bandai bother to make this kit into MG. They got like lots of Quality Control people.

    Thanks for sharing your views btw, 🙂

  20. Busterbeam says:

    great post. i also think videos are unnecessary here. you’re already doing a lot as is and gunpla tv is a great compliment to this blog. in fact id say its a key reason why you’re so popular now!

  21. YongKang says:

    Syd, I love how you categorize your reviews now. It’s so clean, simple and quick to find what I’m looking for. Big thumb up! Hope you’re still watching hockey.

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