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I’m finally organised enough that I can write this post and announce who wins what in my little Moving/Feedback Giveaway. So here I will announce who wins which prize and also respond to more of your feedback. Winners were chosen randomly from the 200 plus comments that were submitted and not picked based on what they wrote. I will mention right now that all the items will be sent by the cheapest shipping method possible, most likely SAL small packet. The PG Blue Frame will be shipped EMS, however. I’ll be emailing the winners in the next couple of days to get their mailing addresses. Not everyone could win, of course, but I really appreciate everyone taking their time to give their feedback.

The first winner I am proud to announce gets the Gundam DVDs!

These go to kawaiidess who wrote:
What I like about your blog – I really enjoy the format and style you use for your reviews. A lot of reviewers try to hide up the bad parts of a kit, but you sorta tell it how it is, and I really respect that. I also enjoy that you don’t try to pose a kit as elegantly as other reviewers, and you really add a sense of humanity to your reviews.

What I dislike about your blog – I think a bit of the formatting could change with some of your page layouts. The kit reviews page is good to see what you really enjoy and what you disliked the most, but I think that shines more of a negative aspect on the kits you didn’t like, when they should get a chance to shine too.

What I would change about your blog – I would love to see more posts about your day-to-day life. Your SNSD posts are fun and I really loved your Courage posts. It’s a lot to ask, but just posting a bit more in general would be the only change I could think of.
Thank you for your blog and everything you do. You really help the gunpla community and we’re all grateful for the stuff you do. c:

Thanks for the feedback, kawaiidess. Ironically, in the ‘what you like about GG’ section you wrote about what many people don’t like about GG. For example,

Lucas wrote “Instead, I’ll critique your posing abilities. This may sound weird, but your poses seem uninspired sometimes, especially during your reviews. Your standing poses seem like you just placed the kit willy-nilly.

beep beep wrote “the goofy gundam poses on the reviews/galleries, it makes the gundams look a less majestic than they really are…

Steven Johanes wrote “I don’t really like how you pose the kit in the review. i think you should try posing it with better poses and taking photo from good angles.

After reading people’s comments about the posing of some kits on this site I went back and had a look at some of the reviews and I did notice one thing; the higher the score in the review the better the poses. I will admit, for kits that I did not really enjoy building, I don’t feel inclined to try to work with them to show them in the best light with a cool pose. Conversely, kits I really liked I spent much more time on to get the pictures I wanted, without even realising it.

The next item I’m giving away is a Sci-Fi Revoltech Optimus Prime.

I picked this up when it came out because I was still amazed how much fun the first Transformers Movie was. Then Michael Bay released the sequels. Despite loving the first movie I only opened this figure up once and then promptly put it away so no small parts would be lost. (No guarantee some small parts are not lost… I just moved!)

This guy goes to fuzzyguy who wrote:
1. Your detailed reviews, scoring system, and photography is one of the best resources for gunpla kit reviews in English online.

2. I don’t care for the slow update schedule, be it reviews or your WIP section. I can understand and relate to why that is, being a few months behind on posting WIP shots of my own stuff for a while now in various model forums. I’d love to see more content, but I completely understand why there is a wait between updates.

3. I’d like to see more kit reviews from other companies or lines than just Gundam. Seeing reviews of kits from Wave, Hasegawa, or reviews of the Macross Frontier kits would be awesome. I also think it may be helpful to have a couple of guest editorials from other model kit builders out there so as to increase your site’s update frequency. Seeing a head to head build off between you and other builders or kit review comparisons I think would only add to the quality of your work with GaijinGunpla and potentially reduce the work load on your end a bit. It is something I’ve seen folks do in other modeling sites for things such as miniatures and it can turn out really well.
Keep up the good work, and I hope the move doesn’t exhaust you too much. I did a cross-country move in the US a few years back and brought more kits than I really should have along for the ride to sit in the closet. I’d love to see an area where winners of any free kits post wips and reviews and perhaps you could use that as a spring board to look for folks to add to your team and add more content to the site?

Your last idea is a very good one, fuzzyguy, and I’ll definitely take it into consideration. You did kind of mention one thing that other feedbackers (I just made up that word) also did.

Trevor wrote: “It would be great to see more reader submissions! Not exactly sure how those work, but it would be great to see more of those.

redme wrote: “It would be interesting to see more custom gundam kits, either by you or from reader submissions.

Ekos wrote: “I’d like to see more readers submissions, and alternate takes on your reviews.

Agent Adam wrote: “3) More reader submissions, if they are made available to you.

So people want to see more stuff submitted by the Readers. I am more than perfectly fine with that but remember the responsibility for this lies with you guys out there. To be included in the Reader Submission all anyone needs to do is send some high quality images (preferably 10 or more) and some text explaining a bit about yourself and your gunpla history and also what you did with the kit. Anyone who sends that to will get a response from me (though maybe not right away). I’ll edit the images and the text if needed and put up a post.

TL:DNR version: If you want to see more Reader Submissions, start submitting them!

Next prize in the giveaway is some Gundam figures.

These go to blinkme0 who had this to say:

1) what I like best about the site is the honesty in your builds and reviews, alot of reviews tend to shy away from pointing out any flaws any kit may have or downplay them, you lay out whats good, whats bad and whats frun from an honest and understandable viewpoints with easily understadible didived scores among various areas.

2)what I dislike, has less to do with the reviews or content as much as finding it, some older reviews and builds and the like are harder to find when browsing the site, its not impossible but a very mild inconvenience

3)what i would like to see, i thought it would be cool if somehow along side your reviews there could be a section where we could post our own mini reviews, wheneter it be on something you’ve already built or just tiny posts of stuff we’ve built. make a whole GG community of this stuff

Your last comment intrigues me, blinkme0. I don’t know if I can get something as elaborate as mini reviews but what if we had some kind of ranking system similar to what we see on sites like amazon and some gaming sites. I would give my score and beside that would be the reader score likely out of 5 stars. How does that sound for everyone? This would show if people agree with me or I am way off. My opinion would not change however. 😉 (maybe)

And now I’m going to give away actual Gunpla. This comes in the form of the 1/100 MG Gundam Epyon EW Ver.

When this kit came out I had big plans for it. Plans that would render it almost unrecognisable (and likely irreparable) from its original form. Because of that I actually picked up a second kit so I could keep the first OOB. Sadly, I didn’t get on that second kit but rest assured what I did instead was just as fun. Rather than take it to my new place and put it in a closet to be forgotten about I thought I would give it away. So, the lucky guy (girl? most likely a guy, ya? Am I being sexist?) is redme123 who wrote:

1) What do you like about Gaijin Gunpla?
I love the gundam reviews and WIP posts. I also like how you actually take the time to respond to our questions and comments, which makes this site much more interactive.

2) What do you not like about Gaijin Gunpla?
 Honestly, I don’t have much I don’t like about the site. Of course, I would love to see more frequents posts, but then again, I understand that writing posts take time. Perhaps the thing that bothers me the most is the bandwidth limit.

3) What changes (additional features/segments/things removed/anything) would you like to see on Gaijin Gunpla? 
It would be interesting to see more custom gundam kits, either by you or from reader submissions. I also think there should be a bit more reviews on non-master grade models, especially from the HG line. HG gundams have been getting better and better, and I think they are definitely worth taking closer a look at

Congrats, redme123, and thanks for your feedback. I try to respond to comments and questions on my site but there are times when I find myself lacking the time to actually sit down and write a response. I hope in these instances the readers will cut me some slack but trust me your comments do mean a lot to me and I might find myself less motivated to do this kind of thing if I wasn’t interacting with so many cool people.

And now, for the big one. I’m sure people’s jaws dropped when they saw I was willing to give away a PG Blue Frame. Actually, this was confirmed when I looked at the post some time later and saw I had already hit 100 comments. Everyone wants the huge, hard to acquire stuff! (I do too!)

Only one to give away, unfortunately, so the lucky winner turns out to be…


Douglas wrote: “1) I like the commentary on life in Japan as well as your WIP’s. Your reviews are also very insightful with the grading system.

2) I’m not as interested in the build section as I am in the review/critique of the model kit.

3) Less focus on build and more focus on pros/cons of a model kit.
Good luck with the move! I’m in the process of moving as well and it can get quite chaotic!

Several people mentioned that they like my Life in Japan entries even those not related to Gunpla (Buster and Sonar recently had a certain request) and I’ll try to be more active with that section of my site. Thanks for the encouragement, Douglas! Moving has definitely been chaotic. I only just got a refrigerator last weekend and am now able to store food and cook at home. Now I need a table on which to eat. And a couch on which to sit.

That concludes the giveaway, for now. As I continue to unpack my belongings and organise my new place should I come upon some stuff that I just can’t keep I’ll consider giving it away to one of the people who left feedback. If that happens I’ll let everyone know.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. scid says:

    awww dammit..I dont won anything 🙁 but congrats to other winner

  2. Archer says:

    aww.. it seems I lost but hey, you deserved it guys congrats

  3. Celeste Tesla says:

    Thank you for including us females who like gundam and gunpla 🙂

  4. Frankon says:

    Congratulation to all the winners.

  5. Agent Adam says:

    Congrats to the winners!

  6. Dingo says:

    Yay to all the winers. 😀
    Boo to me. >.<


  7. Chris says:

    oh damn oh well congrats

  8. beepbeep says:

    Don’t we win a prize at least for getting mentioned in this post? 🙂 congrats to all the winners, and more power syd!

  9. Graham says:

    Wow awesome contest, now I wish that I had perused your site more regularly (I like free stuff ^^), but congratulations to all the winners. I hate moving, I’ve lived in 3 different apartments in the 3 years I’ve lived here in Japan and know it’s a complete headache. And each time, with more stuff, it only gets worse!
    As for feedback I thing your site is awesome and one of the few that inspired me to start my own, so I think it’s perfect the way it is! I would love to submit a reader submission but I couldn’t paint a fence, never mind a model kit…

  10. Asian1skill says:

    Congrats to the winners!!!! btw your site wasnt working the last couple of days just wondering if you got hacked again or something.

    • syd says:

      I don’t think I’ve been hacked but I am getting much more spam comments these days it seems.

      • Asian1skill says:

        At least its not getting hack so thats a good thing. Spam comments are blocked aren’t they though?

  11. Redval says:

    this is one of the good stuff here in your site Syd. I came back being a gunpla fun when I bought my first MG kit (RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver. Ka) and I recently started to paint it and your reviews and tutorials give me incites on the painting process.Keep Up the Good Work

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