Gaijin Gunpla

Alright I’m back at the Kshatriya and starting on the legs and it all starts here!

Wow! (I”m being facetious but this does look almost MG like, no?)

Plug that in to the upper thigh armour.

Now for this thing.

The assembly on the right drops down into the assembly on the left.

I think.. this might be a foot.

Now for some Gatling guns!

This is a Gatling Gun, right?

Looks like it to me.

Insert the barrels of the Gatling Gun into the thing that just may be a foot.

Things don’t make sense to me!

Wrap these large frame parts around it.

There is quite a bit of movement here.

These parts are next.

Put on a very small sticker.

The put them on the outside of what I have determined is supposed to be a leg.

I runner is from the original Kshatriya.

With one part from that runner you can finish the knee armour and assemble the hip joint while you’re at it (which is very MG-like).

Here is how the foot goes together. Drop the ankle armour assembly down over top of the poly-cap.

Then armour.

Another frame section, now with orange!

This is for the back of the leg.

These make up the sides.

And the knee armour for the other leg (the normal one).

With those mini assemblies done you once again build the knee/thigh.

Then slap on everything else.


The legs are useless without a skirt section so that’s next.

Slap on the centre blocks.

Add the orange pipes.

Back dat ass up!

Here are the back and front armour sections.

The side skirts are quite simple.

There you go.

Looks kind of odd to me.

That looks much better.

Despite being this far in the Kshatriya Repaired build I now am going to start on the ‘big’ parts. Ha!

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  1. Frankon says:

    2nd ever mobile suit with a peg leg gun as far as i know. (Well if we go by timeline it would be first). Poor Gump has a serious competition…

    Question Syd. Does it even stand??

  2. Kushal says:

    I’m worried about whether it can stand at all, and I also wonder if the side skirt armor even lets you pose it with the leg shooting at stuff, on a stand of course

  3. Sanzo says:

    Best pun for a title yet!
    Do you think they will make a Kshatriya in the re/100? It seems to me that line is perfect for the larger kits that either will be too heavy as a mg or to expensive.

    • syd says:

      I think the RE/100 line was made for the Kshatriya. If they don’t do one now then the crapstorm will be enormous.

      • The demand for 1:100 scale Kshatriya is outrageous. They have to make it. *must*

      • GN Particles says:

        Yup, demand for a 1/100 big K is quite immense, and with good reason: it’s a stunning looking mech, that cries out for the full-on treatment. Although I’d happily accept an 1/144 RG Kshatriya with the level of detail we know they can achieve with the RG line.

  4. Sam says:

    man your post titles make me laugh…butsted up in dead silence while everyone else was sleeping. well done syd

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