Gaijin Gunpla

Having finished the main body of the Mobile Suit I turn my attention to the huge amount of ‘additions’. This means I get to finally touch the C Runner (all-new for the Repaired).

These pieces are huge!

Before putting the frame part inside add the poly-cap, etc.

Now make these, somewhat smaller, sections.

And then get to work on these.

Twelve of them in total and apparently they all take a very narrow sticker.

Um… I’ll come back to that.

These lay inside the small assembly you just built, in two rows of three.

x 2

Onto that larger first assembly you place the eyes.

Because this thing is a squid.

You knew that, right?

Confession time! I don’t like squid. Ya, that’s a bit tough when you live in Japan and it seems everyone is trying to feed you a version of it, but you learn to avoid it. Except that time at Tsukiji fish market… I felt I had to eat it then… (confession time: That tsukiji version was kind of yummy in a texture-that-doesn’t-make-you-heave kind of way.)

Now for these things.

This is for spitting ink when it needs to escape, right? Cuz Kshatriya is a Cephalapod, ya?

On each of these you attach a moveable arm. First you lay one frame part on top of the other.

Then slide that into the armour part.

This design allows the little claw to move in and out.

Attach to more frame parts which allow the arm to bend at the joints and to attach to the large section.

This then fold up underneath so as to not be visible to opponents.

With two of those huge wing things done you now build one of these.

I’m not sure yet what it is.

Add a part to both the top and bottom.



Set that aside and grab these two pieces and um, ya, put them together.

Then do the same with these two other pieces.

But hold on a second!

We need stickers.

Now for more huge parts.

Um.. it kind of looks like a marital aid.
(I always wondered why that term was used for these things. Please, don’t anybody explain it to me.)
Add a sticker (to see in the dark?)

On the opposite end insert four thrusters and also one part for the center.

This last part is a little leg that can come out and be used to help support this back-heavy monstrosity.

So slap the four large sections together and…

It kind of looks like an airbrush to me. Now do that all over again for the other side.

When that’s done all that’s left to do is attach these to the arms mounted onto the Kshatriya’s shoulders.

The kit stands fine with just the front sections attached.. but not so much when the back are stuck on there.

To help Mr. Repaired you slide out that little leg.

Turning it 90 degrees locks it into place. You can see you can choose how far out you want it to go.

Let’s go with ‘all out, baby!’

Other than cutting the beam sabre handles from the runners, this big guy is done. Guess it’s time for my first HG kit review after a long hiatus.

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  1. neorok says:

    Oh that’s nice, the original Kshalapod couldn’t open any of its squid mouths. The funnel-missiles was also a unexpected surprise for the ova, really nice.

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