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Right off the bat the Real Grade Exia was a new RG experience and that continues with the torso. Here are the parts you need to start this section.

Two sections of the RG frame are used here but are held together with a part from the C runner.

On that C part you place two of these foils.

Make sure to loosen up the shoulders joints while they are easily accessible.

More C frame parts.

A green sticker goes on the big one.

It is one of those stickers that is designed to fit around a curved surface so take your time and be sure to get everything pressed down.

Now back to that funky blue plastic.

The manual looks like this.

Got it? Do I?

First step is to hook those thin blue parts to the sides.

You can see how the plastic was cut to leave the opening for the hook.

Then the manual looks like this.

You can see I’ve moved the arm joints upwards to free up room for my big, clumsy gaijin fingers. The large C part slides on and you have to hold those blue parts down firmly so they don’t impede the C part. It may take a couple of tries.

Add a dash of white.

Then construct the back of the suit which will house the GN Drive.

Put on the front hatch and cover that sticker with a clear green part.

Put on the neck armour and and another C part that goes on from below.

To get that bottom part on you need to rotate the lower frame ninety degrees.

Once that C part is on you can then add the coloured armour to the bottom of the torso.

The shoulders are designed to include the yellow part that juts out from the torso.

Clip on the thin yellow parts then the blue parts go on from the front.

It was here the colour difference of the blue became noticeable to me.

We know that RG kits have the different colour tones for the armour but those usually are produced in a way that has the colours come on separate runners. The RG Exia Blue parts are all included on the A runner along with the Red and Yellow. I didn’t realise at first that there were two blues on there.

Now for the GN Drive.

You can see the grey part will click into the white part but first you have some stickers to apply.

You wrap the silver stickers around the grey part which is kind of a shame in a way. The areas you are coming up have been molded with teeth and the sticker takes that definition away.

With the stickers on you can snap that into place.

Add the last couple parts.

Then plop it into place on the back of the torso.

With the torso done you gotta connect it to those sexy legs you built previously. For that, you use this piece of RG frame.

Turn ends around ninety degrees.

The connection is quite interesting. With other RG kits you would connect the torso to the hip frame usually by the male/female type of connection but here you actually clip the RG frame sections onto a piece from the frame runner.

Both torso and skirt frame go on from the sides.

Next you assemble the centre blocks.

With those on you add the front skirts. These go on just like other RG kits with a frame part going on to the tab from the back and then being secured in place with the armour part going on from the front, but the Exia has the armour (white) part go on from the rear while the small frame part goes on from the front.

But the Exia is tricky. It is really to difficult to hold the white part in its place while pushing in that smile grey part. So I needed to give myself some more room to work. I took off the front center block.

That made my life much easier.

The rear skirts are the same as previous RGs and you have plenty of space back there.

You do have some empty space though. Those are there for a reason.


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  1. Tony says:

    Big, clumsy gaijin fingers… I know your pain all too well Syd. A moment of silence for those of us with absurd fingers…

  2. Kushal says:

    I’m absolutely in love with the design of the Exia, both as a mobile suit and as a model kit. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I received a knockoff version of the Exia Ignition Mode, Ver. Ka Unicorn, and Shin Matsunaga Zaku MGs as a birthday present from my parents (they knew which suits I wanted but weren’t aware the site was selling knockoffs). Given how intricate the RG Exia is so far I’m not looking forward to the knockoff MG, lol…

    I already gave up on the Unicorn because the pieces just don’t fit together right. My gunpla budget for the whole year is going towards getting the official MS Cage version of the Unicorn so I can do justice to it. I think I’ll use the knockoff one to experiment with paints and such.

    At any rate since I don’t have the budget for MGs any more I’m looking towards the RG line so thank you so much for doing reviews of these along with the MGs.

  3. Stephen says:

    I have been looking forward to this! Quite excited to build mine, but I gotta buy some good sidecutters for this

  4. Chopper Dave says:

    Damn, it’s like a little MG. Looks like fun!

  5. Chris says:

    The way that hip joint works… I notice it’s not a ball or a peg like in the RG Mk II (the only RG I have experience with). Can the Exia bend at the waist laterally? – like this guy?

  6. Michael says:

    Finished my own today. The detail inside the GN drive unfortunately (or fortunately) is not visible from the outside when the drive is assembled. Overall the kit feels totally different from any previous kits (of course except Skygrasper or Zeta)

    A few things I noticed
    – you can accidentally chop off the shoulder peg that is used to fix the transparent band in place, so be careful there when cutting part of the runner.
    – The winglets on the sides of the head have a large gate right on the front side. Quite hard to get rid of this one in a straight build.

  7. Fred says:

    Can’t wait to build this thing. First I must build RG Zeta to complete my RG Collection

  8. coast says:

    Any space inside the torso to place a small LED? Want to light up the chest and GN drive.

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