Gaijin Gunpla

Being really excited prior to the release, once the Turn X arrived I jumped right into it. After finishing up the arms I kept going and started on the legs. For those we need a couple of these runners.

Start by cutting off the two largest pieces and then add a little armour flap to each one.

These then go together with some more frame parts added at the bottom along with an armour part that helps holds the frame together.

Add more armour parts, one large one to run the length of the frame and two other flaps that slide on from below.

Now assemble another frame section.

Apply the armour panels.

Couple that with what you just built and you’ve got Turn X’s lower leg. Or could it be considered his foot?

Add some triangles. Because they’re important and aesthetically pleasing.

Another frame assembly.

This will be for the upper leg.

Here is the lone piece that is the hip joint.

There is no armour piece for it. You simply move the frame part on the back of the upper leg out of the way and plug the hip joint in.

Then put the back frame into its original position.

Connect the upper and lower legs together with the last of the leg frame parts.

Now start adding the strangely-shaped armour parts. Front and inside:

Rear and outside:

With that finished you start on the left leg and if you were like me, you thought the legs were the same. If you were like me you would also realise you need to pay more attention to these kinds of things.

The left leg frame assembly is the same but the armour is slightly different. For example, the upper thigh piece involves a clear part.

And the armour for the knee is different as well.

It uses stickers.

The sticker isn’t the exact shape it needs to be to fit into the groove on the side of the knee armour so you’ll need to move it around a little bit and then decide what satisfies you.

Now for the skirt and it starts with you building two of these.

You can tell by the shape of these assemblies (they are the same design as the shoulder joints) that these are going to be the hip connection.

Clip a couple parts together.

Build the main part of the skirt frame.

Connect the hip joints and drop the other assembly on from above.

This is the top frame part. You place these moveable ball socket recepticle parts in from the bottom.

Drop that on top.

Does anyone else think it looks like some kind of robot crab?

The only armour parts on the Turn X’s skirt are the little flaps for the front.

It’s like a Gundam G-string.

What’s everyone think?

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  1. Kushal says:

    “Add some triangles. Because they’re important and aesthetically pleasing.” Hear hear!

    Although “Gundam G-string” has me a little scared

  2. Frankon says:

    Well that taken me by surprise. With all the asymmetry in the top half i managed to not notice the different legs. MG Turn X is moving up in my to get list.
    Syd is there a sticker for the clear part in the leg?

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