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I missed out on the HG monster that was the first Kshatriya model kit and so felt that if I missed this one than I can’t really call myself much of a Gunplar. Well, not much of a Gunplar blogger anyway. So let me review for you the HGUC NZ-666 Kshatriya Repaired.

Overall Look: 8/10

I’m trying to figure out how to look at this. I mean, it’s a broken thing, right? Should I hold to the same ideas of what constitutes good looks such as asymmetry or balance? Being that this is the repaired Kshatriya it isn’t supposed to look in top form. While I think the original Kshatriya looks better there is something unique about the Repaired the way it has the weapons incorporated into its rebuilt limbs. Those huge things on the back, though, do throw off the balance of the suit both visually and literally.

It does look awkward from certain angles, though.

Colors: 9/10

Green seems like one of the go-to colours when Bandai decides not to go with blue,red, white, and yellow. But green really suits the Suit. I like the lighter green more than the darker green but having both breaks it up really well and the addition of the orange trim along with the white on black designs makes the important areas of the Kshatriya stand out.

Weapons: 8/10

I don’t get to take the standard shot of the weapons because the Kshatriya Repaired is anything but standard. When ‘repairing’ this behemoth the engineers built the weapons right in so you’ve got the beam axe/javelin built onto the end of its arm.

And a gatling gun as the base for its leg.

That is cool, if kind of cumbersome. And of course, being the Kshatriya, you’ve got a whole lot of fin funnels hidden somewhere.

You’ve also got two beam sabers if you want to use them.

Articulation: 6/10

This is another tricky category to judge. Those huge things on its back weigh the kit down heavily but they are so large (and have stands) that they can hold the main part of the mobile suit up while you put it through a few different poses. Unfortunately, those huge assemblies on its back won’t be able to move much without risking everything falling over so for the Repaired the posing will mostly be done by moving the arms and legs around. But let me ask you, does something this big need to move very much? I don’t recall Andre the Giant being very spry.

Build Design: 9/10

For an HG there is quite a lot going on with this kit and I’m not just referring to its size and amount of plastic. A lot of the build reminded me of an MG kit. You see a lot more frame here on the Repaired than you do in almost any other HG kit I’ve encountered and even more than its predecessor given what you have to do to construct the repaired leg and arm.

You also get to assemble the wings that open this time (!), and the little arms hidden under each one.

Sure some stickers are used where there could have been plastic…

but other areas that use stickers turn out pretty good.

People who have built the first Kshatriya will find plenty that they are familiar with but on the areas that are ‘repaired’ on this kit, such as the head, you’ll find enough differences to keep things interesting.

And a sweet design element for this HG are the little stands built into the bottom of those huge canisters on its back. Being this big this kit sure needed it, though HGs don’t often receive this kind of extra attention.

The best part about these is that they are adjustable. Simply turn it a quarter turn to unlock it and then adjust the height before turning it back and locking it into place. I know some Master Grade kits that could use this kind of thing.

Fun Factor: 8/10

If this is your first Kshatriya then you’ll be grateful for the experience but if it’s your second you may not feel as overwhelmed as you did the first time though there is enough new stuff to keep your attention. Just building something this big is a hell of a lot of fun.

Extras: 7/10

Another tough category to judge here because the Repaired itself comes with so much stuff built into it. You do get the beam effect parts and plenty of stickers (12 tiny strips for the funnels!) but you also get all these (if you want them).

There are a lot of extra parts with this kit. You may not find a home for them on the Repaired but they are definitely fine kit-bash candidates.

And speaking of kit-bashes, allow me to show you my ultimate Kshatriya.

Oh, it’s nothing. Just a little something I whipped up.

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  1. Brian says:

    How are the seam lines on this kit besides the backpack?

  2. Frankon says:

    Im gonna be honest. The backpack fuel tanks/missle launchers are killing this kit. The peg leg and arm get lost by the sheer size of fuel tanks. I wish Bandai would release the Beserung Kshatirya since the leg and the arm arent dwarfed by the fuel tanks on the back…

  3. Wolfbane says:

    If I read Gundam Wikia right, the funnels on the Repaired version are actually like the Xi Gundam’s missile bits as they are essentially psycommu-guided strumfausts.

    Though I would say if someone didn’t mind spending lots of money for two Repaired kits and one regular Kshatriya you could make a “rebuilt” version with both the regular funnels and the missile bits together. :3

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