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With all the new stuff on display at the Shizuoka Hobby Show back in May the kit that most grabbed my attention was the MG Turn X Gundam. Sure there is the big HGUC NZ-999 Neo Zeong coming in a couple of weeks for but for me, June is Turn X month!

Box art is definitely cool with that Turn X weapon facing right at you.

Box Contents

This kit is designed to come apart at the joints to display in a special pose and Bandai has included the stand for that as well.

And the base of the stand is just sitting there waiting for you in the bottom of the box.

It’s the standard Action Base 2 base. No need for a plastic bag, ya?

Here’s the effect part.

In the same package are some clear/smoky parts.

And with this MG you get three types of stickers/markings.


Dry Transfers.

And Marking Stickers.


‘Memory of the Moonlight Butterfly’?

I like this better.

I have a Shining Finger, too. I show it to people on the highway sometimes.

Marking guide.

Can’t wait to get started!

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  1. Sterling says:

    This looks to be an awesome release. I’m pleasantly surprised by the foil stickers. Can’t wait to see the completed model!

  2. minimad says:

    Kit looks great.
    I have one question for someone familiar with Turn A Gundam, why is Sandrock EW in the picture beside Memory of the Moonlight Butterfly?
    Oh and Sid you forgot the F in Butterfly lol :p

    • Kiko says:

      Hmmm… Yeah, I see it too. Why is that?

    • syd says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. I must have been to excited to proofread properly.

      • Dominic says:

        Turn a gundam story was all the gundam universe up to that point was mashed under one alternate century and is were the turn x and the turn a comes in

    • artmaster079 says:

      The reason is actually quite simple. The Turn A Gundam series includes ALL the series that came before it as its history. The various series/ universes all take place over a (largely forgotten) two thousand year period known as the “Dark History” to the characters in Turn A.
      The Moonlight Butterfly is an attack/ ability that (both Turn A and Turn X possess – that rainbow-y wing effect in the pics) which renders technology useless, which causes a major regression in technology.
      That’s why you see the Sandrock. During the series, you see fragments of recovered data from this period. Thus, that Shining Finger attack isn’t a coincidence. It’ the actual attack taken from the Shining Gundam’s data and incorporated into the Turn X’s design.

      Sorry for the long post btw lol

    • Imateria says:

      Turn A is supposed to be set 10 000 years after the Universal Century and uses clips from all preceding Gundam series to explain the Earth sphere’s history of warfare and tie in all the pre-SEED AU Gundam series.

    • Kringe says:

      Hello minimad. The sandrock ew you see is a hologram picture. If u want the full explanation ill have to give spoilers.

      *********SPOILER ALERT*********

      Ok. Basically, some where near the last few episodes, tge Turn A and Turn X are battling for the first time. Meanwhile queen Dianna was releasing the Dark history to the public, which had been kept secret. The dark history is basically scenes from previous gundam series. You could say that queen Dianna is letting everyone know the horrors of war by showing the gundam anime. Anyways during the course of their battle both Turn A and Turn X are interupted by these holograms and in this scene it was sandrock ew.

    • shiro11 says:

      No idea why it’s specifically Sandrock but Turn A is supposed to bridge the UC, Wing, X, and G universes so any images from those series can show up.

  3. Nick says:

    I’m really glad that they included stickers for the MG ∀ Gundam’s ∀ symbol. I’m a bit a scared of screwing up the dry-transfer of it that comes with the MG ∀ Gundam.

  4. Zeon_Two_Six says:

    Best of luck with the build. Looks like craploads of symmetric and asymmetric parts there…

    BTW as to the quote:

    “I have a Shining Finger, too. I show it to people on the highway sometimes.”

    syd, you dutty bahstud… XD

  5. ChopperDave says:

    This is one I can’t wait to pick up! Turn A Gundam remains my favorite Gundam series. If any of you haven’t seen it, you need to get your act together! 🙂

  6. Imateria says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this kit, and very happy to see dry transfers back, they look a lot better on a painted kit than stickers do, as I found on my Gundam X.

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