Gaijin Gunpla

As if the MG Turn X didn’t look bizarre enough so far, after finishing that unique-looking Mobile Suit you still have to assemble that monstrous backpack.

That starts with this.

This is the connection that will hold the backpack on the Turn X. Is it up to the task?

Here is the G runner, a tree we hadn’t touched up until now.

Look at the size of this piece!

The runner that accompanies G is H and it’s got some sizeable pieces as well.

So lay some of the larger H parts into the big G part.

And in some of the smaller blue parts add some trim and a clear part.

There is one small frame part you place inside the backpack. It is meant to stick out at this angle.

If you’re worried about getting the right angle you don’t need to be. Bandai has designed it so it’s fool-proof (syd-proof?).

Now for this piece.

Simply lay it onto the backpack you’ve constructed so fa… hahahahahahahaha! It’s not that easy.

I mean, I can see where it’s supposed to connect…

But with all the edges around the area you have to work and your inability to see if you’re lining up things properly, it is very tough to get this in its proper position.

It seemed to want to drop into this position but this is incorrect.

This is correct.

My suggestion is to tilt you head so far to the side that your neck hurts and you are able to see the lower male/female connection better and have a hope of lining them up.

Another blue piece that takes a clear part.

But this clear part is a little different.

It comes with those lines!

Another clear part drops into another blue section.

This connection is made with only one peg which makes things easier except for the angle of the peg.

This backpack has it in for me.

Put on the last of the blue parts.

And there you have the weirdest backpack I’ve encountered in Gunpla so far.

Turn X also has some weapons.

These are of quite a simple design when compared to the MS so you’ll have them assembled in no time.

Looks like a giant taser or something.

Looks like a smaller taser or something.

Looks like a… what does that look like? a fancy pen?

Last thing to assemble here is the Turn X’s briefcase.

At least, I assume it’s a briefcase.

The weapons can mount on the backpack but I’m more interested in tackling Turn X’s stand. That’s what I’m going to do now!

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  1. Frankon says:

    This keeps getting better and better. I initially thought that the MG turn X was lacking in the detail. But all those clear parts in different places changed my mind.

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