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I did say I couldn’t wait to start, didn’t I? Well, it was true. I started on this bad boy shortly after I put up the First Look post and right away was absorbed in a new and unique kind of build.

Delving into the box I see that the stand for the Turn X actually comes on three runners.

But that’s for later.

For now I build these.

These are the shoulders joints. Add a couple more frame parts giving them more range of motion.

These then clip onto a large torso frame piece.

The manual shows to slide them on from the back.

But I found it easier to clip them on from the side and then turn them back.

Next up.. these three frame parts.

They go together like so.

Then this part slides on from above.

This then clips onto the upper torso assembly.

Now for stickers?

Yup, you have to put those colourful stickers onto the front frame part.

I wasn’t sure how they were supposed to line up, and it seems the one that goes on the left is slightly larger than the one for the right, but in the end I settled for this.

Cover the stickers with a clear part and slide that on from the front while sliding the rear frame part on from behind.

Now this.. thing.

And Turn X’s large collar.

The collar tilts quite a bit.

Onto the front place four triangular panels and then the larger armour part.

And that’s the torso. Actually much faster to put together than I imagined when I first saw the prototype.

Now for the head, I mean the…


Start here.

And then stop here because you need to make a decision before you continue. You have your choice of two foil stickers for the clear part in the head.

What do I do?

Unable to decide I left the clear part sticker-less for now.

When putting the clear part onto the armour piece I was so worried I would break off one of those little antennae. I found it awkward to hold that green piece while trying to slide the clear part onto the pegs at the right angle. This kind of thing would pop up again a few times during the build.

Onto the clear part clip on a small frame part.

Now for the pilot.

Get a haircut!

The pilot for the Turn X sits inside the head.

Onto his seat you clip the eye section and then sandwich on armour parts.

Slap on the last green part.

Then close up the cockpit.

With the head done you move on to the arms.

Here is how they start. It was at this stage I noticed that there were no poly-caps in the Turn X build. I didn’t even notice the lack of PC runner beforehand.

This first frame assembly is then squeezed between more frame parts.

Then add the shoulder connection at the top and two frame parts that clip onto the bottom to hide the elbow connection. I actually left one off as I found it easier to hold the arm frame as I was working.

Now for big parts!

A clear part fits into the front half of the round frame part and then the green part is placed on over top.

This then clips onto the ball joint in the arm frame.

Next step, more frame.

And now it gets (more) interesting.

You’re building fingers. No two are alike. This piece is key!

Onto that part slide the first two fingers you construct.

The manual shows it needs to look like this from above.


Now for three more fingers.

Turning these over you can see the pegs from the green piece fitting into the clear part. The angles on these are quite tricky so be careful so as to not break off those important pegs.

These three fingers go on like this.

How did I do?

Now to put what you’ve got so far together.

Then encase the lower arm in its armour.

These two parts fit on to make the connection for the elbow.

So put your upper and lower arm together and admire what you’ve done so far.

Star the left arm the same way.

But the lower part of the arm isn’t the same as its right counterpart.

Into these frame parts you place a piece that looks like a poly-cap but isn’t.

Then you put on a clear part.

And add armour.

Now for the smaller parts that cover up the elbow connection.

This time I put these two together before placing them on the arm. It gave me more room to work.

It turns out the Turn X’s one hand is the same kind as the MG Wing series kits.

When you have the thumb down you can get a proper closed fist.

But if you move the thumb up you can’t swing it forward to close the fist properly.

There is a slight gap.

Nonetheless, here’s the completed left arm.

The arms connect to the torso in a way I haven’t experienced before.

This does make sense, however, as the arms are meant to come off at will.

So far Turn X looks like this.

So the next stage is for me to work on my favourite part of the kit, the lower half. Ya!

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  1. Frankon says:

    Looks really interesting (but i imagine painting the frame would be a nightmare). Adding it to my to get someday kit list.

    • Woodfish says:

      Why? I think a simple paint job would be the best for this guy, with some accented points and weathering here and there. Single color flat metallic gray frame with some preshading on the armor parts, which could be possibly done in two tones of flat pale green. It should be pretty straight forward painting. If you want a nightmare for painting, pick a Red Frame. It took me ~2 months to complete that one. For Turn X, I’d say, a week of work tops, with waterslides and everything.

  2. YongKang says:

    Seriously, it looks like a glorified crab with some gundam vibe to it. Me not likey.

    • ChopperDave says:

      I used to feel the same way about all the suits from Turn A. But then I watched the show, and I fell in love with them all. (Dat Gold SUMO)

      • YongKang says:

        For me, watching Turn A vs Turn X is like a gentleman vs a brute. Like hmmm very fancy. LOL

  3. Kushal says:

    I love how utterly bizarre and different all the parts are, but then when they come together it makes a certain kind of sense. I might get this kit just based on that.

    The weird multi-colored stickers in the chest though…bleugh!!! what are those even supposed to be??

  4. minimad says:

    Haha you’re flying through this build, it must be refreshing to build a completely new MG. I gotta say im digging the clear parts especially on the right hand.
    Oh a heads up apology for being a grammar nazi (again) but “Star the left arm the same way” unless you mean it as a pun?

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