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I forgot to show something in my previous post so I’ll do it here. It’s nothing major and probably doesn’t really need to be mentioned but I’ll go ahead and do it anyway because I’ve got pictures.

I mentioned Turn X’s ‘briefcase’ in the last post and now I’ll show you how it goes on the backpack. You need two parts.

These join and then clip onto the right side of the backpack.

This creates a little arm that can pivot upwards. The briefcase just sits on it.

A single piece clips onto the bottom left of the backpack.

This holds the handgun.

Now for the included stand. The bottom is very much like an Action Base.

Onto this base you attach the beam.

If you wish you can attach this small attachment to the end.

This is for holding the Turn X when it hasn’t had it’s limbs all ripped off. It plugs in here.

But who are we kidding? This stand is meant for one thing – holding all those individual Turn X sections at once!

For that we need these parts.

With these you build four arms.

Then two that are similar yet slightly different.

The only difference is the attachment on the end which will connect to a part of the Turn X.

Other attachments look like this.

I’ll put those on the beam first.

And then I’ll put the arms on.

It takes a bit of effort to push these in place enough to hear the ‘click’.

Now I can start taking the Turn X apart and mounting him. Giggity.

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