Gaijin Gunpla

Being an avid fan of anything Real Grade, and really liking the recent RG GN-001 Gundam Exia, when I saw that there would be an exclusive version of it I didn’t hesitate to jump on it. The wait has ended and now I’ve got this somewhat pink thing in my hands.

If someone were to kid me about carrying around such a pink thing I would quickly point out to them, “Gloss injection, baby. Gloss injection.”

Somewhat pink and shiny!

Oh, and new stickers!

That’s difficult to see. Let’s try this instead.

But the different transparent (now pink) parts I’ll keep in the bag.

Gloss injection, baby!

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  1. Michael says:

    Got mine as well. However I liked the repair version the most.

  2. Frankon says:

    So how does gloss injection works? Are the runners gloss coated by bandai ?

    • Aaron says:

      I believe it’s the same or at least similar to the titanium finish kits where the runners would be coated with a varnish of sorts and said varnish would be “baked-in” afterwards. I might be wrong, though.

  3. viOlet says:

    I built the HG Trans-Am kits and enjoyed them. I hope the RG is as much fun. Question for anyone that has built the HG Trans-Am kits or the RG Trans-Am Exia, did you line the kit? If so what color did you use and how did it turn out? I’m hesitant to do it to any of mine for fear of ruining it.

  4. Antony says:

    Hey Syd,

    Where do I get these exclusive kits from, does HLJ not stock them????

  5. Spen says:

    Are the transparent strips (GN cables) pink or red? They were red in the promo pics, but seems to be pink in the final product.

  6. boyet says:

    May I ask if this kit is okay to use a gloss coat?

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