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Some of you might not know this but I have very fond feelings towards the Victory Gundams. I built the MG Victory Gundam Ver.Ka back in 2010 as part of a Group Build with my good buddy ASM which culminated in not one, but two, dual galleries, and a lot of drinking when we met to share the results of our work. Sadly, there’s no Master Grade of the V2 but Bandai just released the new HGUC V2 Victory Two Gundam which I gladly grabbed while continuing to await any MG news.

Overall Look: 9/10

The V Gundam is rather diminutive when standing alongside other main protagonist suits and the V2 is much the same though does appear a little larger due to the backpack. He’s still got that wicked V Gundam head shape.

Rather than look gaudy or over-the-top, the V2 actually seems a little toned down for a Gundam, especially compared to the protagonist suits we’ve seen in 00 and Unicorn, for example. He shares most of the same things I love about the V, such as panel lines and proportions. If I consider the V a perfect 10 then the V2 would be a 9. I guess with those bigger shoulders you could say he looks like the V on steroids.


Colors: 9/10

The V2 has a darker blue (and more of it) than the Victory, and while I like how it looks, compared to V it seems a slight downgrade for a colour scheme. That’s not to say it’s bad (I wouldn’t give it a 9 if that was the case), but it just speaks to me less. Still, when it comes to colours, it doesn’t go overboard which I can really appreciate.

Weapons: 8/10

There may not be extra firepower such as a bazooka or other, but you do get V2’s rifle and the effect parts to make up its other weapons. What it lacks in projectiles it makes up for in sliding and dicing. I should note that the handle of the weapon fits perfectly in the HG hand.

Articulation: 7/10

I expected a good amount of articulation in the V2, particularly as it utilises the newer hip joint design found in the F91 and so on.

And some areas are definitely very articulate such as the shoulders. Actually in some ways maybe too much. The new design for the shoulder joint means you can move the bulky shoulder assembly away from the torso of the V2 giving it more movement.

But then sometimes you get something that looks crazily unnatural for a giant fighting robot that is designed to resemble human physiology.


The V2, thanks to an arm design that is kind of MG-ish, gets some good movement of the arms in one direction.

Though moving them laterally will cause them to bump into that shoulder.

And while the hips have good movement the ankle armour design kind of makes that a waste.

I should point out that the backpack isn’t too detrimental to the overall balance of the kit.

And the wings at the back move if that’s important to you.

Build Design: 9/10

A suit like the V2 doesn’t demand a lot when it comes to design as it doesn’t need to feature a lot of gimmicks but what it does have works well.

I’ve mentioned the design of the arms but also want to mention how they have designed the elbow joint so that you don’t see the gap or frame but more armour which doesn’t inhibit movement.

This is one of the things I like about how both V Gundams look and I’m glad to see it work here on an HG.

The shield attaches easily by moving out the red part on the back of the lower arm and just popping off the cap.

That gap just plugs into the shield and then back onto the red section.


The V2 shares much of the same build as found in the newer HGs like the F91 and Gouf R35 to name a couple and those are solid designs just like this one. However… (there’s always something, right?) I did find that the top and bottom halves of the V2 have problems staying together.

And I haven’t quite figured out what the reason is. Is the poly-cap just not big or strong enough?

I found when playing with him the top half would just sort of pop off and while gripping it to put together those very posable shoulders would start moving around in directions I didn’t want them to go. But you can’t fault V2 for having good flexibility.

Perhaps I would have liked to see yellow plastic for the underside of those fins rather than stickers.

But this is an HG after all.

Fun Factor: 9/10

Having craved a (quality) V2 for so long just having the parts from this one in my hand made me happy. I built this guy in an hour while watching Gundam Unicorn Episode 3 and sipping on a beer and maybe it’s the beer talking but I had a really great time last night.

Extras: 8/10

I was torn about counting all the effect parts as extras.

However, they are predominantly V2’s weapons so I left them there. With those aside you’re really only getting the Fighter and a stand adaptor but when you think about it, that is kind of cool! Bandai didn’t need to provide the parts for this but they took the time to design it and include it in the package. That’s a pretty sweet deal.
(I don’t have a stand so he has to kind of sit unevenly on the table).

The V2 is a great HG kit and one any fan of Victory Gundam should have.

But maybe I like the V more.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Syd I absolutely love the frequency of posts lately! Love the kits and it’s even better that you’re a blogger that listens to feedback from the fans!

  2. Belades says:

    I dunno, I feel like this is a rare case where it should score less for extras because of what it DOESN’T have: wings of light, aka the V2’s main attraction. I’d rather have that than the core fighter. When the V2 came out I was like “Dude if this has wings of light I’m totally buying it” but it doesn’t and there isn’t any bandai premium stuff for it either. Kind of a letdown, cause I like the V2 myself.

  3. NL says:

    why victor gundam always get a high score?
    I do not agree with the points given for the color separation.

  4. Mark says:

    I had the same issue with the top and bottom half coming apart quite easy. Glad it was not just my kit. I could not figure out why beside the poly cap. I did get mine up on an action base which help with the waist issue. Also I noticed once I panel lined the kit it really popped, it made a big difference. Otherwise I was also really pleased with this kit also.

  5. Agent Adam says:

    I had a similar issue with the torso of the Cross Bone Gundam Moah. Darn thing get coming apart while I was messing with it. Some clear nail polish on the polycap seems to have fixed it for the most part though.

  6. RigShokew says:

    V2 maybe simple but it’s plain design and cuteness (coz it’s small) made it one of the best looking Gundam around.

    However regarding the polycap in it’s belly, i think this will be a problem in the future is BanDai make an Assault-Buster variation. Hopefully they resolve it.

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