Gaijin Gunpla

I do like myself some Zeta, with the last one I built being the awesome, but somewhat fragile, RG. And despite my feelings towards the design of the MG Delta Plus, it just looks so great. So will the HG Zeta Plus Unicorn Ver be somewhere in the middle?

Box art:

Not terrible.

Box Contents:

Contents seem lean but then again the HG Delta Plus was almost exactly the same when it came to what was inside the package. I expect the build to be much the same (duh).

But that matt colour does look pretty badass.



And what’s this small little thing floating around inside the bag?

At first glance I thought it might be a spring but it turns out it is just a piece of runner.


Suit looks Zeta while backpack/wings look Delta Plus. This could be an ideal combination! (Gimme an RG!)

Looks like this will be fun!

Likely this will take an hour to build so I hope to get through it in the next day or two while I’m stuck indoors weathering Typhoon number 8.

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  1. scid says:

    Love the matte colour..probally going to get this and put it next to my RG in flight mode

  2. Strelitzia says:

    I’ve been hoping to get the MG Zeta Plus C1 (but it’s tough wait for god knows when they restock it), how does this compare to that?

  3. belades says:

    So apparently bandai just recalled this thing

  4. James Owings says:

    Just FYI, that piece if no one knows, is the barrel of the rifle. Mine came that way too!

  5. Ctuia says:

    Hi Syd,
    dunno if this is the best place to ask:
    Are you going to do a review on the Zeta MG 2.0 in the future? I know you might have touched on it before. Can’t find it though. Love your review style!

    – Ctuia

    • S2 says:

      that is one of the kits I have always wanted to build but just have had too many other kits going on at the time. If I get the chance I will definitely do a review of it.

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