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I have yet to build a Z’Gok of any kind. I had contemplated the Unicorn Version which is just a recoulour of the MG Char’s Z’Gok, I believe, but as I was contemplating that there was buzz of an announcement of a Real Grade version. Count me in!

Box art

I always laud the Real Grade box art but maybe the Char’s Z’Gok is the best of the bunch. Looking at that image you can see how they have given the suit a somewhat weathered look meant to show that it spends time in water. This is an amphibious suit after all.

Box contents

Not pictured in that shot were the inserts that also were lurking at the bottom of the box.

Anyone want a Gundam Visa? You can get a limited edition HG kit.

On the backside of the same insert is this little coupon for a free drink at a Gundam Cafe.

I may have opportunity to use this!

The most interesting aspect of the RG Z’Gok, for me anyway, is the entirely new RG frame.

Everything on here is completed different than what we’ve seen from an RG before, though the skirt frame does look very familiar. Oh and check out the hand frames.

Speaking of hands, here are the claws.

These are molded in white which I was surprised about. I figured they would be silver because the box art seems to suggest such. Oh well, being all the same piece you can just spray paint them a nice metallic before you start assembly.

This runner has the lone clear part.

While the C runner has a few grey parts.

And a lonely little white part.


I do love the look of the Z’Gok head.

You can see the manual shots have the kit on a blue action base. He’s swimming!

Sticker Guide

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  1. Nick says:

    I insta pre-ordered this on HLJ… I’m a sucker for amphibious Zeon suits 😛

  2. Andrew says:

    Alright im definitely gunna call this out first limited edition eh zgok in manufacturing colors(blue) or unicorn gundam ver colors

  3. scid says:

    This kit actually have small amount of sticker than any other rg

  4. poixquared says:

    hmm.. MG Char’s Zgok had four claws. Oh well whatever.

  5. NL says:

    finally a new post for RG, can’t wait for it as I haven’t build any Z’Gok before. Hope to see a review which actually show off the Z’Gok in action underwater !! how cool is that !!

  6. Michael says:

    Can’t wait to get this guy. I watched the build stream and saw you had a problem with the feet. Will you post how solved it?

    • syd says:

      Hi Michael,

      It turns out there was no problem with the feet except me being a little conservative with how much pressure needed to be applied to the part. I’ll post about that in the WIP.

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