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A new Real Grade kit is always a special occasion and the release of the RG MSM-07S Char’s Z’Gok seemed like a perfect chance to do another live stream on GunplaTV. Some people wondered why a suit like the Z’Gok got the Real Grade treatment instead of some more deserving suits and I wondered the same thing but putting this kit together gave me a bit of perspective which I’ll share later on in the WIP.

If you followed along with the build on the Live Stream you probably noticed (Because I can’t really hide something like this) that I had some problems with the feet and it wasn’t until after we ended the stream that I was able to take some time and figure out what the issue is. I did indeed discover it and will start this WIP by talking about it in depth.

(Note: I built a second Z’Gok over the weekend to document the build and could only get to it as time allowed which meant I was assembling during different times of the day and the lighting in the pictures reflects that.)

The issue involved these three pieces.

But let’s start at the beginning. First off, remove the feet frame parts of the RG frame runner (B).

On the underside of the toe there is a undergate. Be sure to remove it.

Now that your frame is ready you have to reposition the back portion.

Then the manual says to do this.

Seems simple enough.


It’s not quite simple. Bandai is second to none in precision when it comes to the fit of the parts and immediately you are reminded of that when trying to slide on that armour part from the back. I got it this far before it started offering significant resistance.

But that’s not as far as it is supposed to go. So, putting even more pressure onto the part (and worrying about breaking something) I pushed it on until the armour was flush with the frame.

That was quite a bit of effort and once it got to that point I thought it was done. But when I tried to slide on the front armour part…

It wouldn’t go on all the way. During my first encounter with this I tried a couple of times before setting it aside so I could continue with the Live Stream without breaking up the flow and without making viewers terribly bored (or even more bored than it already is watching me).

When I went back to check on it, I had to flip the foot over to notice this.

There is a gap there and a tab that looks like it belongs somewhere. This indicates to me that I’ve got more pushing to do.

But it’s not easy to apply the extra pressure when the back frame part is attached to the main foot frame. So I opted to pop that off as it is a ball-joint. I could then apply the pressure I needed to get it all the way on.

So now I should be able to slide on the front part.

Once on I noticed a gap. It seems I’ve more pushing to do.

Taking the ball joint part off the frame and pushing again, I finally got the frame in as far as it is meant to go. This closed the gap.

For those out there who will build this kit, keep what I have written above in mind. Also, be very careful when sliding the rear armour part on because it needs to go on straight. If the alignment is even a tiny bit off you will encounter resistance quite early and it will be difficult to push through it to close the gap. It’s worth considering using sandpaper and sanding down the outside of the ball joint frame part to make the rear armour part slide on that much easier.

But with that finally overcome I can get to the rest of the foot.

Here is where you get to use your first propeller.

That does look really cool.

Flip that propeller over and drop that into the bottom of the foot.

Add a grey part to the front of the foot.

Then drop the foot frame onto the bottom rear section and while adding the front armour.

And it’s done.

You can see the toe moves up but only slightly.

And the top section of the foot moves up slightly but I don’t know for what purpose. Unless your Z’Gok is falling backwards…

Now that you’ve won the battle and conquered the Z’Gok foot… do it again.

Now let’s talk legs! Here is the very unique RG Z’Gok leg frame.

Be sure to bend it and put it through the motions before applying any armour. You won’t get another chance to handle the naked frame again.

Check out what the upper leg can do.

It bends all over the place. The upper leg has joints that swivel side to side while also spinning 360 degrees!

Add a tiny armour part to the back of the hip joint.

And now check out the sticker sheet.

You have to use one for the back of the leg.

Be sure to trim down that gate mark before you put the sticker on though.

Now look at the C runner. It’s got the armour parts for the legs and arms.

When building the arms you’ll have some planning to do but for the legs you can just go ahead and start cutting off parts. I’ll explain when I get to the arms.

Add the two top-most parts.

Then the manual tells you to plug the leg into the hip socket while the skirt frame is still on the runner.

Then bring the leg down moving that hip connection. It’s pretty stiff.

Add the next tier of armour.

Here’s a shot showing the bend.

The third level of armour on the upper leg has some additional parts that need to go on.

(I went out of order. Oh the horror!)

Next add the parts to the side of the knee and the ankle.

The knee parts go on with both a tab and peg connection so once you’ve lined it up properly they go on in their proper place and stay there

The ankle parts use two tabs that need to line up.

Moving the ankle raises and lowers the ankle armour.

Finally we get to put on some red.

This assembly goes on similar to how the foot armour goes on. Slide along a groove.

Just be sure to push it in all the way.

The next armour assembly uses these four parts.

Put that in position on the front of the lower leg and then you’ve got one more part left.

This goes just behind the knee.

When you bend the knee, that part disappears.

Where did it go?

Still have to add a kneecap.

To do this you have to bend the leg.

Look at that bendy leg!

Return to natural position.

Feel free to add the foot.

Now that you’ve finished one leg. Do it all again!

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