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I took two HG kits home last weekend and was torn between which one to build first. The Shuzrum-Galluss looked so much different to what I’ve been building lately I thought I’d tackle that one before the Zeta Plus.

In trying to get posts of HG kits up in timely fashion I’ve recently tended towards skipping the WIP posts and just writing a review after building the kit. After all, how much different can one HG be from another? Obviously I’m not making the claim that they are all the same, but there are more than enough similarities in HG kits that full WIP details would be redundant. In the review I have been showing parts of the building process when I thought it different and/or interesting enough that people would want to see it. The Schuzrum-Galluss had a few interesting aspects to the build and so I thought I’d do a little bit of a Mini WIP for people to check out before getting into the review.

One thing I noticed about Mr. Galluss (I think I’m going to call him that throughout this post. It’s just easier) is that there are three runners of frame parts.

Rather than put the poly-cap for the arm joint in the main part of the torso you actually build two separate sections.

And then I encounter the first of many foils.

It fits pretty well but still looks very stickery. That’s an adjective by the way. ha!

Here is the main torso part and look what happens at the bottom there.

That poly-cap you see fits in here.

Put the back part on and then add a sticker.

Here is the part for the eye.

Takes two foils.

The fit is good, of course, but getting the proper alignment may take a bit.

This then fits into frame parts.

You can see the eye is meant to move and this is accomplished by turning the tab at the top.

But once the armour is on…

…you can’t reach that tab. You’ll need to pop off the top armour part any time you wish to move the eye.

Here are the cool shoulders which I liked the look of.

And the elbow joints.

The elbow joints fit into the armour along with another frame part.

Oh, and then you use this big sticker.

It’s tough to see exactly how this should line up. If I put it onto the little ridge on the arm then you can see the very bottom of the lower arm is exposed (though only noticeable from this angle). If I put it just under that little ridge then the lower white edge should bend around the lower armour covering the bottom but there is no cuts in the sticker to allow it to bend that way.

So, anyways, the feet!

They look cool, right? Well, they actually need this.

Mr. Galluss has red toes.

Here is the first frame part found in the knee.

You can see a little opening on it that fits into the edge of the knee frame part.

I guess this fits in there though I don’t see the benefit of it.

More stickers!

These wrap around areas on the bottom of the leg. If not pinpoint perfect you’ll see some gaps. Yuck.

The piping/collars for the skirt are just one piece that slides into place.

Then you need these two grey stickers for the front centre block.

The smaller goes into the centre.

Then the larger wraps around the outer edge.

And the rear skirt uses two more stickers.

Then I get to build this nifty little backpack.

And the two shields.

This little part.

Clips into place around the shoulder.

The shields can then clip on here.

Still got lots of stickers!

They are for these.

Ready to assemble cool chain weapon, Mr. Galluss!

Let’s wait for the review to talk more about it.

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9 Responses so far.

  1. Frankon says:

    Looks like sticker hell. Still the psuedo inner frame looks nice.

  2. IchigoK says:

    Hey Syd, loving the posts intervals. Have you heard about Bandai recalling the Zeta plus due to defects found in the mould?

  3. Darth Mingus says:

    Hey Syd,

    Good thing you waited on the Zeta Plus. I see there is a recall on the kit for a defective mold. This is the first time I have ever seen this happen for a Bandai kit.

  4. Frankon says:

    Based on the initial pictures of the head it looked like wrong parameters set on the injection machine. But the crotch piece like it used the wrong mold. So its rather big screw up for Bandai. Syd is your kit okay?

  5. andrew says:

    meanwhile building schuzrum gallus and prob the zeta plus after, the sazabi ver ka has still yet to be painting as its in the far corner of syd’s room lol

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