Gaijin Gunpla

It’s really hot in Japan right now. And I live in one of the hotter places. Every summer is like this and I think many people don’t pay it enough attention. So far 1,300 people have been treated for heat stroke and 9 people have died. It’s that kind of hot. So what do I do to avoid succumbing to Japan’s Super Summer. I stay inside an air-conditioned room and find various ways to kill time. Gundam is really good for that. I was at home for over 24 hours straight this past weekend (and when I finally went out it started raining…) and in that time finished putting the stickers on the RG Z’Gok, finished assembling and stickering the RG Exia Trans Am version (details to come), started assembly on another special kit (details soon, probably Facebook tease first), and assembled the latest HG kit, the 1/144 HGAW Gundam Airmaster. Looking back, I got a lot done on my days off. I need a break. Of course, building all that means I need to post about it too, so let’s start with the Airmaster.

I’ll show a bit of the build and save the transformation and more for the review.

I’ll note here that this guy comes with very few stickers.

And the first step in the build sees me doing something quite different from what I usually do when starting High Grade kits. It starts with this piece.

This is a frame part and you build the torso around it.

It’s tough to know what you’re looking at here so let me show you something that looks a little more familiar.

Three parts make up the lower torso.

But they go together firmly so I’m wondering why Bandai didn’t just do it in one.

Here’s the face.

This fits into the head armour but more interestingly so does the poly-cap for the neck. Rather than just popping the head on you apply the head armour around the ball joint of the poly-cap which means the head is unlikely to come off.

Shoulders we know so well.

Elbow frame.

And a hand.

That’s not very exciting, Mr. Gaijin-Gunpla. I agree. But it’s worth showing because this is the only hand you get! Unlike most every other HG kit which come with swappable hands, you only get two for the Airmaster.

Here is a foot.

And the knee frame.

And the first step towards a lower leg.

The legs are very much old-style HG but the hip joints are the new style we’ve seen on recent kits.

Side skirts are also new style, or say it in japanese with me. Nuuu sty-ru!

Pictures are dark because I had the rain doors closed blocking out the sunlight. Sorry guys, I had to do it.

Here’s.. that thing.

This uses one frame part to attach to the Suit.

Got some stickers here.

I’m working on the wings now if anyone out there didn’t realise that yet.

These little contraptions kind of drapes over the shoulder of the Airmaster like a cloak.

You’re pretty much done at this point except for some missiles.

The Airmaster build is a quick one but I’ll be spending more time with it as a play with the transformation and put it through its paces in preparation for the review.

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  1. Henry says:

    Aww man hot weather is nasty, especially when hearing about a few deaths too, keep cool man. Speaking of cool the Airmaster looks good and a big thumbs up for red plastic on the wings. Looked like a breeze to build as well. Cannot wait for the inevitable announcement of its sibling the Gundam Lepoard.

  2. scid says:

    Gundam airmaster 1/100 scale is my very first gunpla in 1995..and this one looks promising..hopefully we’ll get an MG soon

  3. YongKang says:

    Those missiles are missing the red tips. Oh, you cheap bastard, Bandai!

  4. Tony says:

    I’ve gotta disagree with some comments I’ve read around the ol’ internet. I think this thing is an ugly kit. I love the Gundams from X, don’t get me wrong, but this just looks like an old HG – kinda clunky. Maybe panel lining and some minor detail work could save it, hard to say without seeing it in person. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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