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Even though the RG Z’Gok is the last Real Grade released I’ve been spending more of my time on the previous RG, the Exia, including a Trans Am version.

But that’s not all. I also was able to get my hands on the limited release Exia Repair pack that came about a month after the release of the RG Exia. I was looking forward to it, but I am not sure if he was.

This set comes with…(drum roll)…..

(cymbal crash)

Parts for the head!

(cymbal crash)
A different knee!

(cymbal crash)
A cape (which is actually two parts)!

(cymbal crash)
Chest parts!

(cymbal crash)
And a different GN Sword!

Does that seem like a lot? Well, it’s only about this much.

As much as I was looking forward to this it’s a bittersweet moment as I recently completed the markings on the Exia.

Here are some close up shots showing the marking details.

I think it looks pretty awesome.

Though it did seem my RG Exia was preparing for this moment. His head would suddenly come apart when I was handling it.

So rather reluctantly I started the transformation from regular Exia to Exia repaired by taking apart the right leg.

I took those parts off just to put this one on.

The ankle armour is replaced with these tiny things.

I also was instructed not to put on the front ankle armour

For the chest the first part is to replace the cockpit hatch armour.

But I just panel-lined and stickered it.

The left side of the torso no longer has the yellow chest vent but instead a grey one.

And only one yellow fin.

I also had to pull off the left skirt armour.

I’ll pop in the new joint for the left shoulder.

Onto those ball joints you attach the two capes.

The arms also had to come off.

That’s because you have to take off that difficult-to-assemble blue strip.

I fear I’ll lose this.

But the small white part that holds it in place goes back on. (Good. I won’t lose it.)

At this stage I noticed this.

Don’t affix the decal.

Um, as this was released a month after the RG Exia hit shelves I am going to assume that almost everyone has assembled their Exia completely before getting this limited time only set. If I take that sticker off I won’t be able to put it back on if I want to make my Exia normal again. I’m going to just leave the sticker on…

Here are the frame parts for the head.

And parts for the new face mask.

Now I’m half the man I used to be.” Is that Stone Temple Pilots? I feel like that was Stone Temple Pilots but I’m too lazy to check to confirm.

Use the original Exia part for the left side of the head but the eyes are new.

Apply the stickers.

Wait my stickers are already stuck on my Exia! I guess I have to use the second option sticker they give you for RG eyes

But it’s only half a head remember.

The right side armour for the head is new.

If you were to put the original ear on it wouldn’t stay in place. Good thing Bandai gives you a replacement.

But, it’s not the correct colour.

Same with the V fins.

At this point the Exia suit is done, except I couldn’t leave it as is. I needed to do something for the right eye. I’ll just cut a little bit here…

That’s better.

But, as Michael pointed out on Facebook, the eye should be red. Why red? Did they not have any more green light bulbs when they were doing the repair? Maybe I can fix it using the Fix Red Eye option in my image editing program.

No luck.

Let me distract you from that by showing you the Repair weapons.

Now for that new blade!

Despite the set containing few parts it did take me about an hour to disassemble and get those new parts in place. I was left with a pile of stuff I know I’ll lose.

But I do have a cool Repaired Exia now.

Here are some better shots and some larger images of both versions for you to enjoy.

I think it looks pretty good.

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  1. Tony says:

    Skipped straight to the end to answer your question. Yes, that was Stone Temple Pilots, from Creep, a song on their debut album Core…. I really like STP…

  2. Otonashi says:

    The red eye was from a tieren.

    • Dingo says:

      As Otonashi said:

      The overall damage upon Exia was extensive: The left arm, which was severed by the GN Flag’s beam saber, was never recovered; instead, it was replaced with a camouflage sheet that creates the illusion of a cloak. Setsuna reattached Exia’s head, but the right-optical-eye remained gutted, it was substituted with a red-glowing optic salvaged from a MSJ-06II-A Tieren Ground Type in its place.[2] As the cockpit was impaled and damaged by the Flag, a scrounged gray cockpit hatch was seen in place of the Exia’s original cockpit hatch. The GN Condensers on the legs are also visibly missing as is the GN Power Line on the right shoulder and the right clavicle antenna. As most of its other weapons were discarded and destroyed in the battle against the GNMS-XCVII Alvaaron, Exia only had access to its broken GN Sword and its right arm’s GN Vulcan, leaving it with very little offensive options. It’s presumed that Exia Repair retains the Trans-Am System and its Optical Camouflage, but it is unknown whether these systems are still viable due to the extreme disrepair state of the machine. Because of the Exia Repair’s extensive damage and overall limited combat options, Setsuna was forced to rely on his own MS skills to fend off the new mobile suits fielded by A-Laws.


      I know the wiki are assumed made by fan, but i think it’s credible enough (with all the links and citations and such).

  3. Frankon says:

    kind of a bummer that the kit sold as a overpriced P-Bandai exclusive doesnt come with red sticker for the terminator eye.
    Still the overall look is great (maybe its the cape effect)

  4. Michael says:

    Yep, as said above the eye is from Tieren. As for irksome “don’t apply stickers” I think this the idea was that you’ll get a second Exia to make a repair version. If you build a new kit, a lot of these problems (stickers, removing the shoulder bands) don’t come up.

  5. NL says:

    all these tiny little RG parts is very tedious to handle…who is going to change the repair parts very often and yet enjoying it?

    I have a RG Zeta and only done the transformation once and I think not going do it again.

    anyway, Syd, if you have ever try out the MG Exia Ignition mode, it might get a higher score than the MG sword impulse.

  6. Boyet says:

    it looks cool! the eye seems glowing. I think it much better when the cloth is like fiber cloth or something to make it realistic for rg.

  7. Archer says:

    while the others RG exclusive items upgrade the mobile suit, exia exclusive items destroy the MS XD

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