Gaijin Gunpla

I’m done all four Core Fighters so now I get to work on that thing that I originally thought I would work on when I first opened the manual.

For the Core Booster I use runners I’ve never experienced before, J, K, L, and M.

So first build.. um.. this thing!

Build it twice!

Now grab this interestingly-shaped piece of frame.

On this you add some blue armour.

Looking from the side you can see a gap.

The manual now has you do this.

Realising that this little fin would be mostly inaccessible to me after I completed construction of the Core Booster I decided to panel line it before putting it in its place.

Add some white armour to what you’ve got so far.

Another part I opted to panel line during construction.

Clip it onto a peg and then close up the frame parts.

Drop that onto the large assembly and secure it in place with another large white armour piece.

More panel-lined white parts are then put in position.

And these.

These go in place on the circular frame that is exposed.

And then for the most part are covered up.

So completes one side and that means, you guessed it, you get to go through the process again.

Here I was running out of daylight but I didn’t want to stop because I spent some time three days in a row and still hadn’t completed the Core Boosters and Fighters. There’s still the V Gundam to build and I have a week to do it before the MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver.Ka shows up.

Add one of those red stickers to a black piece.

You’ll be adding a cover for that and some pieces to each side. Then you’ll sandwich that between some larger black parts.

Now grab a separate piece and insert a tiny frame part into that.

These two belong together.

Link these contraptions together.

Now you can attach the wings to the sides.

This gives you the completed Booster.

But it still needs to combine with a Core Fighter before it is ‘all systems go!’

All Systems Go!

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  1. Frankon says:

    Looks like one hell of the annoying kit for people with big fingers… We need MG V2.

    And also 6 days to go till HI Nu

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