Gaijin Gunpla

Now where was I? I guess I’m still working on the part of the V-Dash that is the MG V Core Booster. I had thought I was finished with the Core Booster portion of the build and was going to be starting on the V Gundam itself but before I get to that stage I have to assemble these.

Weapons! I didn’t realise just how many there were here.

First off, the Beam Smartgun.

I like the sound of that.

Apparently, you just pop the ball joint of this handle part into the hollow on the armour part.

You then slide it to the end and secure it in place.

And do the same for the other side.

Now for some frame.

This much of it.

Onto the end of your length of frame you attach these smaller parts.

Then add a clear part at the end and start with the white armour.

Notice how it tilts at the end.

Slide on a frame part from the top.

I’m done?

Okay, I guess I’ll build the Gatling Gun.

I just keep adding parts from the same runner. A little clear part is tucked away in here.

I’m still using parts from the same runner except now I’ve got some frame parts in there as well.

This creates a little hatch that can close and hide the handle.

Four parts make up the barrels.

Beam Cannons are up next. I like the sound of these as well.

Another clear part fits on here.

The narrow frame piece can slide out and back but you keep it out while you apply the armour.

Once it’s all on you can close the cannon.

Repeat the process for the second one. Go!

Missile Pods!

Disposable Bazooka! (Why would anyone want to throw a bazooka away?)

Both bazookas snap onto a piece designed to hold them together.

And now for the beam rifle. This I remember.

This little piece inserts into the handle part.

Look at him all tucked up in there.

A little hard to see. Sorry about that.

Oh, now for a Beam Javelin. The V-Dash is loaded!

After completing all the weapons the manual shows what I can do with them. First expose the little peg found in the Beam Smartgun.

This plugs into the bottom of the Core Booster.

A similar peg is found in the Gatling Gun.

And the piece that holds the disposable bazookas together has one as well.

Plug both of these into the top of the Core Booster.

That peg on the Beam Smartgun is quite loose so the Core Booster just tips forward. so I’ll have to hold it if I want it to look like it’s flying.


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  1. Imateria says:

    Wow, I hadn’t realised how loaded the V-Dash was, some excellent weapons there.

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