Gaijin Gunpla

This kit officially has maybe (maybe officially?) the longest name ever.

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex [Destroy Mode] Ver.GFT Color Clear Ver.

That pretty much sums up what this kit is. Not only is it a clear version but it’s a colour clear version. So, once finished, he should look something like this.

As the name would imply this is a kit you can only pick up at Gundam Front Tokyo in Odaiba. I just happened to find myself there one day recently and so thought I would be sad if I left without something. I did ponder grabbing the GFT exclusive Robot Damashii Unicorn Phenex Destroy Mode but that’s not something I would get to assemble myself and so I passed.

So what exactly is a colour clear version? Well, as you can guess by the name you’re getting clear armour but with a hint of the colour it should be.

It is tough to judge through my camera viewfinder whether I took a good image of this plastic.

If you’ve assembled any of the HG Unicorn Destroy Mode kits then you’ll know what this kit is about but he does have those giant things on his back and to assemble those you need two of the new F runner.

Start as if you’re assembling the shield.

Then stick that section into the largest part in the whole kit.

Then proceed to the second largest part.

You’ll have to add some smaller parts to finish it up.

They attach to the Phenex by this new part that is included on the F runner.

You’re actually left with a second, unused piece that comes on the second F runner. The same goes for the V fin.

Once done he looks like this.


I think he looks pretty good.

Though it’s hard to pick out some of the details.

You do get the rifle and shield of course.

Not bad at all.

I hear there is a new GFT kit out now at Gundam Front in Odaiba. I may have to head back there. Who wants one?

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  1. andrew says:

    ooo i want one syd lol

  2. Frankon says:

    Psycho frame makes a nice illusion that it has inner frame. Looks nice but to sparkly for my taste.

  3. Gamba says:

    I do want one

  4. Imateria says:

    Honestly, clear plastic with gold glitter on/in looks rubbish. Would have been better if they’d just done it in clear yellow.

  5. scid says:

    I want one!!! put it inside my private warehouse!!hahhha

  6. Mauricokito says:

    It doesnt look bad at all! Something like that right in the middle of other kits would definately get some attention.

  7. coast says:

    If I were to get one I’ll stick in a couple of LEDs inside to light it up.

  8. Kaboku says:

    I would also want one, syd.

  9. Boyet Bee says:

    what is the new kit on odaiba? I want one! 😉

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