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This was supposed to be yesterday! These feelings I am now feeling should have been felt a day earlier! Okay, so the MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver.Ka technically arrived in time for its release date, but it actually showed up a day later than expected due to a delay of some type. Well, that’s all in the past and now I’ve got this big bad boy (key work big) in my hands.

Did I mention it’s a big box?

There’s a lot of stuff in there, and I’m kind of surprised they didn’t go with the box size that was the older MG Hi NU

First attempt at laying everything out. Here’s the second.

Which is better, one or two? One? Two? One… or two?

Did you see the waterslides?

A lot or just big? Well, these are big.

The blue on this Hi Nu seems darker than I remember the old one being?

And notice the colour separation for the fin funnels.

Giant shield alert!

Same hands as the MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka.

And it does come with a stand.

I want to mention here that I expected some of the frame runners to be from the Nu Gundam Ver Ka but looking at the runner names they are all Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka. All new, baby!


I love Ver Ka manuals. So much information.

This kit will take an LED as well.

LED sold separately, though.

And it has the transformation gimmick similar to the Nu Gundam Ver Ka and the Sazabi Ver Ka, but on a smaller scale.

Decal Guide!

I need to book holidays for that.

And the throw in to promote things most people don’t have access too. Thanks, Bandai!

Live Event begins in 1 hour and 50 minutes!

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  1. Tri says:

    This time, the design of Katoki seems unlike his touch. Those big pieces of water slides on the funnels make me down.

  2. Aldy says:

    I’m so excited for this big bad boy. The time bandai announce nu ver ka, I knew it already they gonna do the hi nu. Can’t wait to wait mine hahahaha

  3. Frankon says:

    “And the throw in to promote things most people don’t have access too. Thanks, Bandai!”

    At least regular kit doesnt come with polka dot shield. If you thought the funnel waterslides will be pain in the ass (sorry for language) imagine doing the full shield with them.
    We got insanely good kits this year MG Turn X and now Hi-Nu Ka (each could be a december kit by their quality). Imagine whats this year kit gonna be and just let us hope that Bandai wouldnt go the easy way and just release Sazabi Titanium Finish.

    • Tri says:

      @Frankon : That polkadot shield is part of the HWS which is Bandai premium item, not from the ver Ka.

    • Darth Mingus says:

      The polka dots on the shield looks like they are made up of 5 decals. It should not be any more difficult than the beam shields on the RG Strike Freedom or Destiny.

  4. Imateria says:

    I hope it’s not blue, it’s supposed to be purple. The old MG Hi-Nu Izabuchi changed to light blue, along with all the proportion changes, for some reason.

    I’m also not surprised that there’s no crossover of parts at all with the Nu ver Ka, this thing is proportionally very different to the Nu being both shorter and heftier. It does look amazing, a proper full fat Hi-Nu, I will have to get this at some point.

  5. Beige says:

    I know it’s the hi-nu gundam, but I read its abbreviated name and all my brain wants to read it as is the High Five gundam…

  6. Kiko says:

    I’m all new to this H.W.S for Hi-Nu and I thought it was only made for Nu since there was the old HG Nu with H.W.S armor. And the polka-dotted shield looks really out of place.

  7. Oni says:

    A Hi-Nu Gundam with no Extension and Psychoframe gimmick? I think that’s quite weird for a ver Ka release after Nu and Sazabi. Probably because this will be paired with the new RE 1/100 Nightingale which is quite a letdown from Katoki. I somewhat think that the only thing Hajime Katoki was allowed to work on was the huge waterslide decals sheet. I very much like this kit but it’s supposed to be an ova!? -errr manga version not a “ver Ka”.

    • Frankon says:

      It has hidden thrusters like the Sazabi and hidden minigun. Katoki is not all about psychoframe.

      • Nick says:

        I think the Hi-Nu Ver.Ka was more for giving us a novel accurate Hi-Nu rather than a Katoki redesign filled with gimmicks like the Sazabi and Nu. Now we can battle our Hi-nu Ver.Ka with our Re1/100 Nightingale *sold seperately*.

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