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There’s a new anime series. With Mecha. That means there is a new plastic snap-fit kit from Bandai. Introducing ノブナガ●ザ●フール! (Nobunaga the Fool). I don’t know much about the anime, or the story, or the characters. I just know there is some plastic. And it looks pretty badass.

When I first opened up the box it reminded me of the Valvrave kits. Why is that, you ask? Stickers everywhere.

And I mean everywhere. Here is a scan of the manual. Note that pretty much every step involves stickers.

Speaking of the manual, and if anyone is curious, it is like an HG kit manual in that it folds out and also, the latter half of it is in colour.

So aside from the manual and stickers, what else is in this box?

Um.. a couple more stickers.

But that’s the last of them, I promise. Let’s talk runners.

A & B runners:

C1 (x 2) & C 2 runners:

D runner is gold.

E runner and F (x 2):

The only type of poly-cap found on this new type of kit are these.

Aren’t these the same as the poly-caps on the V Gundam Ver Ka? I think so.

I’m not a sticker guy, usually, and this being a new kit experience for me I wanted to do an OOB build and normally when I do that I do as little sticker work as I can. I do this because if I want to go back later and modify or paint the kit I don’t need to worry about peeling off stickers and that residue which, without fail, gets left behind. So for Nobunaga I just stickered the head.

The stickers for the eyes are pretty small.

Or are these the eyes?

I also did his forehead. Right around where the third eye should be.

No eyes were missed.

Actually, that looks pretty cool.

Here is how the torso starts.

These things here are runner and not poly-cap parts.

They assemble as part of the sides of the torso.

Add the chest plate.

And the parts for the back.

Here are the shoulders.

And here things get interesting. These are the parts used for the skirt.

That funky piece at the top (that looks kind of like a cock’n’balls in that photo) houses three of those poly-cap balls.

Onto that assembly slap the last of the parts that make up the bulk of the skirt.

Just these decorations are left.

Here is the upper arm/shoulder joint assembly.

Now for the parts for the arm.

Those three parts make up the entire length of the arm. After that you just add some trim.

Then the cuff and hand.

The ball poly-cap inserts into the cuff and then the peg from the hand goes inside. This gives the wrist 360 degrees of movement.

Start the leg by building the foot.

I like that look.

Here are the parts for the leg.

This is the hip joint. Again, that joint part is not a poly-cap.

Attach that to the outside part for the upper legs.

A poly-cap goes on at the ankle and the last of the armour covers up the insides of the leg.

When attaching the foot to that poly-cap you first insert the piston-like piece up into the inside of the lower leg.

Nothing holds it in place in there but it’s long enough it’s not going to come out easily. The last step is to attach a little decorative piece into the upper thigh.

The legs attach to the skirt by inserting the peg into the poly-cap ball.

This gives the leg 360 degrees of lateral rotation and the joint you assembled will allow for the bending of the leg but I worry if that peg/poly-cap connection will be strong enough.

Oh, and you get to build the saya, or sword sheath.

And the sword as well.

It attaches to the leg by removing the decorative piece and inserting the saya in its place.

But that decoration goes on again afterwards.


Next we will work on attaching all that 神器 armour.

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  1. Agassi says:

    I thought this unit would be bulkier, 🙁
    Maybe all those bulk money got transferred into Jeanne’s chests, 😛

    Lots of work need to be done for The Fool to become awesome kit.
    Excellent review by the way, thank you very much, 🙂
    I hope you enjoy this kit to the max.

  2. Darth Mingus says:

    I like seeing the non Gundam kits from time to time. Have you built the 1/20 votoms kits from bandai? Those are nice kits. I tried watching the anime for this series but could not get into it. If you have a chance, try to watch It starts off slow, but by episode 3 it has some of the best mechs action I have seen in a long time. I wonder if there will be any kits from that show.

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