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kit: 1/144 RG RX-78GP01 Gundam GP01 Zephyranthes

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  1. Boyet says:

    Nice photography syd! the details are great!
    I didnt notice there was a core figher in the anime.

    • Lawrence says:

      same! didnt recall seeing any core fighters in the anime as well.

      • Frankon says:

        If i remember correctly it was used for scouting during the africa part (looking for the HLV and GP02). Also Kou crashed one of the core fighters when Monsha sabotaged the landing lights of Albion to “test” Kou skills.

    • Kushal says:

      I JUST watched this episode on Youtube, coincidentally…aside from the Core Fighter that was part of the Gundam, there was also another Core Fighter that was stolen by a Zeon spy undercover as a member of Anaheim Electronics. He stole the Core Fighter to escape but was shot down by the squad send to rescue him to avoid him giving away the location of their secret base.

  2. Kushal says:

    This kit looks like it has a lot of panel line work, is that true? I really want to get the RG Full Burnern but I’m hesitant because my panel lining skills are pretty sloppy at the moment and I’ve never panel lined a 1/144 kit before. Plus I don’t think my regular Gundam marker is thin enough for those.

    • syd says:

      Just use the water based Gundam panel line marker (I prefer grey) and you should have no problem. You can wipe the excess away with your fingers!

    • Don says:

      The RG model series has so many separate articulating armor pieces that even without panel lines the model would still look good without panel lines. Also you should consider trying the panel wash technique with dilted grey or black paint thinned with lighter fluid.

    • Noel says:

      Yes both this and the other variant FB have a lot of panel lines. HEck I even procrastinated on my kit for almost a whole month. I did the panel lines after top coat using simply a #1 pencil which is hard to use but gives much more refined lines thanks to my pencil sharpener.

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