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This week is Obon in Japan and that means most everyone has almost the full week off. Some people are luckier than others and get more days but in this work-crazy country I’ll take what I can get! This year, for the first time in a long time, I have no plans for the holiday period and that’s a good thing! It will give me time to build Gunpla! I’ve been building quite a few HGs lately, thanks to many people voicing their desire to see more of them, and also have started dabbling around with paint again using the RG Exia as a test piece. I posted a pic on Facebook of my progress there. The testing isn’t about what colours to use (though the colours I chose for the Exia look great so far) but rather where I can paint. I moved several months ago and the area I used for painting is no longer available to me. My new place is smaller and closer to the houses beside me (I can hear everything…) so I think spraying lacquer paint into the air hoping to hit plastic might not be the best idea if I want to stay friendly with the neighbours and continue living there. Instead I’ve been painting at work, which is working well, and I hope to get back to serious painting and finish my Sazabi. I really want to finish that but there’s one more modification I really want to try before applying the paint.

So aside from finishing my painted RG Exia what else will I do with my time? Well, I have some choices. I have several kits sitting in my closet (which is so nicely organised, by the way, because I just moved in. Give it time and it will be a mess again) and I think now’s a good time to get back to those. I am thinking it’s time I sit down and become (re)acquainted with the MG V Dash Gundam Ver. Ka.

Haven’t I built this before? Well, not quite. I did build the original MG Victory Gundam Ver.Ka as part of a joint project with ASM (man, that was a long time ago) but I was mostly focused on the colour scheme and the final duo galleries that I didn’t do things like a proper review. I just remember the Victory MG was a great build but was that because it’s a great kit or because it’s a great kit built as part of a great project? I wanna build it again. It looks gooood!

If I decide not to start on the V Dash I have other options, mainly the MG Force Impulse Gundam.

It’s so similar to one of my favourite MG of all time that I know it will be a great way to spend the holidays and since the Sword Impulse went to stay with a good fan/friend I kind of miss having an Impulse around the house.

If that doesn’t butter my holiday bread I have another MG that still needs to be assembled. This one is the MG OO Gundam Seven Sword /G.

Between this version and the 00 Raiser I prefer the Raiser but this guy does have something the Raiser doesn’t.

It’s huge!

The idea with these kits is that I do an OOB build, perhaps adding colour with gundam marker (haven’t used those things since before the move. Have they dried up?) and panel lines and markings all in one week’s time. Whichever I choose will be assembled, documented, and reviewed.

There are other kits I may consider getting to if time permits such as the HGUC Zeta Plus (Unicorn Ver.) which needs a review and I still plan on doing something with both of the RG GP01 kits. The plan with these is to do one of the OOB with markings and panel lines (was thinking the Zephyranthes) while the other gets custom paint done. I love both of those kits and hope to get back to them someday soon. And what better time than during the hottest days of summer when it’s hazardous to your health if you leave home. Air-conditioning and Gunpla will be my best friends for the next week.

What’s everyone else doing next week, Gunpla or otherwise?

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  1. Brian says:

    This post kinda looked like a what’s on your worktable thing! 😛

    Starting HGUC Neo Zeong!
    I just got the HGUC Schuzrum Galluss and RG Z’gok, hoping to do those too.
    Hoping to do the P-Bandai MG Banshee Norn too.

    Still on break so still got time before grad school resumes.

  2. zetaone71 says:

    Awesomeness Syd. I just finished setting up a workbench in my garage to airbrush, so I will be starting with the V dash Gundam myself. Love that kit as well. Have a great week!

  3. Michael says:

    I moved from Moscow to Minsk for a new job, will be looking for a flat this week… and building gunpla I took with me on the evenings. Since I can’t take any flammable liquids with me, I panel-lined these on the runner at home + sprayed-painted a few runnerss/parts. Don’t know where I’m going to paint later though… )

    BTW, did you spray-paint the Exia or used an airbrush?

  4. Frankon says:

    Have fun on your holidays syd (nice collection of gunpla to build).

    My plans for this week is work and on Gunpla front – finally finish painting zeta head stand (and find some waterslides for it…) and start the paint job on crossbone x-1 (the inner frame)

    Some suggestion Syd. Get even the cheapest airbrush set and get Vallejo Model Air(already mixed for airbrush) paints – they are water-based acrylics that won’t make your neighbors hate you (almost no smell for most of the colors). The regular Model line can be used with airbrush after using their thinner and some retarder. Just remember to coat it cause the paint tends to chip otherwise and some colors are tricky to use.

  5. Sonar says:

    I vote road trip! 😀

  6. Imateria says:

    I’ve been building and painting the HMM Gojulas for the last 6 weeks now in a desert colour scheme, probably wont finish until late September.

    I’d be interested in seeing a review of the V Dash, I’ve heard a lot of people say the Victory is a very unstable kit, being so small and with a core fighter system, but it does seem to be quite popular so so it’d be cool to get a full review from you on that.

    Lastly, it might be worth investing in an airbrush now. Mine doesnt take up that much space and if you stick to the Tamiya and Mr Color acrylics then you wont have to worry about obnoxious smells bothering people.

  7. KB-89 Ball says:

    Doing a group build with a few folks and waiting on airbrush compressor parts. I may not have the full week off but I’m going to work like a mad man to get my projects done. slapping some space-themed dazzle camo on the MG RB-79k ball.

  8. Beige says:

    considering buying me a Gundam X Maoh kit and building/painting that, just wondering if the kit comes with the Maoh sword or just a regular sized beam sword

    as so far that’s all I’ve seen it wielding

  9. Kushal says:

    I have four more decals on my Shin Matsunaga Zaku II MG before that’s done and I can get to work on my MG Unicorn OVA. I’ve got the MG Gundam X coming in the mail and a HG GM Thunderbolt as well. Aside from all of that I have an MG Exia Ignition stowed away, but with the complexity of the build on that one (panel lines especially) I’m going to take it slowly.

    It’s weird to think I have such a backlog of kits, I’ve only really made two no-grade kits and two MGs before, and now I suddenly have 3 MGs in my basement and one more on the way. They were mostly presents so I’m not complaining. But all the panel lining on Shin and the decals are kind of wearing me out. Luckily I’m going to build Unicorn straight because I like the clean look.

    While I’m doing that I’ll be finishing 0083 Stardust Memory, and 00 season 2.

  10. NL says:

    it is always fun do build what u want.
    just build all of it and enjoy it.

  11. heru says:

    try built an old gunpla syd..

  12. Amirul says:

    Hi Syd,
    Just one question, does HLJ do any shipping to Brunei if I want to order from that website?
    Anyways, have a good summer!

  13. Bocalt says:

    Finally the Force Impulse, shame so many years after the Sword variation though, but seriously one of the most underrated MG kits ever. Those proportions, gosh, can’t wait for a MG variation of the next Build Fighters lead (its more Impulse than God/Shinning Gundam)

  14. Bocalt says:

    Didn’t want to start my Gundam Gunpla MGs ( so many untouched kits: Geara Doga, Sazabi, SInanju, +30…) Started my MG Figurise Wild Tiger and will follow with Bunny to get acquainted with water decals. Gaming playing ultra street fighter 4 as well as the Ace attorney Investigations 2 for DS.

  15. Bocalt says:

    Btw is it me or are there a lot less MG kits this year than for the last 3 years? I remember years where there were like 2 MG for one month and a RG the very next. No post Destiny HD MG or Age 3/FX, old engineering for the Build fighters kits that came out and some still missing MGs like the Geara Zulu and the Jegan and that Jesta Cannon despite the engineering having already been developped(Jesta and Geara Doga). Did I miss something with Bandai this year?

    • syd says:

      It seems it used to be one MG kit per month but in 2014 we’ve seen 2 in January (Build Strike and Gundam X), 2 in February (Unicorn Phenex and Sengoku Astray), 2 in March (if you count the Universe Booster as an MG along with the Build Gundam Mk-II), and then nothing until the Turn X in June. While the year started strong, in numbers and maybe not in kit quality, it has slowed down. We know the MG Hi Nu Ver Ka comes out next week but after that it’s a mystery, though we’ve seen the shots of the Astray. The last few month of 2014 could have some big surprises or big disappointments depending on what you’re hoping for.

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