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Obon holidays for me this year amounted to just three days. Well, three work days plus my normal weekend. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on whom you ask, I had plans for much of the time and so couldn’t spend it all building Gundam. Nonetheless, I did make a point of building for at least an hour each day during daylight hours. I wanted to build during the day so that I would have good lighting for photography. Yes, I did build the V Gundam Ver Ka way back when but looking back at those long-ago posts I see I didn’t provide too much detail in the WIP. Now I get a second chance.

Here is my V-Dash kit and the V Gundam Waterslides I held onto for so long. I keep the V Gundam waterslides because, the V being so small, the markings are a great size for many HG kits. I even used them to great effect on my HG G Gundam.

Seeing those markings now, and the manual, reminds me of decal hell.


For those who don’t know the V-Dash is the V Gundam Ver Ka (which I’ve built before) and along with the MG V Core Booster Ver. Ka which I have not (but secretly wanted to but never did because I was worn out from decals).

I thought I would get two manuals inside the box but instead Bandai went ahead and made a manual just for the V-Dash.

Opening up the box…

I see these. I had forgotten all about these.

This time there are two sets. I seem to remember having to paint those foil stickers last time around.

And so, with preparations all complete, I sat down to start on the V-Dash under the supervision of an old friend.

He looks somewhat roughed up but he’s done pretty well for a guy that’s survived an earthquake and a big move. Though there is a piece missing that I haven’t located yet.

That’s okay. Now the pilot has an unobstructed view.

Before I opened the box I assumed I would be building the V Gundam first followed by the Core Booster but it’s actually the other way around.

No, wait. I’m supposed to build the Core Fighter first. Four of them!

Well, here are sets of four runners for this section.

Away we go!

First snap this little thing onto the Core Fighter nose frame.

Now for this small red piece, it snaps on as well.

Add some black. Because everything looks better with some black.

Behold the armada!

Okay, I’m maybe a little ahead of myself here.

Parts for the next step (x 4)

Now for the pilots. You get two of ウッソ and two of マーベット. Like I can tell the difference.

Jedi council scene.

Drop their seats onto the frame part.

Oooh. Undergates. Forgot this kit had these.

Next step happens now.

To put all these assemblies together I need these two frame parts.

Notice the grooves on the inside. Things will move.

You have to lay the cockpit and collar into the grooves and then close it up.

Slap on the back armour piece (x 4)

Oh, I forgot about this part.

You get to choose to make either the Ver Ka colour type or the TV colour type.

In this kit I get 4 Core Fighters (Zomg111!) and so I can do both… in both forms.

Behold the Armada!

Still a little early.

Now for the nose job.

Just snap it on there.

You actually are supposed to lift the black part up and then snap it into place.

And then close the black part back down.

Behold the…

I’m so impatient.

Got a couple of yellow parts here.

They fit underneath the white armour part that fits above the cockpit.

I decided I would panel line these.

Behold the…

Still too early.

Now for Victory’s head (x 4). First thing I did was cut the clear eye parts off the runners leaving a bit of gate which would allow me to hold these in place better when it came time to add the sticker and face mask.

Speaking of which.

Normally, I will build the kit first and then do the panel lining but with this V-Dash being a pure OOB build, and mostly because it transforms and parts get hidden and hard to reach, I opted to do the panel lining, and nub removal, as I assembled. This added quite a bit of time to the project.

Now for that eye-sticker.

One thing that I didn’t remember from the V Gundam Ver Ka build those years ago was how badly the fit is for the eye sticker. It’s quite bad. There is quite a bit of red on the foil sticker and it kind of overlaps on the red plastic part for the face mask. As such it’s hard to get it in the right place and to make it stay there.

Oh, and I have to put a foil sticker here.

This frame piece then fits into the armour for the back of the head.

And here I’m presented with another choice.

Use the normal plastic V-Fin or the flexible plastic V-Fin.

(example of flexible plastic’s flexibility.)

Whichever V Fin you do use you will also have to put a small white triangle piece in place. I opted to panel line it beforehand.

Bandai provides two of each V fin so you can make both the same, however I’ve got four core fighters so I can use both.

Here are the armour parts for the other version of the V Gundam’s head.

Use these pieces as well.

Now for the ears.

For some reason I think of the Type 98 AV Ingram.

Get some square thrusters.

Add some armour flaps.

This frame assembly is what holds the tail on the Core Fighter.

Yellow V-fin, Ver Ka and TV type colours:

98 Ingram-ish, Ver Ka and TV type colours:

Oh and add the wings.

It took me two build sessions to get that far! I forgot just how much goes into the V Gundam Ver Ka and with the V-Dash Ver Ka you’re doing twice the work when it comes to the Core Fighter part of the build. Nice!

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  1. david says:

    UGHHHHHH. this kit gave me nightmares. well, not this one exactly. the cheaper one, just the V gundam.

    i was going to customize it to look like a pokemon for my girlfriend for christmas. we started dating on the 16th of december.

    that, mixed with finals, led to a lot of rushed everything. and it still looked good. until i broke the TINYTINYTINY part that hold up the front skirt armor. i had a breakdown, and bought her a game she wanted.

    lesson of the kit was “katoki hates me.”

    although i’m sure under better circumstances it would have been great, the 3.0 i made for her birthday turned out awesome.

    • firedracax says:

      U could like order the same runner from bandai again but it would be like 700-1000++ yen, slightly more than you paid for. Delivery chqrges would apply but I think it’s free when it’s to japan. I broke my mg sinanju hip peg and I ordered the runner when I was in japan for a holiday

      • syd says:

        I’ve used Bandai’s replacement service on several occasions and while it’s not free shipping it’s still not too expensive. Unless you order multiple runners for the same kit. In that case it might be cheaper just to buy the whole kit again.

  2. Kushal says:

    Why, if I may ask, do you have so many duplicate Core Fighters and heads? Those all come with one version of the kit? Pretty cool if that’s the case.

  3. Nick says:

    I love the MG Victory/V-dash gundam. It’s easily one of my favourite models just because of how complex the build is, let alone how amazing it looks all finished.

  4. Darth Mingus says:

    But … But … But …

    You didn’t show us the armada!

  5. scid says:

    I always have been divided into getting this kit..but it somehow getting interesting..convince me more syd!!

  6. Imateria says:

    Wasn’t expecting to see it with 4 Core Fighters! Going to be cool to see the rest of this.

  7. Frankon says:

    About the pilots. Since we get the standard victory and hexa version (bunny ears) they had different pilots – Uso (he never piloted Hexa) for regular and Marbet/Olivier for Hexa(although Marbet’s victory had her Hexa’s head repleaced with regula Gundam’s after Oliver death). So thats why they give 2 different pilots (different color of flight suit)

  8. Dylan says:

    Hi, how did you achieve the bright illuminated look of the eyes on your orange V-Gundam?

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