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When we first saw the RE/100 Nightingale at the Shizuoka Hobby Show we were blown away by its size, not quite so astounded at its details, and yet still weren’t quite sure what to expect from this new line. After all, we’ve never built a kit from this grade before. Well, we built it on the Live Event and, as I predicted before release, it wasn’t all that difficult. Similar to the HG Neo Zeong but a lot smaller. My estimated time of about 2 hours and 20 minutes seemed almost right on once I finished up the last part of the build, the rifle and shield. I’ll talk a little bit about the Nightingale and then post a gallery so people can take their own time and see what they think of this ‘all-new’ red thing.

Bandai’s idea behind the RE/100 line, its purpose, can be found written right on the packaging. The text reads:

This plastic model series has an easy-to-assemble parts structure to significantly reduce assembly time, with no compromise to the sharp design and rich details of Master Grade quality.

First of all, congratulations to Bandai for getting the English perfect and expressive. They even used hyphenated words! Kudos. Using that sentence as a basis to judge the Nightingale, let’s see if Bandai was able to do what they set out to do.

There is the behemoth and for all the adjectives which are tossed around to describe the Nightingale, I’m still not sure how to accurately describe it. It’s very distinct, and yet not so far out of what we know that it’s bewildering. Yet, it reminds me of something…

Something I saw quite a long time ago…

The skeksis! That takes me back!

To understand about what type of build this kit is it’s best to watch the Live Event but in order to look more in-depth at the details I’ll show them here.

For example, the hands are the same as those found on the MG Sazabi Ver Ka.

This definitely leans in the direction of ‘master grade quality’ however, the elbow…

That leans the opposite way, if you ask me. It looks very much like a Mega-Size or some early kit when looking at the arms.

Speaking of arms, someone asked about articulation.

There you go. The arm can swivel outwards as well at the shoulder but you really don’t have reason to do that. The joints are quite stiff thanks to the poly-caps they use but even that can’t save the arms from drooping when you have him holding that massive rifle and shield.

The rifle is so long and heavy it even comes with a bipod.

The shield mounts to the back of the forearm by removing this relatively small part.

Let’s face it, this guy is simply a display piece. Unfortunately, it lacks the level of detail that the new MG Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka comes with. Being so heavy, the Hi Nu Ka is primarily a display piece packed with all the detail and movement we expect in MG. The Nightingale doesn’t move much.

Oh, but did I mention the feet claws move.

As for details…

That is kind of it. The front skirts show a somewhat small level of details. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I didn’t expect the Nightingale to be able to do much of anything but it would have been nice to have more panel lines and more to look at. I mean other than his huge schlong.

Cool ears, though.

The head is meant to take the Gunpla LED but that mounts towards the back of the neck structure.

The eye piece is quite forward of that and I’m not sure how well the LED will work here.

That huge ass needs a stand to support it.

Those giant wings don’t really move at all except to pivot so you can see the thrusters underneath.

The Fin Funnels that fit into those wings are quite secure and not so difficult to remove all at the same time.

So how to sum up this kit? I’d say it’s quite simple (maybe too simple) for its size and lacks details which would be more than welcome on a kit this large. It’s only really for a small group of modellers who want to spend this much money and also have a place for it to be displayed. Saying those things makes it seem like the Nightingale might appeal only to a select few, and that’s most likely the case. And yet…

I kind of like it.

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  1. davecute says:

    I like it except for the huge awkward schlong

  2. Frankon says:

    Well its a modeler wet dream. Big blank canvas (well not that blank – didn’t notice the tiny details on the binders before). Also all those thrusters just scream to me – led mod.

    Syd are you going to make a S^2 version of Nightingale when you finish Sazabi and V-Dash?

  3. Nick says:

    I’ve got to say, the rocket cock is really growing on me. I used to think (similar to Hi-nu Ver.Ka) that the Nightingale was too fat but now I quite like it’s bulky design.

  4. Imateria says:

    A Dark Crystal reference, wasn’t expecting that! I suspect that Nightingale was chosen so that the line can come out with a bang, so to speak, and the Gundam Mk III will give us a better idea of what the average RE/100 kit will be like.

    It looks great and I really do want it, I also get the feeling it’ll be an excellent kit to practice panel scribing on.

  5. jpo says:

    I think it’s hard to tell what the RE line is going to be like because the Nightingale is such an awkward suit and so different from anything else that there’s no way to really forsee what normal suits like the MKIII and the GP04G will be like.

  6. scid says:

    Love that Bandai have the guts to ask the prayer of all gunpla lovers..but lacks in detail is somewhat disappoint me..wel maybe have to add my own detailing. hopefully we’ll see the Kshatriya, Mk III(Next in line) and best of all maybe the Shambloo soon!!!

    • Kiko says:

      It is not master grade nor real grade. So MG-ish or RG-ish details is not something we should really all expect, and also on the next RE projects.

      • syd says:

        You’ve just directly contradicted what Bandai wrote right on the RE/100 packaging. In particular, “with no compromise to the sharp design and rich details of Master Grade quality.”

  7. Harold says:

    I got this since I wanted it to be displayed right next to my Sazabi and Sinanju. Now, if only my The-O was red..

  8. Frankon says:

    A bit off topic. Syd that isn’t skeksis picture. Its a Mystic.

    • syd says:

      Doh! No wonder when I types skeksis into the search what I was looking for didn’t come up right away. Thanks for the correction, Frankon.

  9. Purestorm says:

    Probably my only disappointment with this kit is that the sub-arms under the skirt are just solid pieces, which is a real shame since that would have been a cool gimmick.

    Beyond that I’m quite pleased with how this kit turned out.

  10. Ehhhhhh.
    I dunno what to think of this. I’m a fairly inexperienced Gunpla builder, so maybe I’m an inexperienced opinion… but… man. I’m not sure whether I love it or think it’s weird. =P

    I could see the appeal though. I’d love to see my friends’ reactions when they saw this on the shelf in my workshop.

  11. Nick says:

    That’s one chunky booty on that suit. But it looks soo ginormous. Guess the first real test of the RE line will be the Mk-III and he Gerbera

  12. Rylan says:

    Can you use a normal 1/100 stand on this kit

  13. irfan adnan says:

    Who would win?

    The White Devil of the EFSF?


    One big thicc red boi?

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