Gaijin Gunpla

It seems with the arrival of the gigantic MG Hi Nu Ver Ka and my puttering about with the V Dash Ka that some things could have been forgotten, one of them being the Nobunaga the Fool kit I foolishly tried to fit into my building schedule.

Well, the Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka has come (and blown me away) and the V Dash is inching closer to OOB completion but I still have some pictures here of the Fool that I wanted to show. I’ve already shown the building of the main suit/character but now I’ve got a bunch of fancy armour to apply. Basically, this boils down to taking off a couple of parts here or there while adding a bunch more almost everywhere.

Here we go.

The silver parts on the chest? Gone.

Replace them with these.

Note: there are supposed to be stickers here… and everywhere, but I’ve left them off for now.

This goes on the head.

It’s Sauron!

Well, I think there’s a resemblance anyway.

Now for these… things!

Those tiny silver parts fit onto the larger silver part and then are closed inside.

It looks like part of this is meant to swivel but it doesn’t move. At all. Be careful.

These two black parts go on the sides.

Finish these up by placing a gold piece in the center.

These mount on the shoulders.

Onto the arms you place these parts.

Gauntlets! No, not that kind of gauntlet.

These parts go on the leg.

They attach really easily but hold firm.

Onto the bottom of the foot you will attach this larger, um, foot bottom.

I like that look.

Don’t forget his crotch piece.

These parts are for the side skirts.

Now for something (even more) completely different. Start with these.

Together they make this shape.

Looks like something…

Well, from that angle it looks kind of like some kind of fish.

Gold part with ball joint poly-cap.

Start with this thing, but put it aside for a bit.

Check out this funky piece.

You add all of these.

Once those are all plugged in add that first part to the top.

Then add those to the uniquely, shape… Okay, we all know it’s a bike of some kind. It’s obvious.

Ha! It’s a backpack.

With all that armour applied he definitely looks tougher, stronger, fiercer… and slower.

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  1. Boyet says:

    Nice! it looks like a raiser + overflag hehe
    im looking forward for the weapons…

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