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The RE/100 MSN-04II Nightingale is a week late, but I’m not bothered by the delay. It gave me an extra week to play with the masterpiece that is the MG HI Nu Gundam Ver Ka, which is now naked on my desk and will stay that way while I work on the MG Sazabi. But even with my hands full of Master Grades I’m not going to put off the Nightingale (I can’t. I’m doing a Live Event.)

Despite how funny the Nightingale looks as a robot, the box art actually looks really cool. I hope the Nightingale looks like that when it’s finished.

Box Contents:

A fair amount of big stuff here. The box is packed full.

Check out the shield!

Marking stickers.

The hands are designated MP2 which, If I am not mistaken, are the same as those on the MG Sazabi.

Effect parts. Big ones!

This, I think, is the ass.

And these are the shoulders, maybe?

Joint parts and fuel tanks.

Remember, this line doesn’t have an inner frame.

An enormous weapon.

And here is the manual.

It is pretty standard as far as manuals go. The first page, however is a little different in that it lists the sections you are going to be working on.

And now I need to get some lunch because I’m going to be working on it in an hour and half!

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  1. davecute says:

    Wew… they should have called it 1/100-Non Grade kit

    • Imateria says:

      I think Syd actually mentioned in one of the Gunpla TV episodes that No-Grade is a western term. Besides, Reborn 100 does kind of give the game away if you think of it in terms of those old No Grade kits. AT least this way we may actually get a 1/100 Kshatriya.

    • Evan says:

      My understanding is that is exactly what it is. Just new ‘branding’ for a line that was somewhat defunct. They throw in some extras like the color separation on the thrusters and now it’s ‘highly detailed’. Looks like they’re using it for now as a way to release MG size kits of non-canon and variation MS wanted by fans without tooling new MGs. That’s my take anyway.

      • Imateria says:

        Close, my understanding is that it’s for kits that would be too expensive to develop and sell, or lack enough interest in, to be financially viable as MG’s. This way we still get big or unusual kits in 1/100 and for a reasonable price.

  2. IchBinEinFrankfurter says:

    I’m really looking forward to the review of this kit. Nothing I’ve seen on the internet has shown it in any pose other than just standing normally, so I’m interested in seeing you put it through its paces articulation-wise.

  3. Lyle Whited says:

    Hey, Syd, just curious, when you review this are you filing it under master grade?

    • syd says:

      I was going to file this under RE/100 and make that a new sub-category but when I did that, it kind of wrecked the alignment on some pages on this site. Will have to decide how I’m going to do this.

  4. Beige says:

    ah, the chunky sazabi – Interested to see how it looks in the end

  5. Arcanas says:

    With this line is it possible for them to make a kit of the AMA-X7 Shamblo?

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