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It seems like only yesterday that I was on Obon holiday and planning to finish my MG V-Dash Gundam in time for the arrival of the Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka. Well, obviously that didn’t happen. I knew once the Hi Nu arrived my attention would be pulled away from the V but I also didn’t want to rush the construction of the V as I am wanting to do a nice, clean OOB build of that kit. So after I finished construction of the Hi Nu on its arrival day I put it away and pulled out the V-Dash again.

I’ve finished the Core Fighters, and the Core Booster, and the weapons which leave the actual V Gundam suit itself. Finally.

The V Gundam Ver Ka build starts with the shoulders which isn’t something you encounter every day with an MG kit. Usually you get to those after the torso, head, and arms are finished. The first step involves these pieces.

That is the main bulk of the shoulder. Onto that you are adding the sides.

And this joint which will connect to the shoulder to the arms and to the torso.

Now to construct this little assembly.

This is the assembly that allows the red in the arms to swing out when you are wanting to attach the shield or transform the kit.

A beam saber handle also fits in here.

How about some arm frame?

That seems kind of small, even for the MG V Gundam.

Clip it on then swing it down.

Then assemble the elbow joint and lower arm frame.

It doesn’t resemble the MG arm frames I’m used to seeing.

Plug this swing arm into the back.

Now I get to add some armour.

But only one piece for now.

Until this point you are assembling both arms at the same time.

From here the manual differentiates right from left with the right arm being the one you assemble first and for that you build the hand.

The V Gundam Ver Ka was the first kit on which I discovered this type of hand. Here was the beginning of the swappable fingers for me. I remember liking the idea at the time.

Snap the hand into the wrist assembly.

Then fit that into the lower arm.

It isn’t secured in place at this time but will be once the armour is on.

Clip on the red assembly.

Swing it up into its natural position.

I forgot how complicated this little kit gets.

Now to add the side armour for the lower arm and those red circle stickers.

Every time I put one of those stickers on I always think it’s not the right size and it takes a bit of time to get it positioned so I’m satisfied with how it looks.

With the arms done I move on to the.. the Top Rim?

Okay. Add these smaller parts to the bigger part.

(nothing here resembles a torso so my normal terms don’t work.)

The first of the armour, in blue, go on as well as the front hatch.

Front skirts! I know what these are!

Back skirt!

The little hatch at the back can open.

A couple more frame parts.

And a couple more blue (very small) armour parts.

This connects to the skirt assembly you already constructed.

Now for this interesting assembly.

Any idea what this is?

These are actually the side of the torso. The peg of these plugs into the Top Rim.

Now take the bottom of your top rim and the top of your top rim and join them together.

This looks like something I recognise.

A Gundam torso!

Definitely a Gundam Torso.

That’s what this is.

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  1. Frankon says:

    This kit is looking like a nightmare to paint.
    Syd since its your second (or third?) v gundam is the plastic of the kit easy to break for people with large fingers?

    • Nick says:

      I found the only parts that were easy to break were the pegs that attach the wings to the core fighters. Though, only one of mine broke so that may have just been a moulding defect.

  2. Chris says:

    hey Syd love the blogs just wondering if you could do a W.i.p of the hguc Jesta and the bb neo zeong

    • syd says:

      While I wasn’t planning on working on those kits at present I definitely found myself interested in the BB Neo Zeong. If time permits I may check it out. Same with the Jesta.

  3. Ryan says:

    @ Frankon, I have big thumbs so I thought this kit would be very awkward, it’s really not. It looks far more complicated than it actually is. The V Dash is a very rewarding build and great value for money. My only minor gripe is that it’s rail gun is very awkward to pose with.

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