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Now where was I?

A long time ago, in this same galaxy, a hope of finishing a MG Sazabi Ver Ka for Operation Big Red Wallet Destroyer was kept alive by one man fighting against the evil forces of life.

Life won.

I never did finish my Sazabi Ver Ka by the deadline but I had not given up on it altogether, either. When I had to move I packed it up carefully and once I and settled somewhat I took it out of its storage and set it up so I could reflect on what I’d done so far and remind myself I needed to finish it. I was at the stage where all that armour needed painting and I am always a bit reluctant to start on that massive step even though once I do it usually goes by fairly quickly.

Interestingly, I was inspired (kicked in the ass?) to get back on it with the release of the Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka. There are things I want to do with that Hi Nu and it would be a shame if I skipped the Sazabi to start on the Hi Nu.

Well, it’s time to get some armour onto this frame.

I had spent quite a bit of time working on the details of this frame and once that armour starts going on a lot of it will be difficult to see. If I were to do an elaborate colour scheme it would draw attention away from the frame details and so I decided I would do a simpler colour scheme. I’m actually taking the normal colour scheme for the Ver Ka Sazabi down a notch. In its OOB form the Sazabi features three tones of red but my intention is to get them as close to one colour tone as possible. With no colour separation it will be up to the other details, such as markings and frame detail, to break up that colour.

So after quite a long time together, the frame came back apart.

With so much armour on this kit I broke the painting of it into sections. The first area painted was the torso.

Big bag o’ armour parts.

I also had to find these.

These are probably pretty important.

After carefully taking everything apart, finding the tiny frame pieces that fit in amongst the armour, and putting on the yellow pipes I ended up with this.

The gap between the darker armour on the side of the torso and the lighter armour on the front has been reduced significantly.

Now for the head! And I forgot that the eye takes a waterslide.

I’m not going to break out my decaling gear just for one small eye decal. I have something better planned.

Aurora stickers!

I bought these a couple years back when I found them in a shop in Akihabara. They have served me well. I just had to find the eye that fit onto the plastic eye piece on the head.

There’s the completed head.

Slap that on the torso.

That’s a nice red. I’ll reveal the actual colour once everything is finished.

Trying to get a good photo of the eye wasn’t easy.

The second batch of armour parts I painted was for the skirt. Here are the fronts.

And once again I went through the process of assembling that cool back skirt.

Frame details slowly being buried in red.

I’m putting him together after each stage to record the progress so here he is with a completed torso and skirt (except side skirts).

The next batch of paint was applied to the shoulders and arms.

Notice something? When I put a this photo on Facebook one person did notice that I had the shoulders on the wrong sides. Well, even though I do make mistakes quite often, this one was done on purpose. I had considered using a second set of the small rectangular parts that are used on the rear side of the shoulders on the front side as well. Ideally, I would have investigated this first before painting because it does look feasible that one could remove the seam lines on the shoulders and have just a smooth surface. I’m still considering it. I’ll have to make a final decision before I start decaling.


Go through with the process on a separate set of armour parts that I can swap out and replace any time I want.

Anyways, I’ll put him together properly for now.


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  1. V-rktakt says:

    Ah, the MSN-04 Sazabi Ver.Ka. Well, it seems like the most important step is to actually begin tackling the project in my opinion.

    To console you, i’ve got mine shortly after release, and it still has only been built once, never got to be properly finished before being left within my display cabinet only for those atrocious clip marks to maliciously glare into the depths of my soul every time i direct attention to the kit. In addition, as the very epitome of the closet nerd, i lack a proper excuse in form of “life” or “business” :).

    By the way, may i ask how you broke down the kit into it’s individual parts? Did you prepare the kit in advance through methods such as cutting the peg connections or does it come apart that easily? Some connections appear to interlock too tightly for simply pulling them apart, and this supposed new ease in disassembling caught my attenton on quite a few related blogs lately. It would be nice if someone could point me in the right direction.

    Anyway, i wish you success for this project, carefully watching as the red comet rises again.


  2. davecute says:

    Very nice Sid! keep it coming please

  3. froiggy says:

    where do you buy those aurora stickers? I must have it!

  4. boyet says:

    I like the intro! haha the powerfull sazabi!!
    i dont see any nubs! May I ask what do you use on this to avoid the nub marks. thanks!

  5. Brian says:

    What I did with my Sazabi was build it first and get the feel for it; while doing that I widened the peg holes for easier disassembly where appropriate. Then disassembled it and arranged pieces accordingly.

    Feel free to use my Sazabi as an inspiration for any roadblocks on the way 🙂

  6. randomgaijin says:

    I actually like your red colouring, it make me remind the original Sazabi.
    In fact, that’s what I do to my Sazabi Ver. Ka.
    When I first finished this kit, I got this feeling “it’s cool, but something not right…”, and I decided to colour it darker red and trying as good as possible to match the original Sazabi. Viola! that bugging feeling is gone!

  7. bong says:

    Hi sid, just want to ask what code of Tamiya red paint did you use? I am inspired on how you paint the red.., I am currently working with my Sazabi and wants to maintain its red color and the different tones of it. Looking forward to your advice. Cheers

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