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As I wrote in the First Look post I would be tackling the MG Hi Nu Gundam Ver. Ka for the first time live for Gunpla TV. I managed to get what could be considered half of the kit finished in the 2 1/2 hours I spent in front of the camera. (My ass is sore).

Later that night… At Gai-Gun’s house…

I found myself with some free time and so jumped back into the Hi Nu. This is how far I got during the live feed.

But rather than continue I instead did this.

I, somewhat, took him apart.

I did this because I wanted to spend some time and check over the torso. Similar to the Nu Gundam Ver Ka the Hi Nu has a flap on the lower back that locks certain parts of the torso in place. When I built it during the live feed it looked like the torso was opened.

Pushing it in I closed the gap a bit.

But the other side wouldn’t do the same.

Looking in the manual there was no mention of an expanding torso gimmick so I am going to assume that this gap allows the torso to tilt slightly to either side.

Here is the finished leg opened up.

And here is the head assembly still attached to the backpack.

The arm I completed during the Live Event features a gimmick where the armour opens up and out pops a weapon.

Here is the arm frame for the left arm.

And here are the parts for the left arm gimmick.

I also only completed one shoulder live

The shoulders have gimmicks as well but I’ll save that for the review.

With the left arm and shoulder assembled I have the upper body done.

Now I need the skirt.

Center block.

Front skirts.


Nothing comes out, however.

Rear skirts.


Double Open action! (Again, nothing comes out.)

Side skirts.

Here is the leg frame for the left leg. I’ve gone ahead and put the back flap armour piece on rather than try to squeeze it in later which proved difficult during the Live Event.

Add the knee.

You can see the opening in the frame which is meant to hold the blue armour flaps.

You put the part in and slide it to the back.

Okay, I’ve got a lower body.

With the top and bottom halves together this kit looks sexy.

Really sexy.

Now I’ll attach the fuel tank.

Uh oh. That large fuel tank is quite heavy.

Yes, I found out during the Live Event that with everything on that backpack the Hi Nu Ver Ka doesn’t stand up and Bandai even included a small leg that connects underneath the backpack to allow you to keep your Hi Nu Ver Ka standing up. In the manual it even has you add that leg before working on the backpack which means, most likely, that Bandai didn’t have the intention that it would stand on its own. Um.. Hmm. I really like my kits to stand up and become angry when they can’t.

I know the back pack is heavy but what exactly is the biggest offender when it comes to unbalancing my Hi Nu? The fuel tanks definitely. I added the wings and it still stood up, though somewhat unsteadily.

What about the Fin Funnels? I gotta build those to test them.

Ah, yes. Fin Funnels.

First those tiny joints. You need 12 of them.

Here are the Fin Funnel centres. Slightly different from those of the Nu Gundam Ver Ka.

I originally thought all the runners in the Hi Nu Ver Ka were all-new but it turns out that the Fin Funnel armour runners are straight from the Nu Gundam Ver Ka.

There are even parts you don’t need for the Hi Nu.

Fin Funnels Finished, Finally!

Now attach three to each wing.

Here is one side attached (I think facing the wrong way).

It still stands up but leans heavily to one side.


Let’s try both wings.

Notice there is no part for the backpack that closes it up? It just stays open like this.

Now this thing will fall when I attach the other side’s fin funnels. So I guess I can’t do without that support leg. During the Live Event I had a bit of a tough time attaching the leg to the underside of the backpack/torso. At home, I decided to attach the leg first before attaching the backpack to the kit. But I left the head on the backpack.

I’m flying.

This reminds me of scene from the Miyazaki anime Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し).

Anyways.. with the leg attached.

It stands up.

And looks great!

Big money shot right there!

But I’m left feeling unsatisfied. Being unable to stand up without that leg means you’re going to be really limited with what you can do with this kit. However, I think that I can still do something with this kit.

Already scheming.

I spent a considerable amount of time playing around with the backpack and balance of the kit. It was getting late and I started to put the kit away and then realised I haven’t assembled the weapons yet. So I quickly snapped those together.




I made it to the weapons before I broke anything. That’s a record for me!


And three beam sabre handles.


The kit is fully assembled and this post shows as much as I think I can of the build unless I totally disassemble and build it again. Luckily the Live Event shows most everything you need to see. I’ll be sharing my final thoughts on this kit in the upcoming review. But, if anyone was curious, the possibility of swapping backpacks with the Nu Ver Ka exists.

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  1. Nick says:

    Would you be able to use one of the beam sabre pegs for the bazooka? you’ll only use two at a time anyway.

  2. Frankon says:

    Looks great Syd. But the shorter tanks remind me of Hi Nu 1.0. God dammit if my gunpla for this year wasnt already spent i would get this guy also(decided on nightingale cause i was lacking a big red kit ^^).
    Will you finish with the decals of Hi Nu for the Nightingale live stream?

  3. Quanza says:

    I was meanging to ask this later,
    but will you pick up the HWS parts Syd?
    I’m quite courious if it can attach to MG Nu Ver.Ka or not.

    • Imateria says:

      You can’t, the chest and skirt parts would never fit on given the very different designs between Nu and Hi Nu.

      • syd says:

        Never say never. I am getting the HWS set. I’ll post about it here, of course, though I don’t know if ill keep the set on permanently because I’ve got some plans for the Hi Nu Ka.

  4. Shaomu says:

    I can’t seem to find any pics of what this kit looks like without the wings AND that funny third protrusion on the backpack. I find funnels kind of janky and my Nu Ver.Ka looks great without them, I was hoping this Hi-Nu would share that trait. Think you could toss something like that into the gallery for the review?

  5. Tony says:

    Hmm… For some reason I’m not as impressed with the looks of it as much as I’d thought I would be. Really can’t put my finger on why though. Maybe I’ll like it better with decals and panel lines and whatnot. Not saying I don’t like it, just… not quite loving it yet.

    • Tony says:

      After much time (a few hours), I figured out what it is that’s missing for me. Decals. Looked back at your first look post and there’s SO MUCH DECALS. Such decals mean much wow. Looking forward to the finished gallery!

  6. ichbineinebanana says:

    Hey Syd,

    Sorry to necrobump an old topic, but I have a question about the Hi-Nu. What’s up with this protrusion here ( the kit, and what’s its purpose for?

    Additionally, wouldnt it pose a problem if I were to just shave that part off to improve aesthetics? Cheers.

    • syd says:

      My kit is in pieces on my desk here so I am not sure what exactly that piece is for so I can’t offer advice on the whether or not to remove it. I’ll have to put the kit together to check into it.

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