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It seems like another chunk of time has passed since I last got down to working on the V Dash Gundam Ver Ka, and that is because it really was a fair chunk of time. 17 days to be exact. I blame the Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka, the Sazabi Ver Ka, and the RE/100 Nightingale. The truth is that I am trying to build only during the day time to get the best lighting for pictures and that means I’m basically limited to building one day a week unless I want to skip taking photographs or, and I really should be doing this, building some kind of light box which allows me to build and take photos at any time of the day.

What’s left of the V Dash Gundam Ver Ka? The Bottom Rim.

That starts with building the skirt and this skirt isn’t anything like we’ve seen on other Gundam models. It starts with these pieces.

Together they form the main frame of the skirt.

The legs will attach by ball joint and each joint has its own frame part.

These connect to the underside of what you’ve already assembled and then will close together.

Once you close them you add the front centre block which will kind of lock them in place.

And that’s it for the skirt!

Now for the feet.

These aren’t too out of the ordinary.

When you get to this part of the V Dash you have a choice of using a white piece for the top of the foot or blue.

I went with the white.

You then move on to building the legs and the first half of the build has you build both at the same time. Here are the first set of frame parts.

The smaller frame part slides into a groove on the front of the larger main leg frame.

Add some part to start the assembly of the lower leg.

And add this fin. I panel-lined it at this point as I won’t be able to access it so easily again.

It can slide along grooves inside that little frame assembly.

Add more frame parts to the lower leg.

And here is the ankle.

Yes. The ankle.

It fits exactly into its place in the bottom of the leg frame without much room to spare.

Now you have two leg frames that look like this.

To continue with the right leg you add a small circular piece to fill the gap on the inside of the knee and a white armour part at the bottom.

On the other side you place a similar, yet slightly different.

Actually this particular piece is from a different runner. The M runner that is part of the Core Booster and not the V Gundam Ver Ka if I recall correctly.

Add the armour for the top of the leg.

You can see the socket at the top which is where the leg will connect to the skirt. The white armour part will block access to that from one side. When you are assembly the left leg that armour part blocks it from the opposite side

This small frame part fits into the underside of the front armour piece, the largest on the leg.

Put the large piece on from the front and a smaller moving piece on the back.

Now the armour for the knee cap and lower leg.

You’re almost finished. Use a sticker here.

Now attach the leg to the foot. This actually takes quite a bit of force. You’ll hear a loud noise at it clunks into position.

Add the side skirts.

I posted a picture of the finished bottom half on the Gaijin Gunpla Facebook page. Next up I’ll prepare for a review of this kit and there talk about the different sections, etc.

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