Gaijin Gunpla

Eager to start I jumped on the Astraea the first time I realised I might have twenty minutes to myself to do something I wanted to do. (It seems I’m pretty busy these days). Much of the build being the same as the RG Exia I’ll just note the differences during construction and follow that up with a mini-gallery of the little red robot.

With the plastic bags all torn open I can show a better image of the sticker sheet for this kit.

All new. The transparent strips, though, seem to be the same.

Here’s a shot of the box contents divided between what is old on the right and what is new on the left. The little white runner is new but I left it in the middle to be easily seen.

Construction starts, as it did for the Exia, with the leg.

And it’s pretty much the same the entire way through until you get to the outside of the knees.

Here you can choose to use the G1 part.

The manual does state that if you’re building the Type-F2 that you place C1-4 on the outside of the knee which is the clear green part the Exia uses.

Here is the start of the torso with all parts being the same but when it comes time to attach the back of the torso things get much different.

All new parts from the G runner.

On the back of the torso you place this very small blue strip.

It’s rather difficult to see when laid on the red plastic.

The front hatch is new.

And the bottom of the torso uses two new parts as well.

The vents on the front, while going on the same as with the Exia, use completely differently shaped parts.

And then two fins go on around the neck area.

When building the skirt you choose between the Astraea and the Type-F2, each using completely different parts from the other.

As I’m not constructing the Type-F2 I had new parts to work with rather than the parts that are used on the Exia.

Parts for the rear of the skirt.

One more part to put on.

Attach the beam sabre handles. Loving the angle.

Attach the legs to this and you’re already seeing something cool.

The arms are much the same as the Exia except for the outside of the lower arm where you use one new part, G8.

If you’re building the Type-F2 then you just build a normal Exia arm, except for the upper arm. Those parts are new.

You can see they lack the little tiny tab that sticks out that is used to hook on the plastic strips that are built into the shoulders. Here are the parts from the regular Exia runner to show what I’m referring to.

The shoulders, aside from the small frame part, are completely new.

When you get to the head, there are a couple instances where you need to make a choice. The first is between what I guess is the proper Astraea head and what they call Open Mask.

Open mask on the left.

In the next step you choose eyes based on whether you are building the Astraea or the Type-F2.

Here is the head I chose.

The final step is to put on the ears and then the V Fin that corresponds to whichever version you’re building.

Dat looks badass.

Here is a quick picture WIP of the new weapons.

And that’s it right? Well, not exactly. You are able to assemble the normal Exia weapons if you like.

And what about these stickers?

Those actually go around the ends of the V fin if you are assembling the Type-F2. Here are the head parts for it.

So how does it look and function when it’s all done? Allow me to show you.

It looks good!

Here are close up shots of the new parts for the outside of the elbows and knees.

Despite using many of the same parts it looks much different from the Exia especially in the torso.

Looking good!

Note the silver stickers on the shoulders.

Such a menacing head.

The back stands out as well. So many sharp angles. More than the Exia?

Now let’s play with this guy. First, to use the sword, you have to attach a small part to the lower arm.

Then attach a mount on the outside.

Attach the sword and then place a piece on the inside to hold it on its arm.


(I dig this pic)

That sword has a handle.


Now for the Beam Rifle.

You can actually attach it to the piece that holds the sword in place by swapping the back part of the handle.

That’s kind of cool.


Here is that monster bazooka or whatever it is.

Note the swing arm.

By removing one of the fins on the upper torso you can mount that bazooka to the MS.

I find this amusing.

When you swing it up into position, it actually holds really well supported only by the joint in the swing arm.


Why not load this guy up?

All-out Fighto!

I might just like this more than the Exia. It has presence.

And lots of weapons.

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  1. redval says:

    It really look good!

  2. Gamba says:

    This one looks much more badass than the regular Exia. I’m amazed

  3. Quanza says:

    ew, the bazooka and rifle comes from HG Astraea.
    Doesn’t really matters with the new shiny GN Sword though

  4. kefkaownsall says:

    How does he look with both the proto and regular gn swords

  5. The Ascard says:

    I want this kit soooo bad but it is P-Bandai so i think my dream will never come true

  6. z'xern says:

    Is it possible to create a complete red exia out of the kit?

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