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It’s been a while since I last posted about Girls’ Generation, the Korean, all-female, nine-member pop ensemble that for some reason I still may not be sure of captured my interest. Part of that is because they haven’t really put out new music in some time. Well, I guess that’s not true. They had a best of album released not so long ago. I have strong feelings regarding best-of albums, especially ones released after only three full-length albums, or whatever the count is. I was a little bit in the dark about what had been happening with the band except for some updates on Facebook from SMtown but they were talking about TTS (boooo!)

So imagine my surprise when I saw a comment from regular contributor Kiko stating asking, “Did you know that Girls’ Generation kicks out one of their member?”

A quick google searched revealed, well a whole mess of things really. The showed up at a fan event in China without Jessica, and were noticeably upset.

I read for myself how she is no longer with the group but still the exact circumstances regarding her departure remain unclassified. She started her own business on the side with a brand of Sunglasses and other things under the name Blanc. Apparently that is the cause of all the trouble. Is she too busy with her own business to fulfill her obligations? That’s what her management says (though they just resigned her to a new contract only days before). Or is the fact she’s making money on her image, and that money doesn’t go to her GG management team the problem?

I don’t know and I don’t really care, to tell you the truth. All I know is things have gotten ugly and I’m glad I am relatively distanced in my fandom as it doesn’t bother me too terribly. But apparently, I’m the only person on the internet in that position. When I was google-searching I came upon tumblrs and message boards and social media thingies and so many people were writing (stupid) things like “I thought they would grow old together”, “I’ve been crying all day since I heard the news”, “I’m so depressed, I don’t know what to do!” Holy crap, people! Get some perspective!

My first exposure to Girls’ Generation was the video Genie and the girl who first caught my eye was Jessica.

Looking at, I mean into, them a bit more I learned that she spent her childhood in the U.S. and speaks perfect English. I, too, speak perfect English. Jessica and I have so much in common. I bet we could have an enjoyable conversation if we were to meet. Somebody set that up!

Anyways, things change over time. That much is certain. And it seems the makeup of the group is changing at almost the same time that my interest in them is changing. Maybe it’s a good time to hang ’em up.

P.S. I’m also 40 years old and maybe I should act my age.

(Maybe I am acting my age.. mid-life.)

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  1. harold says:

    Was never a true SNSD fan (I was more of an SES fan, so I am closer to acting my age than you are, but then again I am a 2NE1 fan) but this is, for what it’s worth, big news considering the weight they have in the K-Pop scene.

    Still, my reaction is more or less ‘meh’ to all this. The circumstances are shady and all that but Korea’s got much more to worry about than Jessica getting kicked out (who actually happens to be one of their better vocals).

    It will be interesting at best to see how it develops. The brand has been weakening a bit so they may freshen it up with a new face or just decide to call it quits and retire the team (not likely).

  2. Archer says:

    Apparently not Jessica confirmed this in her social media, basically the rest of member didn’t quite pleased about Jessica clothing brand and thought that Jessica spend more time in her clothing design than GG activity so they kicked her out

  3. Noob_Sauce says:

    I too am very meh about this. I probably haven’t watched a k-pop video for a full year by now. I can confidently I am over my, relatively short, k-pop phase. I”m way more affected by RG Wing Zero Custom, or really just the RG Wing line that any SNSD Drama.

  4. Bernard says:

    As with many good things, they all must come to an end. I was quite a crazy fan of theirs for a few years but found myself distancing from their activities as the years went by and as their style of music changed.
    One thing you said truly resonated with me. That I’m glad I’ve left the fandom too and not allowed myself to be upset over things like that. It amuses me when people comment about how devastated they are over news like this, and other delusional comments about “one true 9” or “soshi bond”. Humans being humans are not perfect and will search for greener pastures, like what Jessica thinks she’s doing.

  5. Mr. NEX says:

    Hi Syd, i was a GG fan for about 2-3 year. From maybe 2010-2012 but since 2012 i can really enjoy their song anymore. It is just not my type, the song, dance, and most of their thing. And now someone left the group, so oh well. Everything have to end, maybe this disintegration will be their end or maybe their biggest comeback. who will know?

    anyway, now i enjoy other group. They are called AoA (Ace of Angels, maybe you have heard about them). Not everyone like them, mainly because they are following the sexy trend, but when i hear the song, most of them are very good and they even have a band subgroup. So maybe if you have a free time, you can check out their song. “Get Out” from AoA is my first reccomendation and i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoy it. (ps: all 7 girls are super gorgeous. i cant choose my favorite)

    Bye Syd, hope your other post/review will always be good. (and sorry for my english flaws)

  6. Bocalt says:

    Hey there, got introduced to Kpop through here with SNSD and Shinee, really sad to learn of Jonghyun – has been one tough year.

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