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I remember being less than enthusiastic when Gundam AGE was announced and the first Mobile Suit designs released. Ok, to be honest I gave it a bunch of crap. I thought the designs were uninspired and less than original. The release of the Master Grade AGE-1 Normal impressed me enough to give some thought to the anime and now it looks like I may be going through this process again with the release of G Reconguista. It’s new, but is it new new? The G-Self design may look like a cross between AGE, OO, with some SEED thrown in but what I’m more interested in is what Bandai decides to do with the G Reconguista kits. That starts with the G-Self. I did appreciate the box art when I first saw it. Not being set in space has some appeal.

Overall Look: 7/10

Wait, is wings down the default position?

Looks better with the wings up. Depending on how I’m looking at it, or what I’m looking at, my feelings change for this kit. I do really like the torso and the look of the legs and even the backpack looks sweet with that F91-ish look to it.

But that head. My goodness it’s ugly.

It’s just weird. And covered with stickers. Have you seen the sticker sheet on this guy?

Almost every part of the kit has a sticker on it. Much of that is to apply colour like we’re used to seeing on HG kits but these stickers also glow in ultra violet light so you’ll apply blue stickers to blue parts.



Stickers do most of the work here. Those applied to the legs and feet work quite well.

Of course we expect to put stickers on an HG head so the G Self isn’t surprising.

You’ll find sticker applied under the yellow vents.

And stickers applied to the elbow and knee joints which are shown in the manual as being applied during the build and not after.

There are even stickers for the hands.

These wrap around the edges so can be tricky to line up.

But you also have to put very small blue stickers on… blue sections of the kit.

It even has a small runner of effect parts very similar to what we’ve seen on the Extreme Gundam.

Weapons: 6/10

This guy is really lean. A rifle, a shield, and two beam sabres make up his weapons and the shield has quite a subdued look to it.

The beam sabre handles are a unique shape and can stay in G Self’s hands even when upside down.

Articulation: 7/10

As a new HG I thought this guy would have some of that great articulation found in other newer kits like the F91 but my thinking was based on seeing the poly-cap runner.

It turns out it isn’t so articulate down below where the skirt armour blocks the movement at the hips.

When trying to splay the feet out you reach about this point.

I thought the ankle design, with it attaching via a ball joint on the inside of the leg, is hindering movement but that isn’t the case. It’s the design of the ankle that limits it to what you see here.

I also expected this kit to be quite articulate given that when you’re assembling the limbs you use quite a bit of frame and it appears it will be double jointed.

You will get to about here, however.

It does pass the balance test, though.

And with that backpack acting as a counter-balance you can get some nice leaning going on.

The torso can bend laterally as well.

Build Design: 7/10

This photo shows my favourite part of the G Self, the backpack. Instead of circular thrusters which seem to be the norm, we get rectangles similar to one of my favourite suits the F91. The wings can fold in making it more compact though I prefer them out.

And the backpack can tilt up and down moving independently of the rest of the Mobile Suit. That is cool. I got some of my favourite photos of this guy putting that backpack at various angles and taking picture from the back.

I guess it’s worth mentioning that the legs armour sandwiches front to back instead of side to side making the seam lines less noticeable.

And we might as well give props for including a glow-in-the-dark gimmick though I don’t know if I’ll ever use it.

Fun Factor: 6/10

I never really got into the build but that’s probably because I have a hard time getting into the look of the suit. I have been here before, though, back with the HG AGE-1. It wasn’t until the release of a MG AGE-1 Normal arrived that I really started to pay attention the MS. Don’t be surprised if we see an MG soon, but also don’t be surprised if that line is cut short similar to the MG AGE line. Whatever happened to our MG AGE-3 and MG AGE-FX? Applying all those stickers can increase build time but outside of that this guy is pretty basic.

Extras: 5/10

The stickers, and that’s about it.

The G Self is what it is and what you thought it was. (That’s a reference to the NFL, btw) For those keen on the new anime I’m sure you’ll find this kit fill your needs. Others, who may be paying more attention to what the kit can bring us in terms of HG engineering, may find it just average.

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  1. NL says:

    Hey, Syd, I do find the G-self look a bit boring by the first look of it. However, we have heard that it’s anime is gonna a bit thing as the director of the turn-A gundam is back this time directing this anime. I does not understand how good it will until I watched the first episode of the of this G no Reconguista, yes, just the first episode. It changed my mind, the main character looks kind of cheerful guy, in which unlike most of the main characters we see in previous popular gundam series which look kind of melancholy type. I started to like to design of G-self gundam head, very special look with its v-fin being twisted slight to the front side, which is kind of cool and special, never-seen-before-the-one-and-only gundam head ever. Just my opinion. Yes, the HG kind looks overall just OK, OK, nothing too fancy, but I have expect the MG kit is gonna be great, remember bandai put this gundam on the 35th anniversary show. I have confidence in Bandai they gonna make it right. Oh~ yes~ MG kit please!!! love it.

  2. Evan says:

    Mixed feelings on this. I kind of see this as a new take on RX-78 if it was designed today with a futuristic look. The backpack looks like the Strike pack tacked on with some F-91 elements, don’t like it.

    • Barristan says:

      “I kind of see this as a new take on RX-78 if it was designed today with a futuristic look.”

      You just described every lead Gundam for the past 30 years.

      The G-Self is definitely one of the less impressive designs in a while, though. It’s like the Exia, but… worse? I don’t know, it just doesn’t do it for me.

  3. Otonashi says:

    I actually like the sculpt of it, but the kit itself is pretty lackluster for a modern HG in terms of both presentation and engineering. It’s also the same price as the HG Age-1 Full Glansa.

  4. TheDeadComet says:

    There have been several times where I do not like the look of a MS at first, and then it grows on me. This is not one of those times. I don’t care for the rounded edges in the design. A few changes and sharper lines and I might be into it. I actually like the head, but it could be a lot better with some minor changes. The softer, rounded edges might be more appealing to kids, and the show is supposed to be directed towards kids.

    The Gehennam looks ok, but the rest of the designs from the show look terrible. Especially the Nike. No thank you.

    • NL says:

      same here, first look on unicorn gundam makes me feel strange comparing it to RX-78-2, or especially when gundam seed & destiny series is so popular the strike freedom gundam has became one of the “iconic” gundam head design and had already planted into many people’s head and preconditioning everyone’s mind, hey, a good gundam head design shall look like this. but wait, I have heard someone who never watch gundam before said that the gundam head design is just weird! I think, if we start to have love for something…..u are just gonna love it no matter what.

    • Zenstrive says:

      It’s Montero, not Nike. Klim Nick is Montero’s pilot.
      I think G-Reco has unique designs for their MS. I especially like Grimoire and Elf-Bullock (probably the first transformable MS that really looks like an airplane when transformed into MA mode)

  5. Frankon says:

    As a kit i absolutely hate this kit (HG). If there would be a MG (maybe January) maybe ill get it (as long as i finally start to like the suit – right now its deus mashine of G-Reconquista)

  6. Bernard says:

    One word: bug
    The over MS design looks like it was inspired from a bug, right from the rounded chest vents to the oddly positioned antennas that just screams “bug”

  7. kite25 says:

    xamdou? the characters , the ms design reminds me of the animes: bounen xamdou and eureka 7 . I think they have same character designs.

  8. Imateria says:

    Love ’em or hate ’em, the one thing you can’t say about G-Reco suits is that they’re bland, which already gives them a massive edge over AGE. The anime is far better as well, though Tomino is being his usual self in revealing the important details of the plot slowly, which works for me.

    As for the designs, I’m quite liking them.

    • Joseph says:

      I’m in the same boat. Everyone seems to hate them because they’re “weird”(or the G-Self’s backpack system which I admit is stupid). I love all of the designs for this one.

      • Imateria says:

        Actually I think the backpack system makes a lot of sense, giving you a base design that can be specialised to different roles easily. I think what a lot of people don’t like is that the base pack with the red wings looks to much like the Strike’s Aile pack. SEED definitely has much more of a love/hate relationship in the west than in Japan.

  9. Beige says:

    The G-self – and pretty much all of the Recongustia designs – for me are some of the most confusing. not because their bad, but from some angles they look amazing, and from some they look aweful. it hurts my brain

    • JC says:

      that´s exacly what I was thinking, I like the G-self design but the kit looks wrong, the legs are too short the torso and the head are too big, the weapons are uninspired and generic.
      I don’t know what’s happening on Bandai but the same wrong proportions can be seen on the darth vader and stormtropper kits (it’s more noticable on darth vader)

  10. syd says:

    Some good comments here. Thanks, everyone. It seems opinion on the suit designs for this anime are very divided. Would you say more than in previous Gundam anime?

    • Blau says:

      People were also similarly very divided over the design of Turn A- at least initially. A lot of fans came to love the Turn A Gundam over time mostly because they liked the anime. It may take some time, but I think we’ll find the same happening for the G-Self (still a weird name). G-Reco like Turn A has Tomino written all over it.

      Personally, I don’t like the G-Self although I admit it is charming. I really liked the designs from Gundam 00 and I thought they were a proper step forward. This though, seems like a step backwards from that

    • Imateria says:

      It’s nip and tuck with Turn A for being the most divisive in terms of suit design I’d say from what I’ve read online. Not really that big of a surprise since they’re both series from Tomino and he’s on record as saying he’s not at all happy about the fact that despite creating it, Gundam has ended up as a major franchise where things have to follow a certain mold or aesthetic and Turn A and G-Reco are attempts to brake that mold.

      Without doubt the designs for both series are very unique, unlike anything else in the plamo world, and sometimes this hobby could really do with a shot like that.

  11. Nick says:

    I really like the G-reco designs so far. Especially the Grimiore because of it’s nice bulky design and weapons.
    I think that the anime is all over the place at the start but it looks like the main character has stopped flip flopping so we may get a coherent story out of it now. It actually reminds me a bit of the start of Victory.

  12. Belades says:

    I can’t help but feel that, if the stickers are reactive to ultraviolet light, an extensive review should show how they look under such light. If you don’t have one, I’d STRONGLY suggest getting one, as a lot of gunpla (and parts of them) look significantly better under one *cough* psychoframe *cough*

    I’m personally really excited for the Grimoire and G Arcane (although I don’t care about the G-Self AT ALL. Really dull looking in my opinion.)

  13. JC says:

    what the hell is happening on bandai? this kit’s proportions are just wrong, look at the front pics thhe legs are too short, the torso and the head are too big, the same happened on the darth vader kit, the proportions are so bad that they look like a deformed kit!

  14. xZLNx says:

    First I thought he looked kinda weird when I saw him at my local hobby shop. After a few visits it actually grew on me. The baby blue colorway, very light colors, strange proportions and especially the horns! So I decided to get one myself. I don’t usually do HGs but this particular kit was pretty fun and simple. And now I’m hooked on the series. 😛

  15. Kyle465 says:

    After watching the anime I actually hoped for an MG release of this kit. Anyone else?

    • Kushal says:

      I feel like the main MS of every series has gotten an MG eventually. even if it took a while like with Gundam X. So I expect a MG G-Self soon or maybe when the 2nd season of Reconguista airs. I too am curious about it because I don’t like the huge amount of stickers on the HG.

    • beige says:

      I’d put money on it getting one. every main suit has so far

      hopefully, if it does, it’ll have the full swathe of effect parts for the body rather than uv stickers…and have functional ankles

      I love my hgself, but someone smashes his ankles in when he was a kind and they never worked properly after that…

    • Paolo Falcone says:

      After taking the effort of painting and sharpening the horns the HG kit of the G-Self, the design just grew on me. Give this kit lots of LED units, a better default backpack (the perfect backpack comes into mind) and damn…

      I would really like to see an MG of this with the correct proportions (the HG is a bit bulky, the line art has the G-Self nearly as lean as the Exia) and better articulation (the G-Self in the anime nearly has full human-like movement).

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